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Links to Resources for Occupiers 

.........    before you decide you are an occupier read this  this  and this (and during and after) and do this
.........    before you occupy as a group - it helps to network / lawyer up / know the law (plus set up communications/food/health if you are taking over a site)    
.........    or just do it your way! whatever works!

Social media sites for Occupiers - and (nogo 5/2012)

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links that need a home below: 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is a user-driven resource. We try to find and add new info, but the movement is too big for one team to document. Please don't ignore broken or out of date links. Please share your faves! We've got a Google Doc for that!
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 Occupy 2.0 - More than "Camping"
ideas from current actions/chatter
Use The Power of One Good resource (incl signs): OccupYrCorner

You Have Power, Alone!

Groups are good / groups are fun - DON'T wait to find a group - use your VOICE now.

Use every interaction you have with another human being to change the way they view the world - no need to bring up Occupy - try just saying "The World is Becoming a Better Place" and smiling
Four Things
1: Take the Movement to the community with Actions that are meaningful to the community (occupying foreclosed homes / protesting student loan issues / holding vigils / endless possibilities)
2: Bring in more of the 99% - seek out logical (and perhaps even illogical) coalitions
3: Shun the provocateurs and co-opters / OWS is non-violent without exception
4: Coordinate our Actions (hey we have conference calls, too - see info below)
(inspired by Josh Healy's post -  linked at right)

(google doc of this info)
Occupy Your Homes

(Day of Action on Dec 6 2011)
Reclaiming Homes / Stop Foreclosure Actions

(there are links to articles/info on our Media Page)
 @OccupyOurHomesfacebook Occupy Your Homes
facebook Occupy Your Homes Dec 6 event

OWS Student DebtBanks also used Predatory Lending for Student Loans - actions ongoing/forthcoming @owsStudentDebt facebook Occupy Student Debt
Short-term Roving OccupationsTaking the Movement to Small Towns/Rural Areas
A group that's doing this is Occupy the Gorge (OR)
 @OccupytheGorgefacebook Occupy the Gorge

more ideas:
Whack-a-Mole Pop up Protests
Using Indoor/Office Space (maybe negotiate small permanent placement at original sites)
March on Washington DC

(Occupy the Hood groups / other ways for all to be included in the Movement)
  OWS NYC   
 New York OWS General Assembly The website for the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly
 Occupy Wall Street The website for the Occupy Wall Street protest @OccupyWallSt facebook OWS
 OWS NYCGA - Spanish OWS en espanol @OcupaWallStNYCG
(also see links to Spanish materials below)
  Occupii (non-US based)
  Say Occupy (US based)
  Global Square (pending?)   
 Offer from Philly for Regional Gathering
 (Inter)national Conference Calls -

 @InterOccfacebook interoccupyemail:
  Occupy Cafe - Providing regularly scheduled "conversation and connection space" via conference calls

 @OccupyCafe facebook Occupy Cafe

visit here to read notes from past calls
  Occupy Coordination  facebook occupy coordination
there are other websites where groups ADD THEMSELVES - which means they contain different information than we do between our updates - be sure to check them if u don't find a location on our lists
  Occupy Together
Occupy List
Occupy Map
The Guardian Map/Data

facebook Occupy Network (u need to be logged in to use)

b sure to check out the temporary location for an AMAZING MAP @kleinjos made from our data+
 Getting Started- get twitter/facebook/tumbler/website/email/see below - also get an OccupyTogether Meetup Page

- identify lawyer (NLG/ACLU), know the law, learn about logistics, identify a site, read all about occupying, have a media team, have a medic team

