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There is info about SubGroups of Occupiers here - including local Occupy The Hood and Parents for OWS groups, and much more

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 Decolonize the Hood - Milwaukee 

facebook Decolonize the Hood, MKE / Descolonizar el Barrio, MKE

 Families Occupy Montreal   http://famillesoccupent.wordpress.com/ 
 Families Occupy San Francisco  facebook Families Occupy San Franciscohttp://www.foccupysf.com/  
 Immigrants OWS @ImmigrantsOWSfacebook Immigrants Occupy NYC  Dec 11 event
 Occupy Air Force @OccupyAirForce   
 Occupy Army @OccupyArmy  email: occupyarmy@yahoo.com 
 Occupy Arrests
 @OccupyArrests   A running total of the Occupy related arrests. Tweet at #occupyarrests and @occupyarrests to add your numbers to the total.
 Occupy Artists @Occupy_Artists  http://www.occupyartists.org/ Internet! Resource for finding OWS efforts by a variety of artists.
 Occupy ArtWorld
 @OccupyArtWorld      For people who are tired of the 1% and their tools controlling the direction of art. Art should not be defined by investment. Art should be for the people.
 Occupy Burners and Occupy Black Rock City (Burning Man folks) @OccupyBRC
   Burner support and involvement with OWS - experts at radical self-reliance - google to find your local burners - see BRC self reliance
 Occupy Catholic(s) @OccupyCatholics
  From OccupyCatholic: "We, the lay, the 99% of Catholics, seek to occupy our church for 100% of God's people with faith and love. "
 Occupy Christians @OccupyChristian
(and: @Occupy4Christ )
 Occupy Coast Guard @OccupyCG   
 Occupy Colleges
 @OccupyColleges    http://occupycolleges.org/  All college campuses
 Occupy Congress 2012
 @Occupy_Congress    http://www.occupyourcongress.com/  We are joining forces with #occupywallstreet and organizing online at Occupy Our Congress. Set up your free profile today and start organizing
 Occupy Deaf @OccupyDeaf facebook Occupy Deaf Way  
 Occupy Disabled @OccupyDisabled   
 Occupy El Barrio  @OccupyElBarrio      
 Occupy Elders @OccupyElders facebook Occupy Elders  geriatric role models: (just putting article here due to context! so we can find it later) http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2012/01/occupy_geriatrics_seniors_in_w.php
 Occupy Farmer USA  @OccupyFarmerUSA      
 Occupy Fire Dept. @occupy_firedept   
 Occupy Graffiti @OccupyGraffiti   
 Occupy Heaven  @OccupyHeaven
last tweet 11/2/11
     A page to show support from Christians towrd the Occupy Movement.
 Occupy at Home
 @Occupy_at_Home facbook Occupy at Home
 http://occupyathome.wordpress.com/ Articles, News, Brainstorming, Resources, Info by/for disabled/ill #Occupy supporters (or others who can't travel).
We use the hashtag: #occupyathome
 Occupy in ASL @OccupyinASL   
 Occupy Judaism  @OccupyJudaism  facebook occupyjudaism  http://occupyjudaism.org/  "Radical Jewish Direct Action in support of OWS"
DC/Boston/Chicago/++ have groups also - check FB
 Occupy Main Street
 @OccupyMainSt    http://occupymainstreet.wordpress.com  
 Occupy Marines @OccupyMARINES facebook OccupyMARINES  
 Occupy Music
 @OccupyMusic  facebook OccupyMusic  http://occupymusic.org/  
 Occupy Navy
 Occupy Nursing @OccupyNursing   
 Occupy Police @Occupy_Police  http://www.occupypolice.org/ 
 Occupy Seals @OccupySEALs   
 Occupy SecondLife @OccupySL  http://cripisland.posterous.com/ Installation (OWS/dalefarm/hardesthit) on Crip Island in Second Life. 
 Occupy Seminary @OccupySeminary   
 Occupy The Ballot
 @OccupyTheBallot      Everywhere, Voters/Occupiers Gather
 Occupy The Boardroom @OccupyBoardRm  http://www.occupytheboardroom.org/ 
 Occupy The Hood

