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The "Occupy Movement" didn't start in the US. Of course, it started with the Arab Spring (esp Tunisia). And in a more parallel way, with Spain in the Spring of 2011 (and before) - our Other Protests Page includes some of the pre-Occupy groups from around the world. Be sure to ctrl f for "Oaxaca" which is an earlier "start".  (For additional "acampada" groups, check the list here: @15O_ocupuebla/following Also look for "indignados" / "democraciareal" / "ocupa" / "toma la calle" "15M" "unkut" and more.) 

We would like to add this info to this table - clearly the "Acampa" or "Toma la Plaza" protesters were  "occupying". PLEASE comment or email us info about groups that were EPIC but no longer exist with their former names - we ID groups to add based on CURRENT twitter/FB activity, so finding the groups that have been shut down will require crowdsourcing.... many thanks... muy agradecido por todos... 

Next Event Days:  events from "chatter" or posted as specified
you can usually also see our US PAGE for the agenda view of our NEW GOOGLE CALENDAR but we are locked out of editing there
May Day - May 1

Occupy Together Current Meetup Summary - go all the way to the BOTTOM
GLOBAL IT NETWORKING: contacts/calls
Local Event info: We can't keep up with the where/when info! Check with the group sites and 
For Occupy Groups: This is a Directory and a historical record - we will add pic/vid/article of your "big dates"
Be Aware: the contacts listed for each place may actually be for different entities - try them all! Please tell us if an contact has a non-Occupy focus or if a link is no longer working. (We are also sometimes alphabetically challenged / if you can't find a place-look nearby.) 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is a user-driven resource. We try to find and add new info, but the movement is too big for one team to document. Please don't ignore broken or out of date links. Please share your faves!  Additions? Corrections? Suggestions? Please e-mail ( , tweet (@WeAllOccupy) or visit our facebook page (We All Occupy)

  city  twitter facebook  website  other info - video/events/articles/etc.
(see THE GUARDIAN doc - links to articles/images for many groups)
EARTH   @OccupyEarth 
Africa    @OccupyAfrica  October 15 8am
Antartica  McMurdo Station @OccupyMcMurdo   
"Arab Land"  @OccupyArabLandfacebook Occupy Arab Land  11.11.11
Caribbean   @OccupyCaribbean   
Europe   @OccupyEuropa
older: facebook Occupy Europe
 google doc - european coordination group list
South America   @OccupySAmerica 
United Kingdom 
(areas are listed below)

fb Occupy England, Scotland, Wales No Ireland
facebook Occupy The British and Celtic Isles (Ok since we started with England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales, we've gotta do this... see listings below for those areas )
Albania  Prishtina @OccupyPrishtinafacebook Occupy Prishtina 
Argentina   facebook Occupy Argentina  
  Buenos Aires
   meetup page / meetup page (occupyBA)
  Rosario @Occupyrosario1 Occupying: 
"Our Story" - 
 Occupying since 11/11/11 Plaza 25 de Mayo
  Tucuman    meetup page
Australia    @Aus4Occupyfacebook Occupy Australia
 October 15 multiple locations

 Adelaide  @OccupyAdelaide facebook OccupyAdelaide    Occupying from November 12
October 15 Victoria Square 10am
  Armidale @OccupyArmidale   
   Brisbane  @OccupyBrisbane facebook Occupy Brisbane
 October 15 9am
   Cairns   facebook Occupy Cairns
  Canberra facebook Occupy Canberra  
  Darwin @OccupyDarwinfacebook Occupy-Darwin  
  Gold Coast @0ccupyGoldCoast   November 5
   Melbourne  @OccupyMELBOURNE
OM open facebook group: facebook.occupy melbourne open
OM moderated facebook group: 
OM website:
OM news site:
(entire facebook addresses are included due to high rate of trolls for Occupy Melbourne - see poser etc page for info)
October 15 onward

