Occupy the Game - in Browser
 Games where your actions "do things" in real life...
 are in development! (we hope) (this? or this? or this? )

 Pls share resources for Occupying within commercial games.

There are other games out there about causes/activism:

Police Brutality (download button at bottom of article)

Multiple Games are at Games for Change

Wanna design a game for Occupy? Check out this toolkit.

Some "other" games - the reality we DON'T embrace! Top Cop / London Riots The Game

Occupying in Second Life:

@OccupySL has a presence in Second Life - any others? 

(@OccupySL made the SL avatar on this page - there's a link in her Twitter Profile or you can go from here.) (This inspired us to finally make up an album of the Calm avatars we have collected so far - the link is on our Misc Page and here. FYI - @OccupySL is asserting copyright on the SL avatar she designed so please don't copy this one without attribution.)