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   Michael Moore w/ Anderson Cooper (from #oo)  
   The Story of Citizens United 
   I Am Not Moving 
   Cornel West/Chris Hedges Goldman Sachs Mock Trial Nov 3 2011 
   Occupied Media Interview with economist Dean Baker
Occupied Media Interview with economist John Quiggin
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Spencer Mills / @OakFoSho 
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   In Less Than A Minute Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wall Street To The 1 Percent  
   Sgt Shamar Thomas - schools the police 
   Ralph Nader 
   Road to Revolution - 99% Uprising (David Degraw)  
   The American Dream  
    Occupy Boston Realizes They Had it All Wrong Dec 17 
    Occupy the Pathology of the 1% (ck rights info) 
    Interview with Occupy Vancouver 
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Harrisburg Redistricting Commission clip2
Ron Paul Again sort of
Newt Gingrich about 3:30 / UIowa
Newt Gingrich in Iowa Dec 14
Michelle Bachmann 
Glenn Beck
NC Wells Fargo 
Occupy Carrollton at Walmart
 Articles   Chomsky coverage 12 23 11 1-7-12 News from Oakland
    Yes-10 Ways the Occupy Movement Changes Everything 11-10-11 
 Coverage of Foreclosure Activism
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  Occupy-atlanta-encamps-to-save home
Occupy Minneapolis occupy foreclosed home
MSNBC Foreclosed homes/vacant lots next 4 Occupy
Fannie Mae wants emails from Occupy Atlanta 
Stop Evictions tactic used in Spain for awhile 

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Need to be aware that coverage is spotty / there was no reporting/no mention whatsoever on TDS on November 15th about the raid that morning at Zuccotti Park. 


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The Daily Show Website
Many trust John Stewart to give them the news they need in an entertaining manner. On November 15th, he had segments on Cain (where's Libya), Sandusky (phoning in my defense) and Mark Kelly (Gifford's book). There was no mention of the 1am raid, the numerous reporters arrested or anything at all about the Occupy Movement. Based on preview ads, the November 16th show will include coverage of the raid on Zuccotti Park.

Just know that you have to get the full story somewhere else - but what you get here will very likely be funny! When asked about the lack of coverage, there was no response.
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Analysis / History / Global     
  Mason 20 Reasonshistorical occupations

historical occupations / origins (Spain +)
stack (incl some/all? from below)
article article 
DRY bundlr video 15M more DRY 19J DRY
indignados (Oct 2011)
Indiganada catalunya 27M
Anon not totally accurate but still informative video
Spanish Revolution - what is happening/what we want
From Dictorship to Democracy Gene Sharp
Arab Spring Failing? CNN
cnn Rushkoff Occupy Prototype

Occupiers: How to Keep Going (Ashley Sanders)

Political or Social Movement?
 why? hope? heart? logic?
Occupy our Souls

Wilmington / Race
historical occupations
Oaxaca 2006
Oaxaca 2006-Present

(these sources cover Oaxaca-
 what the hell are we doing here?

And Along Come the Spiders
 coming insurrection
 Our Blog Entries at  Gen Knoxx Blog

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