   Perth   @OccupyPerth  (long term starting October 28)
  Queensland facebook Occupy Queensland  
  Sydney @occupySYDNEY (suspended)
fb Occupy Sydney event
fb Occupy Sydney
live stream:
 Saturday, October 15 at 2:30pm - December 31 at 6:00pm, Reserve Bank of Australia, Martin Place and Macquarie Street, Sydney, Australia
  Townsville @OccupyTWNSVILLE
  October 23
Austria Graz
 @OccupyAustriafacebook Occupy Austria
facebook Occupy Austria United
also: facebook Occupy Austria
October 15
  GRaz  facebook Occupy Graz event  
  Innsbruck @OccupyInnsbruck
facebook Occupy Insbruck  
  Klagenfurg  facebook Occupy Klagenfurt  
  Salzburg  facebook Occupy Salzburg
facebook Occupy Salzburg Ideen
  Vienna @OccupyVienna
  Vorarlberg facebook Occupy Vorarlberg   
Azerbaijan    facebook Occupy Azserbaijan  
Bangladesh  @OccupyDhakafacebook Occupy Dhaka  October 22 3-6pm
Belgium  @OccupyBelgiumfacebook Occupy Belgium
facebook Occupy Vlaanderen /Occupy Flanders
 October 15
  Antwerp facebook Occupy Antwerp  
  Bruges @OccupyBruges facebook Occupy Bruges
 October 15 Koning Albert I Park
meetup page

 Brussels  @OccupyBrussels
facebook OccupyBrussels
live stream:
 October 15 130pm
October 23 23o Occupying the European Commission
  Gent @OccupyGent 
  Leuven @OccupyLuvanium   October 15

Bosnia and Herzegovina   facebook Occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Brazil    @OccupyBrazil facebook OccupyBrazil    October 15
  Baixo Augusta    meetup page
  Belo Horizonte    meetup page
  Brasilia @OccupyBrasilia   meetup page
  Campinas    meetup page
  Curitiba    meetup page
  Goiania    meetup page
  Itajai facebook Ocupação Cultural Itajaí  blog: 
  Porto Alegre @OcupaPOAfacebook Ocupa POA 
 meetup page
   Rio de Janeiro  @OccupyRio facebook Ocupa-Rio-occupy-Rio   October 22
October 15
meetup page
  Salvador @OcupaSalvador da Vitoria 
October 15
meetup page
  Sao Paolo @OcupaSampa meetup page
also see UK above, and England Ireland Scotland Wales below
Bulgaria   @OccupyBulgaria facebook Occupy Bulgaria 
Canada   @OccupyCanadafacebook Occupy Canada  guide to occupying in BC
  Barrie facebook Occupy Barrie 
  Bathurst NB 
  October 15 (twitter acct deleted)

 Calgary  @OccupyCalgary facebook Occupy Calgary  meetings at Arusha: Oct 8, 11:00am Tuesday, Oct 11, 6:30pm Friday, Oct 14, 6:30pm
  Cranbrook facebook Occupy Cranbrook
  Edmonton @OccupyYEGfacebook Occupy Edmonton October 15
  Fraser Valley @OccupyFValleyfacebook Occupy Fraser Valley  October 27/8? meeting
   Halifax   @OccupyNS  facebook Occupy NS   November 12 Police Action
  Hamilton @OccupyHamiltonfacebook Occupy Hamilton
  Kamloops BC @OccupyKamloopsfacebook Occupy Kamloops
 email: e-mail:
  Kelowna @occupykelownafacebook Occupy Kelowna  video
   Kingston  @OccupyKingston facebook Occupy Kingston 
  Lethbridge facebok Occupy Lethbridge
  London @OccupyLdnOntfacebook Occupy LondonON to leave by 6pm Nov8 
  Maple Ridge @OccupyTheRidge
facebook Occupy Maple Ridge
 info flyer
   Montreal  @OccupMontreal facebook Occupy Montreal  Next assembly: Tuesday October 11th, 6pm at Square-Victoria
Event: October 15
  Nelson facebook Occupy Nelson
 @OccupyNB facebook Occupy NB  email: MONCTON:
 Newfoundland & Labrador @Occupy_NFLDfacebook Occupy Newfoundland
  Nova Scotia
 @OccupyNSfacebook Nova Scotia 20 min documentary - eviction plus
  Oshawa @OccupyOshawafacebook Occupy Oshawa  
   Ottawa  @Occupy_Ottawa facebook Occupy Ottawa  occupy confederation park at noon on Oct. 15
  Peterborough @OccupyPtbo facebook Occupy Peterborough  
   Prince Edward Island
 @OccupyPEI facebook Occupy PEI
   solidarity gathering on the Oct. 15
  Quebec @OccupyQuebecfacebook Occupy Quebec
  Red Deer facebook Occupy Red Deer  
  Regina @OccupyReginaSKfacebook Occupy Regina  
  St John @OccupySaintJohnfacebook Occupy-Saint-John  
  Salmon Arm facebook Occupy Salmon Arm   
   Saskatoon  @occupysaskatoon facebook Occupy Saskatoon   Planning meeting Oct.12
Event on Oct. 15
 Sault Ste. Marie
   Toronto  @OccupyToronto

