Misc (Parody/Poser/Shop-Donate +)

A list of the entertaining, annoying, selling and/or misleading.  There are other entertaining sites in Misc #2.

The question of which items are parody and which are poser is left to the user! Except for l33t Posers - which copy an account by using similar characters - descriptions will be provided. We try to remove as accts are closed.
Some sites state that $$ will go to occupy sites - only buy if you actually want the item since there's no way to tell if $$ will flow. If we get negative reports we will  include that info.
Take Them a Meal is listed on the Support Page and the What U Can Do page - since it involve the direct transfer of goods to Occupy Sites. Tell us if there are more sites like this! 
The best way to donate is to check website/fb and/or feed of group, buy stuff and take it there. $->trouble.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is a user-driven resource. We try to find and add new info, but the movement is too big for one team to document. Please don't ignore broken or out of date links. Please share your faves!
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 name  twitter  facebook  web  description

 something awry in Colombia - any clues?    
 l33t POSER for Occupy Austin
uses small L instead of "i"
 real twitter account is
 l33t POSER for OccupyOakland
uses capital "i" instead of small "L"
 real twitter acct is 
   pls report on twitter / parody is fine / impersonation is not
 l33t POSER for Occupy Wall Street
uses a capital "i" instead of small "L" 
so it is occupywalist
 real twitter acct is @OccupyWallSt   pls report on twitter / parody is fine / impersonation is not
 l33t POSER for Occupy Waterford uses a zero rather than "o"  real twitter acct is

   limited tweet volume / may just "go away" / if notice more tweets pls report on twitter 
Twitter addresses that include "occupy" and city names, but tweet hostile or spammy content (we have reviewed the content/maybe disavowed):
@Occupycolosprng (dming spam 12/30/11)
 Twitter accounts that look like a site account but are disavowed by occupiers :
@OccupyRosario / http://www.occupyrosario.org/
    we were contacted by @OccupyRosario1 part of camping group
 Please nominate a Description for these twitter accts:
@OccupyOURsts (looks like this acct uses a l33t sub so you cannot type the name in)

@OccupyMELBOURNE disavows the following:

#0ccupymelbourne (uses zero insted of o)
 When sort of troublesome identities/groups go bad (causing frustration within which they then blame on movement)   the-nycga-true-hollywood-story-the-99declaration-group-an-expose/

the99percentdeclaration site
 1% Problems @1pctproblems   
 Daniel Mursell @DanielMursell  
 Fund Occupy Wall Street   http://www.fundoccupywallst.com/ 
 Occupy Cat @OccupyCat   Every Day should be Caturday. (includes serious OWS tweeting)
 Occupy Coloring Book  product page 
 This is a for-profit product - but it would be a cool souvenir, so it's here.
 Occupy the Cove Seton Hall @OccupyCoveSHU   
 Occupy Disney World  facebook Occupy DisneyWorld  
 Occupy FS (Finsbury Square) @OccupyFS   "Poser" to OccupyLFS / commentary on London Occupation
 Occupy Greenwich (CT) @Greenwich99   
 Occupy Hulk @Occupy_Hulk   (This is a real occupier - having fun.)
 Occupy Iraq @OccupyIraq  
 Occupy LA Zoo @OccupyLAZoo   
 Occupy Lego Land @OccupyLegoLand facebook Occupy-Lego-Land  
 Occupy My Fridge @OccupyMyFridge  
 Occupy Sesame Street  @OccupySesameSt  fb Occupy SesameStreet   (Some have said this is a fantasy place - NOT - Sesame Street is REAL)
 Occupy Sherwood @OccupySherwood   
 The Occupy Store @TheOccupyStore  http://www.theoccupystore.com/ states "10% of sales go to occupywallst.org"
 Occupy Supply 
email: occupysupply@firedoglake.com

blog posts: http://dissenter.firedoglake.com/tag/occupy-supply/

TO DONATE: https://donate.firedoglake.com/weatherize/contribute?rc=tbutton&recip1=2297&amount1=0&recip2=1961&amount2=0
 100% of donations go to purchase and distribute US/Union made supplies to Occupy Sites 
 Occupy Your Street  @OccupyYourSt     seems to have stopped tweeting, but there is content in the feed
 Octopi Wall Street @Octopi_Wall_St   
 OWS - Peace through Wit @OWSPeacethruWit   
 Stick it to the 1% @StickItTo1Prcnt  http://stickittothe1percent.com/ Stickers and news via blog
 We Are the 99% Shirts  @WeAreThe99Shirt    http://wearethe99shirts.org/About.html see website / designed & selling t-shirts, etc.
 Zombie Occupation @ZombiesOccupy