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 Occupy Coloring Book  product page This is a for-profit product. 
 Occupy Comix @OccupyComix  http://occupycomix.wordpress.com/

Vol 1 Issue 1 (added 12/15/11) free download
 Alan Moore will contribute to Occupy Comix
 YouTube Channels    
 OccupyINFO   http://www.youtube.com/user/OccupyINFO 
 WAOWakeupMusic   http://www.youtube.com/user/WAOWakeupMusic 
 Just Videos    
 Occupy Boston realizes they had it all wrong   Occupy Boston Dec 17 
 Flip those cards - Occupy Everything - Cool Action in NYC   Occupy-flipbook-billboard-action-in-new-york-city 
 Live music at Occupy Sites    
 Gogol Bordello at Occupy Burlington  Gogol Bordello 
 Music at OWS - article w/ YouTube vids  Great Collection-Artists Performing at OWS 
 Music vids w/ OWS footage    
 SANHEDRON - Death Tax   Death Tax 
 gift from Taipei  Buffalo Springfield and Ben-Z remix 
 Captain Badazz  Stand Up Mr US Business Man 
 Eminem  - White America  Occupy America  
 Joseph Arthur - We Stand As One  We Stand As One 
 Occupy Olympia One Face at at Time  One Face at a Time 
 Occupy Milwaukee - "Do You Follow" - Cypher Son   Do You Follow 
 Sounds of the Occupy Movement (S&G Sounds of Silence)   Sounds of the Occupy Movement 
 Songs about Occupy / Anthems    
 The Chimagels  We are the 99 percent 
 If you know to stay in public spaces, here's a video for you : Occupy the Banks  http://youtu.be/VPaRZmwNLtI Maybe this goes in vids w/ footage? u tell us...
 Makana - We Are the Many "Occupy with Aloha" (song sung to world leaders at APEC Hawaii) @MakanaMusic We Are the Many (APEC performance)
We Are the Many (video)

 Free Download at http://makanamusic.com/?slide=we-are-the-many
 Miley Cyrus - It's a Liberty Walk (video made for OWS) https://twitter.com/MileyCyrus It's a Liberty Walk!article 
 Raffi  - No Wall Too Tall  No Wall Too Tall "The inspirational ballad, No Wall Too Tall, by folk singer and social change advocate, Raffi, calls for reform of the financial system. This song and many others are available for free download or streaming at the website of the organization Centre for Child Honouring. "
 Third Eye Blind   If There Ever Was a Time 
 The Verge of Change  Run  
 JT - The People United (a protest song for the occupy movement)   The People United Don't forget to get the free Downloads!
 J.D. Nero - Occupy Music (N17)   Occupy Music 
 Norris Brothers Band -  Occupy Theme Song   Occupy Theme Song 
 Ry Cooder Wall Street Park of Town   Wall Street Park Of Town 
 WAO #WakeUpMusic    
 Ramones youtube
 Bad Religion youtube
 Hendrix youtube
 Before Occupy    
 A Change Must Come
Ken Boothe / Tasty Grooves
   A Change Must Come 
Fictional Places    
 Occupy Catan @OccupyCatan   
 Occupy Genosha @OccupyGenosha   
 Occupy Isengard @OccupyIsengardfacebook Occupy Isengard  
 Occupy Latveria @OccupyLatveria (duh...)   
 Occupy Mordor @Occupy_Mordor   
 Occupy Narnia  @OccupyNarnia      
 Occupy Nebo @OccupyNebo (dead...)   
AnonMedics  @AnonMedics   
Anonymous  @AnonymousIRC   
Anonymous Operations @Anon_Central   
United Anonymous Networkd  facebook United Anonymous Network   
 #opMegaupload arstechnica: why-the-feds-smashed-megaupload
cnet: anonymous-goes-nuclear-everybody-loses
WashPost: megaupload-shutdown-raises-new-internet-sharing-fears
arstechnica: explainer-how-can-the-us-seize-a-hong-kong-site-like-megaupload
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 Anonymous Security Starter   http://www.scribd.com/doc/70947372/Anonymous-Security-Starter-Handbook 
 Web Privacy Page at  FreeSchoolUniversity.org  http://freeschooluniversity.org/content/web-privacy 
 deSOPA  article: http://torrentfreak.com/firefox-add-on-bypasses-sopa-dns-blocking-111220/
Firefox Add-on page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/desopa/
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 OccupyCPH.dk upgrade info facebook OccupyCPH.dk upgrade  
 Why OpSec for Activists?   article wired article 
 Police Strategies   http://privacysos.org/node/384 
 Learn from US DoD 
U.S. Army Social Media Handbook 2011  Social Media Page  
 Activist Security   http://www.activistsecurity.org/
esp Security Handbook
 (need title)   http://www.nosic.com.au/index.htm 
 The Conspiracies    
 Numerology and Secret Societies Illuminati 9/11 - inside job FEMA Camps