facebook Occupy Toronto Market Exchange
facebook Occupy Bay Street  Bay Street in the financial district in Toronto
   Vancouver  @OccupyVancouver
 @OccVan_CN (chinese)
(also: @vanoccupied)
facebook Occupy Van City occupy the Vancouver Art Gallery on Oct. 15 in the city's own “Wall Street” rally
Event Page:
   Victoria  @OccupyVictoria 
(2 very different groups)
facebook Occupy Victoria BC
facebook event  On October 15th, 2011, we will unite, sit in, sleep over, and occupy a public space in protest indefinitely. Centennial Park
  Whitehorse @occupywhse   
facebook Occupy Winnipeg  
  Windsor @occupywindsorfacebook Occupy Windsor Occupying Windsor City Hall Square - Everyday 24/7
  Quebec @OccupyQuebec  
China  Beijing facebook Occupy Beijing
facebook Occupy Peking
  Hong Kong facebook OccupyCentral
facebook Occupy Hong Kong
 photo essay meetup page
  Hong Kong-central (HSBC) @OccupyCentralHK
Costa Rica   facebook Occupy Costa Rica  article about October 15

 Chiapa    meetup page
  San Jose    meetup page
Croatia   @OccupyCroatiafacebook Occupy Croatia  
  Zagreb @OccupyZagreb meetup page
Cyprus  Nicosia / Occupy the Buffer Zone @OccupyBufferZ

old: @Occupy_Nicosia
facebook Occupy Buffer Zone

also:  facebook Occupy Nicosia (redirects to FB page as of 4/12)
 logo article
 image another image
Czech Republic  Brno    meetup page
  Prague  facebook Occupy Prague  meetup page


   @OccupyDenmark (Occupy Aarhus) facebook Occupy Denmark  
  Odense @OccupyOdensefacebook Occupy-Odense meetup page
Dominican Republic  Santo Domingo   meetup page 
Ecuador  Quito @OcupaQuito 
Egypt  Cairo  @OccupyCairofacebook Egypt for Occupy Wall Street
facebook OWS Cairo
El Salvador  San Salvador    meetup page
England  @OccupyBritain
  Bath @OccupyBath99
facebook Occupy BathInfo  

 Birmingham @OccupyBhamUK   
 Bournemouth @OccupyBournemou
facebook Occupy Bournemouth 
  Brighton @XOccupyBrightonfacebook Occupy Brighton 

 Bristol @OccupyBristolUKfacebook Occupy Bristol
  Bradford @OccupyBradsfacebook Occupy Bradford  Occupying since October 28

got some press
  Cornwall @OccupyCornwall   
  Hove @OccupyHove   
  Isle of Wight @OccupyIoW   November 5 Newport
  Leeds @Occupy_Leeds
 @OccupyLeeds (nt 11-17)
facebook Occupy Leeds November 11 event
meetup page
  Lincoln @OccupyLincolnUK   meetup page
  Liverpool @OccupyLiverpoolfacebook Occupy Liverpool
  meetup page

facebook Occupy London
see their repossession:
 meetup page
  London - Finsbury Square @OccupyLFS Occupying
  London Stock Exchange @OccupyLSX
 @OccupyFC (football)
facebook Occupy LSX 

enviro grp: facebook Occupy LSX enviro 
enviro google:
 Police Action November 1

Occupying at St. Paul's (permission at first/then withdrawn)
   London, Trafalgar Sq.
 @OccupyTraf    http://occupytrafalgarsquare.wordpress  (short lived occupation per email...)
  Manchester @OccupyMCR facebook Occupy Manchester  meetup page
  Milton Keynes @OccupyMK facebook Occupy Milton Keynes  meetup page
  Newcastle-upon-Tyne @OccupyNewcastle 
  Northampton    meetup page
   Norwich  @OccupyNorwich facebook Occupy Norwich  
  Nottingham @OccupyNottsfacebook Occupy Nottingham  meetup page
  Oxford    meetup page
  Plymouth @OccupyPlymouthfacebook Occupy-Plymouth  article
  Sheffield @OccupySheffieldfacebook Occupy Sheffield
 Occupying starting November 5
meetup page
  Stratford on Avon @OccupySoA facebook Occupy Stratford on Avon
 Tunbridge Wells @OccupyTW facebook Occupy Tunbridge Wells email: occupytwells@gmail.comOccupying at St. John's Church from Nov 30 
Estonia Talinn  facebook Occupy Estonia  meetup page
Finland   facebook Occupy Finland  
Francelist of groups 
(groups are also Indignes/ DRY / RDM / Toma/?)
@OccupyFRfacebook Occupy France
google list - French Coordination (including list of groups)
  Annecy  facebook Occupy Annecy 
  Clermont @OccupyClermont facebook Occupy Clermont 
 Grenoble@OccupyGrenoblefacebook Occupy Grenoble October 23 2pm Arnaud Bernard
Meeting each Tuesday 6:30 / event each Sunday 4:30-7
meetup page
  LaRochelle  facebook Occupy LaRochelle  meetup page
 Lyons    meetup page
inactive 12/13
 Montpellier  facebook Occupy Montpellier  meetup page
  Nantes    meetup page

