Best Wishes Equal Best Riches

"Best Riches" might be a better thing to offer people in love, rather than the common phrase, "Best Wishes".
But, truly, our best wishes are the ones that are generous and compassionate, the Godly ones.
Being Godly in our desires, making sure that we always stay within God's Will for our lives, ensures that all our wishes will be good ones.

The opposite of random, carnal and wordly wishes, a la Aladdin's Lamp (and did you know that his name means "Of God's Light"), wherein Scherezade, the teller of the tale,  very wisely advised us all to be careful what we wish for, lest it not be good for ourselves or for others, our Best Wishes come from staying within God's Grace, by praying first.

Were you aware that sometimes even billions of dollars cannot protect someone against his or her fears?
One of the most mighty of all the industrialists of the last century was known to stop his limo driver if he saw a penny in the road and to get out and fetch it.

Not that waste of money would be advocated either, or even his sense of humor, (which in his case was known to be lacking), but the realization that he lived, despite his wealth, in a constant state of fear of not having enough. The reason he could never have enough is that his spiritual state was one of fear. Perhaps a sad childhood had locked in his psyche the twisted idea that money equals safety and happiness.

It doesn't.
The proverbs stating that :
The best things in life are free
Money does not bring happiness
are true.

They are entirely different states of being, and one does not necessarily have anything to do with the other.

The most tragic people have learned too late that what had always mattered the most to them had been neglected for shadowy dreams, or for the compulsive adherance toward one path decided for them by society, by their basest desires or by some other unspiritual drive or idea.

Life has a way of instructing us, of channeling us toward wisdom, whether hard-earned or not.

Living long enough, most will encounter tragedy, no matter how we attempt to safeguard ourselves against it.

Being one's best in anything can have dire consequences if the best striven for is not first toward God's Will.

So, the old myth of Pandora's Box is also applicable here.

These old legends are still told for a reason - they speak the truth.

Our specie has a tendency to live for base appetites. Wtihout tempering by spirituality, we tend to rampantly run toward "all that glitters...", all that feels good, and all that can be acquired in the material world.
Never having enough, we think, we strive toward  domination. We think that vanquishing - that winning - in all aspects of life is a goal in itself.

If we live for our appetites, they will consume us.

Lead with your heart and only good will come, despite the trials, the tribulations, of life.
The center of the soul is where those who truly have Best Riches dwell.