Wealthize In Your Soul First

Gratitude Is The Attitude To Cultivate

Recognize What's Already There 

Our Many Blessings !

Wealth comes in many forms.

For instance, I always feel so rich when I am surrounded by my rescued pets.
And then I recall times when, as a child, I had wished with all my heart that I could have pets that could be indoors, and as many as I wanted. I got what I wanted. We almost always do, for better or for worse, for richer or for...I don't like to give energy to that other, opposite word or idea.

I am very wealthy with pets, which makes me very wealthy with Love. Which keeps me doing for others, which makes me feel great, which makes me know I'm valuabel, and which also makes me vibrantly healthy!

Most of us are very wealthy with many things – like, someone I know is very wealthy with perfumes
Some are wealthy with cars, with tools, with collections of all kinds.
Some are wealthy with a beautiful abundance of trees right outside - with a gorgeous view of Nature, which restores our souls, feeds our imaginations, and fuels our feelings of connectedness.
Others are wealthy with shoes, or books, or with popularity, or with long, lovely hair !
Lots are wealthy with art supplies. What ? We can go to any dollar store and find them for a pittance, you might say, but think of the days when so many artistic and struggling geniuses abounded who would almost have sold their own souls for some even not top quality art supplies.

When you learn to slant the angle of your view of life to include all you have and have had, you’ll find that you are – and always have 
been – wealthy indeed.

Even the Pygmies of the Great Forest in Africa - who own next to nothing in actual items - know they are very lucky, and very wealthy. They consider themselves blessed children of the forest itself, of God, and pride themselves on acting in harmony with their provider to protect what He has blessed them with.

Can you imagine someone of the Western nations saying he or she was the child of the plains? Of the swamp lands ? Of the coast? Of the mountains ?

Besides hippies, I mean. And Native Americans. And sages and mystics and cosmic people - and can't we all learn a lot from them?
Of course, any bohemian worth his or her salt agrees with this. And others. 
Any surfer will agree that he is the child of the coast and the sea, for sure.

Why not adopt this feeling, this claim, that you are lucky – that you belong in a world of abundance, and that you were born with wealth and will only live in wealth no matter what.

One only has to recognize it. It really is – for most of us in the 
West, at least, true.

One should never compare oneself, except to find gratitude for one’s position, and to offer a prayer for others less fortunate.

The attitude of gratitude we hear about is the surest way to happiness and contentment, therefore, to confidence, a feeling of safety, and the ability to succeed.

Don't you feel richer already ?

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