 Paris  @occupyParis
facebook Occupy Paris  meetup page
 Toulouse@OccupyToulousefacebook Occupy Toulouse  11/11/11 (FB event page)
meetup page
Georgia   facebook Occupy Tbilisi 
Germany @OccupyGermany

facebook Occupy.Germany

 Aachen@OccupyAachen   meetup page

Berlin @Occupy_Berlin facebook Occupy Berlin  Rotes Rathaus, Alexanderplatz, 15 Uhr Start

 Bochum facebook Occupy Bochum meetup page
 Bonn    meetup page
 Camp Kiel@OccupyKielCamp   meetup page
 Celle facebook Occupy Celle   
 Cologne / Koln facebook OccupyCologne  meetup page
 Dortmund    meetup page
  Dresden @OccupyDresden   meetup page
  Duesseldorf @Occupy_Duessfacebook Occupy.Duesseldorf youtube: October 15
meetup page
 Erfurt facebook Occupy Erfurt  
 Flensburg facebook Occupy Flensburg   meetup page
  Frankfurt @OccupyFrankfurt facebook OccupyFfM
 October 15
meetup page
 Hamburg@OccupyHamburgfacebook Occupy-Hamburg meetup page
 Hannover facebook Occupy Hannover   meetup page
 Karlsruhe @OccupyKarlsruhe facebook Occupy Karlsruhe meetup page
 Kassel    meetup page
 Leipzig    meetup page
 Minden@OccupyMindenfacebook Occupy Minden  meetup page
  Munich facebook Occupy Munich  
  Munster    meetup page
  Nurnberg facebook Occupy Nurnberg  
  Oldenburg @OccupyOldenburg 
  Stuttgart facebook Occupy Stuttgart  meetup page
  Trier @OccupyTrier 
  Ulm @OccupyUlm   
Greece   @OccupyGrefacebook Occupy-Greece-Athens 
Haiti   @OccupyHaiti   
  @OccupyNLtweets (coordination group)
 old @Occupy_Holland
 also: @OccupyNewsNL
  Alkmaar @OccupyAlkmaar 
  Amersfoort @OccupyAfoortfacebook Occupy Afoortt October 22 Noon
meetup page


 @OccupyAmsterdam facebook Occupy Amsterdam
 October 15
see twitter feed for IRC chat info
meetup page another meetup page
  Amsterdam - Beursplein @OccupyBeurs
  Amsterdam - Museumplein
  Arnhem @OccupyArnhem1   October 27 noon
meetup page
  Assen    meetup page
   Binnenhof, Den Haag  @OccupyDenHaag

 October 15, 12:00, location: Binnenhof, Den Haag
  Dordrecht @OccupyDordrecht
down on 12/3 cache is here
  Doetinchem @OccupyDtc  email: 
  Ede facebook Occupy Ede email: 
  Eindhoven @Eindhovenoccupyfacebook Occupy Eindhoven
Occupy the 18septemberplein begins on nov. 5 2011 @12:00pm
  Enschede facebook Occupy Enschede  meetup page
 facebook page: Occupy Groningen
 facebook group: Occupy Groningen meetup page
  The Hague @OccupyTheHague   
  Heerlen @OccupyHeerlen   
  Helden    meetup page
  Leeuwarden @OccupyLWD October 29 11:00 prinsentuin
meetup page
  Maasbree    meetup page

  Maastricht    meetup page
  Middelburg    November 9 OCCUPYING (per tweet)
  Nijmegen @OccupyNijmegenfacebook Occupy Nijmegen  
  Rotterdam @OccupyRotterdamfacebook Occupy Rotterdam
 meetup page
  Soestdijk @OccupySoestdijk  livestream: 
  Tilburg facebook Occupy Tilburg
  Utrecht @OccupyUtrecht meetup page
  Venlo meetup page
  Zwolle @occupyZwollefacebook Occupy Zwolle 
 @OccupyHungary facebook Valódi Demokráciát Most! Occupy Hungary
also: facebook Occupy Hungary
  Budapest facebook Occupy Budapest  meetup page
Iceland Reykjavik @OccupyRvkfacebook event (Iceland)
also: facebook Occupy Iceland


