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And first - haven't we all read The Secret and many other books on becoming prosperous? So why read more about this subject ? 
Reading more and more on the subject that is possibly the most important one of your life as a whole (after all, you will be able to pay for anything you need once you really learn how to create wealth - and what if someone you loved needed the best, holistic health care, for instance?), is vital.
The more good thoughts our subconscious selves read and hear, see, and become familiar with, the better.

And why Ocean's Wealthize System?
Because she truly cares about everyone in the world, and delights in making these techniques understandable, clear, and easy to use!

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Wealth is many things, and is arbitrary, often meaning something different for each person. We all have wealthiness already in many ways, most of them unrecognized, uncelebrated, and unappreciated by us.

There is an adjustment that needs to be made first - just a few items that need refining, before manifestation of wealth can occur.

These things are inside of us. They are ideas and attitudes.

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