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Check these Twitter lists for lots of contacts: https://twitter.com/#!/Movement4Europe/movement-initiative/members

Check home page for some Quebec solidarity info - doc is editable - please add your events or events you know about.
December 16 - Ocupa La Memoria - In 1991, 21 indigenous people in Colombia were slaughtered by the National Police of Colombia. This Action honors those killed on that day.
More info: facebook vimeo @OccupyLaMemoria

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 Buy Nothing Day - see What U Can Do  http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd
 Granny Peace Brigade  facebook Granny Peace Brigage  
 Hispanic Occupation Movement fb Hispanic-Occupation-Movement  
 Movement for Justice in El Barrio (NYC)
 article at occupywallst.org
 Occupy APEC 2011 Honolulu
November 7-13, 2011
 @OccupyAPEC2011  http://occupyapec.org/ 
 Occupy Bohemian Grove @OccupyBHgrove facebook Occupy Bohemian Grove  July 2012 Monte Rio CA
 Occupy Broadway @OccupyBroadway   Organizing against discrimination in theater - May 2012
 Occupy Cannabis @OccupyCannabis   
 Occupy COP17 @OccupyCOP17 facebook Occupy COP17  UN Climate Conference 28NOV-9DEC Durban, South Africa
 Occupy the DOE in DC  facebook Occupy the DOE in DC Occupy the US Dept of Education in Washington DC from  Mar 30-Apr 2  2012
 Occupy EV @OccupyEV  "Supporting Occupy Wall Street's Declarations about negative Corporate behavior relating to: alternative energy, oil dependency & electric transportation."
 Occupy FoodBanks @OccupyFoodBank   
 Occupy Fox News @Occupy_Fox_News facebook Occupy-Fox-News  
 Occupy Gay Street @OccupyGayStreet  http://occupygaystreet.tumblr.com/ 
 Occupy Healthcare @OccupyHC facebook OccupyHC http://groups.google.com/group/occupy-healthcare?hl=en 
 Occupy Homes @OccupyHomes

(home defense / foreclosure-eviction site protests - in some areas (incl Atlanta) occupy groups are participating)
   article article
(this is a common protest method in some countries) 
Occupy Made in the USA@OccupyMadeInUSA   (also just google - there are websites that list companies)
Occupy News Corp@OccupyNewsCorp   
Occupy US Congress facebook OccupyUSCongress (just doesn't fit on other pages - clearly part of OWS issues)
 Occupy Monsanto @OccupyMonsanto facebook Occupy Monsanto  
 Occupy National Health Care (NHC) @OccupyNHC   
 Occupy Social Services  @OccupySS  facebook Occupy-Social-Services