 Activism TipsMotivational Tips / take the ones you like and leave the rest!    @ActivismTips  
OCCUPY is a go-between for drivers/riders - no tagging system for #occupy travelers - include the info in the notes section
(you can also search twitter for #owsrideshare or check Craigslist)
 Concrete Ideas Discussion of the "issues" of OWS, as well as some tips @OccupyIdeas  
 Direct Action
 Philosophy/methods for protesting   Direct Action Handbook (PDF) 
 How to: Avoid Being Co-opted Paraphrasing here: Extreme rhetoric will put off the masses - and isn't what the movement is about.  Shout it far and wide.  Assume those who suggest violence are actually opposition.  Easy to justify enforcement activity against violence.  Not so easy to justify acting against nonviolent protests.
How to: Be Inclusive
(need resources for other areas. Pls tweet us!)
 Everyone who wants to participate should be able to.  They should have access and be welcome and comfortable regardless of gender, race, age, disability, sexuality. We start with one link regarding accessibility.  PLEASE help us with more resources.    facebook Occupy on Wheels 
How to Be the Media 
  report via smartphone: 
streamer: for starters
(follow @Oakfosho / @punkboyinsf / @timcast - watch and learn)
How to: Cold Survival Tips(Also google boy scouts and cold weather camping - lots of info out there)  fb occupy-movement-cold-survival-tips

How to Camp / How to OccupyComprehensive protest resource. (links from home page of facebook HowToOccupy

lessons from Burning Man
How to Deal with less-LETHAL WeaponsPepper Spray
Tear Gas

(need info about minimizing injury from batons and knowing effects of LRAD / taser / etc.-email us pls)

(related: how to get out of Zip-ties )
 why: pepper spray chronicles the atlantic article also: alternet post (see misc page for the meme photos)
 Pepper Spray
Tear Gas Poster Defending Against Teargas
Tear Gas Mask
Tear Gas and Yeast Solution (info from Egypt): YouTube Video in Arabic Image without live links
this is so simple - here it is - dissolve yeast in water in a spray bottle - about 5% solution - spray on after exposure to neutralize / may work to spray on fabric or simple mask before exposure (waiting for feedback)
LRAD - use foam expanding disposable earplugs
 How to Deal with Non-Occupying folks Hanging Around    these tips are from the InterOccupy Conference Call on 11/21:
     No "always open" food tent - do meals and be done with it 
     No empty tents - just take them down
     Offer the individuals protest signs to hold on to - frequently 
How to: First Amendment Paper by PUFMM.
How to: the Food Page by Food not Bombs
How to:
Foreclosure Prevention / Occupy Vacant Properties
Groups to contact for support:
Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, Petaluma (we know there are many more!) 

(We are updating this info NOW - pls share what you know!)
  Foreclosure Moratorium (Petaluma site) 
How to: Identify Agent Provacateurs also see OpSec on our Misc Page - including a link to the Activists Security Handbook
How to: Non Violent Communication Daily call for NVC training and support - 4pm EST

"We are a group of skilled Nonviolent Communication trainers who offer a 
daily call where occupiers can share the issues they face and receive feedback, empathy, and training in anger/conflict management, deescalation/nonviolent communication strategies, and peaceful conflict resolution." 
How to: Protect your Online Identity  See our Misc #2 Page - just under the Anonymous section   
How to: Use Social Media (and more)
How to: Stream with UStream   (link not working - any clue anyone? see How to Be the Media above... )
How to Survive a RiotJust read it.  Just in case.
How to: Write an Amazing Ltr to the Police Letters written by Occupy groups regarding police conduct. (Trying to include GOOD job and TERRIBLE job letters.) (11/6/2011)
 Jury Nullification When enough citizens decide a law is no longer "OK", it affects jury outcomes, which then can drive change...    video:
also: (fully informed jury association)(see their juror's handbooks )
(not to be confused with states "nullifying" federal laws - whole different movement - go google it)
National Lawyers GuildLawyers - contact info is on their website - organizing? contact them
 NYCLULawyers / New York
 Nonviolent OccupationTheir URL is listed for a few twitter accounts including:
OccupyNYCNow / OccupyDCNow / OccupyChiNow/OccupyLondonNow
 Occupy Design  @OccupyDesign
 Occupy Healthy Information about staying physically and mentally healthy during extended protests @OccupyHealthy
 Occupy IRC IRC for #Occupy camps "Chat: http://bit/ly/vtklFL" (opens as ) (not working for us - others? new irc?) @OccupyIRC  
 Occupy Posters Posters to Download @OccupyPosters
also: "8 best" -