Indonesia Jakarta @OccupyJakarta
facebook Occupy Jakarta
 other facebook
  meetup page
India  Bangalore    meetup page

 meetup page
  Delhi    meetup page
  Hyderabad    meetup page

 Mumbai  @Occupy_Mumbai
facebook Occupy-Mumbai  On October 29th we will take to Madam Cama Road, #Mumbai in protest.
Ireland    @OccupyIreland facebook Occupy Ireland    
facebook Occupy Belfast Occupying - at Writer's Square
FB event:
  Cork @OccupyCorkfacebook Occupy Cork October 15 2pm Bishop Lucy Park
   Dublin  @OccupyDublin facebook Occupy Dublin
   Dame Street
 @OccupyDameStr facebook Occupy Dame Street  live stream:
 event page :
   Galway City
 @OccupyGalway facebook Occupy Galway    
  Kenmare @OccupyKenmare   
  Limerick facebook Occupy Limerick   
  Waterford @OccupyWaterfordfacebook Occupy Waterford
Israel  Tel Aviv   facebook Occupy Tel Aviv
facebook Occupy Israel

 October 15 Tel Aviv 
Italy    @OccupyItaly facebook Occupy Italy
  Biella    meetup page
  Bologna @OccupyBolognafacebook Occupy Bologna "AcampadaMaggiore" 
  Florence / Firenze @OccupyFlorence  livestream: 
  Milan / Milano @OccupyMilanofacebook Occupy Milano
Google Plus:
 meetup page
  Naples / Napoli facebook Occupy Napoli  meetup page
  Novara    meetup page
  Padova @OccupyPadova facebook Occupy Padova  ck feed
  Reggio Emilia @OccupyRE 
  Rome / Roma@OccupyRoma
both inactive
facebook Occupy Rome.  meetup page
  Torino @OccupyTorino facebook Occupy Torino  meetup page
  Treviso @OccupyTrevisofacebook DRY Treviso  
Jamaica   @OccupyJamaica   

 Kingston @Occupy_Kingston   
Japan   @OccupyTJapanfacebook Occupy Together Japan  

 Kyoto @OccupyKyoto   

 Osaka @OccupyOsaka   

 Tokyo  @OccupyTokyo
facebook Occupy Tokyo
 October 15
Kenya  Nairobi  @OccupyNairobi      Occupation begins on Oct 15 at the Parliament Building
No. Korea  @OccupyPyongyang facebook Occupy Pyongyang  
So. Korea   @OccupyKorea facebook Occupy Korea  event: facebook event
  Seuol @OccupySeoul
   event: facebook event
 meetup page
facebook Occupy Kurdistann  
Latvia Riga  facebook Occupy Latvia  meetup page
Lebanon   @OccupyLebnen
 inactive: @OccupyLeb
 facebook Occupy Lebanon


 Beirut facebook Occupy-Beirut
(also there is facebook Occupy Solidere)
facebook OccupyLiberia  
Lithuania  Vilnius  facebook Occupy Lituania  meetup page
Luxembourg  facebook Occupy-Luxembourg  meetup page
Macedonia    facebook Occupy Skopje  
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur @OccupyDataranfacebook occupydataran meetup page
Malta    facebook Occupy Malta  
Mexico  @OccupyMexico
  email: Acampada/DRL/Indignado groups on other page
  Mexico City - BMV @OccupyBMVfacebook Occupy MexCityBMV BMV is the Mexican Stock Exchange
article (12/28/11)
  Mexico City - Coyoacan @OcupaCoyoacanfacebook Occupy AcampadaSur 
  Monterrey and more @OccupyMex   
  Morelos @OccupyMorelosfacebook Occupy Morelos  
   Tijuana  @OccupyTijuana
facebook Occupy Tijuana  OCCUPIED from October 15
RAIDED October 18 / 26 Arrests
Monaco  @occupymonacofacebook Occupy Monaco 
 (See Holland above for the Netherlands )     
Namibia    facebook Occupy Namibia  
Nepal   facebook Occupy Nepal  
New Zealand    @OccupyNZD

facebook Occupy New Zealand    

 Aotearoa  @OccupyAotearoa
facebook Occupy.NewZealand.Aotearoa    
   Auckland  @OccupyAuckland facebook Occupy Auck
(link to their "paper" is on our Media page)
 meetup page
  Bay of Plenty facebook Occupy Bay of Plenty  
   Christchurch  @OccupyCHCH facebook Occupy Christchurch    meetup page