Occupy The Hood - Media

 facebook OccupyTheHood

facebook OTH Media
email: occupythehood@gmail.com
Daily Kos Article
Every Hood EVERY Where
If people of color don't get involved once again your voice will not be heard. Stand Up! You can contact OccupyTheHood @ 646-580-4186  (local groups in DC and IL)

press coverage / youtube: aljazeera pastor willie
 Occupy The Hood Atlanta  @OTH_Atlanta  facebook OTH Atlanta    check Twitter profile for phone number
 Occupy The Hood Austin  facebook OTH-Austin  
 Occupy The Hood Baltimore  @occupyhoodbmore      
 Occupy The Hood Boston @OTHBoston facebook OTH Bostonhttp://blackstonian.com/occupythehood
 October 21 6pm Friday OccupytheHood One City at a Time
 Occupy The Hood Chicago  @OTH_Chicago  facebook OTH-Chicago  email: OccupytheHoodChicago@gmail.com  (was OccupytheHoodIL)
 Occupy The Hood  Chicago (OccupydaHood) @OccupydaHoodChi  http://occupythehoodchicago.org/ 
 Occupy The Hood Cincinnati (Occupy The Hood --Nati) @OTH_513   
 Occupy The Hood Cleveland  @OccupyhoodCleve Facebook OTH Cleveland
 Occupy The Hood Dallas @OTH_Dallas facebook OTH Dallas  
 Occupy The Hood DC @OccupyTheHoodDC facebook OTH DC email:
 check Twitter profile for phone number
 Occupy The Hood Detroit @OTH_Detroit facebook OTH-Detroit  
 Occupy The Hood Kalamazoo  facebook OTH-Kalamazoo-Michigan  
 Occupy The Hood Los Angeles @OTH_LosAngeles
 facebook OTH Los Angeles  
 Occupy The Hood Milwaukee    facebook OTH-Milwaukee    
 Occupy The Hood New Jersey @OccupyTheHoodNJ  http://www.occupythehoodnewjersey.blogspot.com/ 
 Occupy The Hood New York  facebook OTH-NY  
 Occupy The Hood Orlando @OTHOrlando   
 Occupy The Hood Philly  @OTH_Philly  facebook OTH.Philly    
 Occupy The Hood
 Occupy The Hood Sacramento @OTH_sacramento   
 Occupy The Hood St Louis (OccupyDaHood)  @OccupyDaHoodStL  facebook ODH-St Louis    
 Occupy The Hood Seattle  facebook OTH-Seattle  
 Occupy The Hood Tacoma (OccupyDaHood)  @Occupydahoodtac  facebook ODH Tacoma    
 Occupy the Media
 Occupy Their Mailboxes  @OccupyMailboxes   http://www.occupytheirmailboxes.org  Can't occupy IRL? Send a letter! Info at their website.
 Occupy Trucking  @OccupyTrucking
 Occupy Unions @Occupy_Unions facebook OCCUPYUNIONS  
 Occupy With Art
 Occupy Writers
 @OccupyWriters  http://occupywriters.com/ 
 Occupy Veterans  @OccupyVeterans  facebook Occupy-Veterans  http://occupyveterans.org/  
 OWS Disability @OWSdisability   
 OWS-Student Debt @owsStudentDebt fb Occupy StudentDebt http://occupystudentdebt.org/ 
 Parents for Occupy Austin  facebook Parents for Occupy Austin  
 Parents for Occupy Charlotte  facebook Parents for Occupy Charlotte  
 Parents for Occupy Chicago @parentsforCHI facebook Parents for Occupy Chicago  
 Parents for Occupy DC  facebook Parents for Occupy DC  
 Parents for Occupy Denver  facebook Parents for Occupy Denver  
 Parents for Occupy Indianapolis  facebook Parents for Occupy Indianapolis  
 Parents for Occupy Oakland  facebook Parents for Occupy Oakland  
 Parents for Occupy Sacramento  facebook Parents for Occupy Sacramento  
 Parents for Occupy San Diego  facebook Parents for Occupy San Diego  
 Parents for Occupy Seattle  facebook Parents for Occupy Seattle  
 Parents for Occupy Wall Street @ParentsForOWS facebook Parents for Occupy Wall St http://www.parentsforoccupywallst.com/family OWS articles/vids from everywhere will go here:
12/10/11 NYPD / NY City Hall Break Kids Hearts
Three Year Old Mic Checks / Two Year Old Mic Checks
 Parents for Occupy Wall Street - Philadelphia  facebook Parents for OWS Philadelphia  
 Parents for Occupy Wall Street - Tennessee  facebook Parents for OWS TN  
 Parents Occupy Colorado @ParentsOccupyCO   
 Women Occupy
 @WomenOccupy  http://womenoccupy.tumblr.com/ e-mail: womenoccupy@hotmail.com