There are also many OWS and related posters here:
batch1 batch2 batch3 batch4 batch5 batch6 batch7 batch8 batch9 batch10
batch11 batch12 batch 13 batch 14 batch 15 CALM
 Occupy Protest IdeasList of Protest Ideas - many serious, some funny. Contribute via twitter  @ProtestIdeas

Before anyone asks if this is an "official" effort... there is no OFFICIAL ANYTHING in the Occupy Movement. Leaderless means no person in charge and no organization in charge. People come up with ideas, maybe a GA supports it. Each person decides whether to participate - we vote with our FEET.
(I sense a meme coming. "Is that Official?")
 Occupy TogetherOWS Directory, coordination resource and more - individual "meetup pages" for local groups - coordinate events through meetup pages
field manual:
resource page:
 Occupy Virtually Web presence for individual occupy groups - not just for virtual occupations! Promote your events (like this)
 Occupy Wiki  @OccupyWiki 
(there's also the list of protest locations here:
 Occupy Wikipedia  @OccupyWikipedia
 Occupy Wishlist Website for connecting group needs with donations  pulled due to hijack 10/25/11 
will update when we can
 OWS -12Steps Friends of Bill W. @OWS12steps  
 Rosenburg Fund for Children RFC assists with the educational and emotional needs of the children of targeted activists and activist children.
 RYOT Occupy Guide RYOT's goal is to inspire social change through news photography and film.
 Working Group to address safety questions at Zuccotti Park (informative for all) @SaferSpacesOWS facebook safer spaces OWS
 Some Demands"Forum" to "discuss" (vote on) possible demands
 Take Them a Meal Online system for coordinating meal donations. (ht to Occupy Santa Cruz)
 We are the 99%"I am the 99%" SIGNS
  DRY Objectives 
  OWS materials in Spanish
  Occupy Site Medic Teams / Info   
  Occupy Boston Medics @OccupyBos_Medic
  Occupy Dallas Med Team @occupydallasmed  
  Occupy DC Medics @OccupyDCmedics  
  Occupy LA Wellness (was LA Medical) @OLAWellness  
  Occupy ALLY (Health/Safety info - teargas+) @OccupyALLY  
  The Libraries   
  The People's Library
  your library link h3r3 - submit your info!   
  Links about the libraries   librarians catalog another
  Legal "Stuff" (new page pending?)   

 1995 No Pepper Spray Decision
  CCLU reps Occupy Toronto
their submission:
Federal Civil Rights Complaint regarding Limitations on 1st Amendment Rights - for the Occupy Movement (drafted by / It's here for all to review, discuss and use if they want.
  Boulder Colorado ACLU letter re: park closures
(This section is a little heavy on USA issues - happy to link to country/region issues pages! Drop us an email!)

these are issues ppl can do something about - boycott/write letters/protest  

the "other stuff" - that just sucks up energy with endless banter is under "consipracy" on the last page / we rarely take a stand since we are trying to be a neutral historical source here but dealing with "complex explanations" for the woes of the world takes us away from changing the world - JUST SAY NO (they can get their answers after everyone is getting to eat)   
  Corporate Personhood - Moyers
  "less lethal" weapons made by Presto (yes that Presto)
USA/other exporting of less lethal and lethal weapons
 income inequality - historical statistics (PDF)Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Convention on Rights of the CHILD 
Revolution Solidarity
and? (Bahrain?)
  food security (more on other page) frankenfishStuff the US Congress Makes Decisions About - info/contacts here:
USA EducationSOPA
letter from the internet
  censorship / TOR (go to 1:08 if u don't have time)
USA/other exporting / contracting of censorship technology
Nick Pickles on Privacy
Housing Prices
Mortgage Fraud

 Student Loans USA Voter Suppression
girl at UN Brazil
 Education (ck out @SOSMarch)
Schools Matter/Occupy the Schoolhouse
What School Board Members Should Know About Testing and Accountability
the market is not enough
Signing Statement / About Signing Statement
Ladies of Liberal Post
Clickable list of Twitter Accts
  OWS funds