 Dunedin / Otago  @OccupyDunedin facebook Occupy Dunedin   ustream:
 article - Dunedin police refuse to arrest protestors
October 29 "still going" per feed
Occupying since October 15
meetup page
  Invercargill facebook Occupy Invercargill  
  New Plymouth facebook Occupy New Plymouth  
  Wellington @OccupyWellyfacebook Occupy Wellington meetup page
Nicaragua  Managua   ows7 strike.jpg meetup page
Nigeria   @OccupyNigeria
 image - fuel subsidy protest
Norway  Bergen
facebook Occupy Bergen
 meetup page

 Oslo @OccupyOslo   meetup page
Pakistan  Islamabad facebook Occupy Pakistan  meetup page
  @OcupemosPanamafacebook Indignados Panama 
Peru    @OccupyPeru facebook Occupy Peru    meetup page (Peru)  meetup page (Lima)
Philippines    @OccupyPhils facebook Occupy Philippines    event page (October 15 5pm Rizal Park): / event meetup page
meetup page
  facebook Okupacja Polska
facebook Occupy Poland 

 Krakow  facebook Occupy Krakow (also closed group)  meetup page

 Warsaw  facebook Occupy Warsaw  meetup page
  Wroclaw    meetup page
Portugal  facebook Occupy-Portugal 
  Lisbon / Lisboa @OcuparLisboa facebook Occupy Lisbon/Ocupar LIsboa
Puerto Rico  San Juan
 @Occupy__PR facebook Occupy-Puerto-Rico    meetup page
 @OccupyRomania facebook Occupy Romania     
  Brasov facebook Occupy Brasov
  Bucharest facebook Occupy Bucharest
  Timisoara facebook Occupy Timisoara
Russia   facebook Occupy Russia social network: poster
Dec 24 - NOT an Occupy Russia "event" but here's the info picture article OWS/Russian article

 Bernaul    meetup page

 Cheljabinsk    meetup page

facebook Occupy Moscow
event page - but translate this page to get a feel for their movement/action:
facebook Saturday at the Swamp
  St. Petersburg @/OccupySPb
social network:
(OPEN these using Google Chrome to auto-translate)
Scotland   @OccupyScotland 

 Edinburgh  @OccupyEdinburgh facebook Occupy Edinburgh    
  Glasgow @WeOccupyGlasgow 
uni: @GlasgowOccupied

 @OccupyGlasgowPT (press/inactive as of 11/19)
facebook Occupy Glasgow Nov 17 BBC article
Occupying per feed
Serbia  @OccupySerbia      
  Belgrade  facebook occupy belgrade  
  Novisad @OccupyNoviSad  G+ 
Singapore      meetup page
Slovakia    facebook Occupy Slovakia  
Slovenia  Ljubljana  @OccupyLjubljana
facebook Occupy Ljubljana
 live stream:
South Africa  @Occupy_SA
facebook Occupy South Africa - Operation Ubuntu 
  Cape Town facebook Cape Town  meetup page
  Grahamtown    meetup page

Johannesburg @OccupyJHB  facebook facebook facebook  meetup page
Spain  @OccupySpainfacebook Occupy Spain  
 more here  Barcelona  @OccupyBCN facebook Occupy Barcelona
  Girona @OcupemGironafacebook Ocupem Girona  
Sri Lanka  Colombo  @OccupyColombo facebook Occupy Colombo
 meetup page
Sweden  @OccupySwedenfacebook Occupy Sweden  
  Falun  facebook Occupy Falun  
  Gothenburg / Goteborg @OccupyGoteborgfacebook Occupy Goteborg  Every day from 12 Nordstan Commercial Center
  Helsingborg  facebook Occupy Helsingborg  
  Kalmar  facebook Occupy Kalmar  
  Kiruna  facebook Occupy Kiruna  
  Linkoping  facebook Occupy Linkoping  
  Malmo facebook Occupy Malmo  
  Norrkoping facebook Occupy Norrkoping  
  Ostersund  facebook 99% Ostersund  
  Stockholm @OccupyStockholmfacebook Occupy Stockholm meetup page
  Sundsvall facebook Occupy Sundsvall   
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