Ask First

Ask first not what your God can do for you, but ask what You can do for God

Ask and you Shall Receive

The Genie's Lamp - remembering that a Genie is  Djinn, a being of fire, capricious, unpredictable, and trickily literal - is a great way to think of your God-given ability to conjure and connect to whatever it is you choose.

Always remember that in order to prosper, it is VITAL to first use, as a lens, your own religious beliefs to go through first, doing only good, and wishing only for what God wants for us - God's will - otherwise, you will be summoning forces you do not want in your life, since they will wreck it, and you.

Give To Live is a great by-word for wealthizing, and Godliness is the first law.

Purifying your own soul first, before asking, is key. Knowing to whom you are addressing your wishes - your prayers - and therefore, making sure that what you pray for is God's will, will bring you your true heart's desires.

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