 Occupy US Congress    facebook OccupyUSCongress    (just doesn't fit on other pages - clearly part of OWS issues)
 Occupy the VA @OccupytheVA facebook Occupy-the-VA  EVENT: 11.11.11 (this is for West LA - but there are VAs all over the country...)
 Occupy Walker @OccupyWalker   
 Occupy Walmart  facebook Occupy Walmart  
 Occupy Your Congress @Occupy_Congress  http://www.occupyourcongress.com (same)
 owsStudentDebt @owsStudentDebt facebook OccupyStudentDebt http://occupystudentdebt.com/ This has become a major OWS issue / we are leaving it here but also putting it in Other Groups
 Rebuild the Dream   http://www.rebuildthedream.com/ 
 The Robin Hood Tax @RobinHood   
 Veterans for Peace @VFPNational(natl fb inactive) http://www.veteransforpeace.org/ local chapter info
 We Occupy Hip Hop @WeOccupyHipHopfacebook We Occupy Hip Hop  
 We Are Wisconsin @werwisconsinfacebook We Are Wisconsin  KICKOFF FOR SCOTT WALKER RECALL
 red of red (red=network) @REDofRED  http://www.reddered.com/
 Groups with "local groups"
(lots of overlap here)
We are adding these as they posting in our feeds/timelines.  There are many twitter / facebook / websites, but we are just adding those that are active as of Oct/Nov 2011. Please rec groups you know are active in real life, but maybe not online.  See the Lists organized by @Attac_Netzwerk for German/Austrian and Swiss Groups.
See the Europe Google Doc
See the French Google Doc
 15OctoberNet @15octobernet   Check their following/followers lists - this was an event with many diverse participants
 (Acampa/Toma/DRY/15M/Indig$ groups entered based on Twitter acct name/those with Occupy Twitter names are on the Intl Page)
      Barcelona @AcampadBCNSalut   
 @AcampadaBerlin  http://democraciarealyaberlin.com/ 
      Cordoba @AcampadaCDB  http://15mcordoba.net/ 
      Donostia / San Sebastian @AcampadaDonosti   
      Girona @AcampadaGirona   
 @AcampadaGuada  http://acampadaguada.blogspot.com/ 
      Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  @AcampadaLPGC      
      La Plata Argentina   http://acampelaplata.blogspot.com 
      Malaga  facebook Acampada Malaga (15M)http://malaga.tomalaplaza.net/
      Mexico City - Coyoacan @AcampadaSur facebook Acampada Sur http://acampadasur.wordpress.com/ 
      Salamanca   http://acampadasalamanca.blogspot.com/ 
      Sao Paolo  facebook Acampa Sampa http://15osp.org/ =15.O Sao Paolo
      Sevilla @AcampaSevilla facebook Acampada.Sevilla http://sevilla.tomalaplaza.net/
     TorreLaVega @Acampadatorre
      Valencia @Acampadavlc   
      Zaragoza SPAIN @AcampadaZGZ   
 ATTAC @Attac http://www.attac.org/
chapters listed here: http://www.attac.org/en/international-campaigns-attac-network
Democracia Real Ya  @Democraciareal facebook 15MayEvent
facebook Movimiento 15M
      Barcelona @BarcelonaRealYA   
      Brasil @DRY_Brasil   
      Cadiz @DRY_Cadiz   
      El Puerto de Santa Maria @DRY_ElPuerto fb DemocraciaRealYaElPuerto http://tomalaplazaelpuerto.com/ November 10 (Stop Desahucios
 @DRY_Granada  http://democraciarealyagranada.blogspot.com/ 
 @DRY_Italia  http://dryitalia.blogspot.com/
email: DRY_italia@yahoo.es
      Jerez @DRY_Jerez   
      Leeds  facebook Real Democracy Now Leeds  
      Madrid  facebook DRY Madrid http://madrid.democraciarealya.es/ 
      Murcia @DRY_Murcia facebook DRY Murcia
 fb Democracia-Real-YA-Murcia
      Rosaria Santa Fe @OccupyRosario1  http://democraciarealyarosario.org/ 
      Zaragoza @DRYzaragoza  http://democraciarealyazaragoza.blogspot.com 
 Food Not Bombs   http://www.foodnotbombs.net/ These folks are feeding occupiers! They always need volunteers...
Also have advice to Occupy groups on food supplies.
      Boston @fnbBoston  http://www.fnbboston.org/ 
      Boulder @BoulderFNB  http://boulderfnb.org/ 
      Orlando @orlandoFNB  http://www.orlandofoodnotbombs.org/ 
      San Francisco @sffoodnotbombs  http://sffnb.org/ 
 Indignados / Indignes (also see acampa)    Huff Post article
      Begues @IndignatsBGS   
      Belgium  facebook Le Indignes de Belgique http://www.indignez-vous.be/ 
      Chile @IndignadosChile  http://www.chileindignado.cl/ 
      France  facebook Le Indignes de France  
      Guatemala @TomemosLaSexta facebook Indignadoes Guatemala  
      Italia  facebook Indignados Italia  
      Lisboa  facebook Indignados Lisboa  
      Toulouse  facebook Indignes Toulouse  
      Tours @IndignesdeTours   
 SOS Save our Schools   http://www.saveourschoolsmarch.org/ 
      Oregon @SOSOregon facebook SOS Oregon  
 Take the Square @takethesquare facebook Take the Square http://takethesquare.net/
local list: http://takethesquare.net/squares-around-the-world/
      Toronto @TTSCanada fb Take-the-Square-Canada  
 Toma la Calle    
  @MxTomaLaCalle  http://www.mxtomalacalle.org/ 
      Boston  facebook Toma la Calle Boston  
 Toma la Facultad @TomaLaFacultad  http://tomalafacultad.net/ 
 Toma la Plaza facebook Spanish Revolution  http://tomalaplaza.net/ 
 US Day of Rage (USDOR) @usdor
      Indiana @USDayofRageIN   
      New Jersey @USDayofRageNJ   
 Leeds Uncut  facebook Leeds Uncut  
 USUncut @USUncut   
 Articulos en espanol   la-informacion-que-falta-en-los-cajeros 
 Occupy Food / Farming http://occupywallst.org/article/farmers-join-occupy-wall-street
 Occupy Police @Occupy_Police   
 Don't Shoot / Ceasefire
David Kennedy
   interview on November 1
 book info
David Kennedy's "Ceasefire" policing strategy - discusses cons of stop and frisk / broken windows

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