U.S. (historical/"locked")

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Events from Chatter

GOOGLE CALENDAR of "high chatter" Events IS HERE
(click on event names in the Agenda OR Calendar for more links about the events)
SOME EVENTS..........
March 30-April2+: National Occupation of Washington, DC (no clue about this...)

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Important: the contacts listed for each place may actually be for different entities - try them all! Please tell us if a contact has a non-Occupy focus or if a link is no longer working. (We are also sometimes alphabetically challenged / if you can't find a place-look nearby.) Many of the "meetup pages" were created for October 15 and have little or no activity after that - if you have any info that those locations are active, please email us so we can add contact details! Or add your info to our Comments Google Doc!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is a user-driven resource. We try to find and add new info, but the movement is too big for one team to document. Please don't ignore broken or out of date links. Please share your faves!  We've got a Google Doc for that! 

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c/o THE GUARDIAN-links to articles/pics 4 many groups
 Occupy the United States     facebook Occupy-The-United-States    (there are other "regional" twitter/fb accounts but they do not appear to be coordinating regionally - we are tracking and will add them if this changes)
Occupy the Northeast         http://occupynortheast.org/  
Occupy the Midwest
  facebook Occupy The Midwest
 STATES (+)          
Alabama   Statewide  @OccupyAlabama   http://occupyalabama.org/   

 Anniston  @OccupyAnniston facebook Occupy Anniston    
   Athens       meetup page 

 Auburn  @OccupyAuburnAL  facebook Occupy-Auburn    

 Birmingham  @OccupyBham  facebook Occupy Birmingham http://occupybirmingham.org/
email: info@occupybirmingham.org
meetup page
   Cullman    facebook Occupy Cullman   meetup page 
   Decatur       meetup page
   Dothan  @OccupyDothan      
   Enterprise       meetup page 
   Fairhope  @OccupyFairhope  facebook. Occupy Fairhope http://occupyfairhope.org/
email: occupyfairhope@gmail.com
meetup page 
   Florence  @OccupyCourtSt  facebook Occupy Florence    
   Huntsville  @OccupyHsv  facebook Occupy Huntsville http://occupyhuntsville.org/ meetup page 
   Jasper       meetup page 
   Mobile  @OccupyMobile
 facebook Occupy-Mobile http://www.occupymobile.org/
mail: occupymobile@gmail.com
Police Action November 7
meetup page
   Montgomery    facebook Occupy Montgomery http://occupymontgomery.org/ 
meetup page 
(Blount County)
 @OccupyOneonta  facebook Occupy Oneonta    First GA November 12 2:30pm
   Summerdale       meetup page
   Tuscaloosa  @OccupyTtown  facebook Occupy-Tuscaloosa http://occupytuscaloosa.org/
email: admin@occupytuscaloosa.org
meetup page 
Alaska  Statewide  @OccupyAlaska
 facebook Occupy-Alaska http://www.occupyalaska.org/
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupyanchorage
   Anchorage  @OccupyAnchorage  facebook Occupy Anchorage http://www.occupyanchorage.org/
email: occupyanchorage@gmail.com

 Winter picture
Police Action November 1 - eviction scheduled but "postponed for a day" / as of Nov3 - still there per twitter feed
Occupying since 10/22/11 per website
meetup page

  Fairbanks   facebook Occupy Fairbanks  http://occupyfairbanks.org
email: occupyfairbanksak@gmail.com
Occupying at -40F degrees - article
meetup page
  Haines       meetup page
  Homer @OccupyHomer facebook Occupy Homer http://occupyhomer.org 
livestream: http://occupyhomer.org/livestream.html
wiki: http://occupyhomer.org/wiki/index.php?title=Occupy_Homer:Community_portal
October 15
meetup page
  Juneau   facebook Occupy Juneau   meetup page
  Soldotna   facebook Occupy Soldotna   meetup page
  Wasilla   facebook Occupy Wasilla   meetup page
Arizona  Statewide   facebook Occupy Arizona
facebook Occupy-Ariz-Together
  Chandler       meetup page 
  meetup page

Flagstaff @OccupyFlagstaff facebook Occupy Flagstaff
http://www.occupyflagstaff.org/ Occupying (?)
meetup page
  Gilbert       meetup page 
  Mesa       meetup page
  Phoenix @OccupyPhoenix facebook Occupy Phoenix http://occupyphoenix.net/ 
meetup page
  Prescott  @OccupyPrescott facebook Occupy Prescott http://occupyprescott.org
article: http://www.dcourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubsectionID=1&ArticleID=99300
(have held discussion/GA meetings - latest November 12)
  Queen Creek       meetup page 
  Scottsdale       meetup page 
  Sedona @OccupySedona facebook Occupy-Sedona
facebook Occupy Sedona AZ
  meetup page
   Tempe    facebook Occupy Tempe   Gathering every Friday 4pm
meetup page
    Tucson  @OccupyTucson  facebook Occupy Tucson http://occupytucson.org/ Occupying (10/15)
   Yuma    facebook YumaUnite    
Arkansas  Statewide  @OccupyArkansas  facebook Occupy-Arkansas    
   Bentonville  @OccupyB_Ville  facebook Occupy Bentonville  http://sites.google.com/site/occupybentonville/home
email: occupybentonville@gmail.com
meetup page
 facebook Occupy NWA
 fb Occupy.Fayetteville.AR
 facebook #OccupyNWA
 Also: Occupy Walmart

http://occupynwa.org/ Search for #OccupyNWA on Twitter
meetup page
  Fort Smith   facebook Occupy Fort Smith  http://occupyfortsmith.com November 8 6pm GA Public Library 
meetup page
  Harrison      http://occupyharrison.org meetup page
  Hot Springs   facebook Occupy Hot Springs
meetup page
   Jonesboro    facebook Occupy Jonesboro  http://occupyjonesboro.weebly.com/index.html  
  Little Rock @Occupy_LR
(was @OccupyLR)

live tweeting:  
facebook Occupy-Little-Rock-Arkansas #1
facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Little-Rock #2
facebook OccupyLittleRock#3
facebook occupylr#4

mail: contact@occupylr.org
October 15 
event: facebook event
meetup page
  Mountain Home       meetup page
California Statewide @OccupiedCA
facebook Occupy California  http://occupyca.wordpress.com/  
  Alameda       meetup page
  Amador County   fb Occupy Amador County http://occupyamadorcounty.wordpress.com/ November 4 4pm GA Minnie Provis Park
  Antelope Valley   fb Occupy Antelope Valley    
  Antioch       meetup page

Arcata @OccupyArcata
GA: @Occupy_Arcata

facebook Occupy-Arcata   meetup page
  Atherton @OccupyAtherton      

Bakersfield @OccupyBkrsfld
facebook wearethe99percent 

(sporadic posts/not the "main group" facebook Occupy KernCounty )

   Bay Point     http://OccupyBayPoint.org  
  Beaumont   facebook Occupy Beaumont   meetup page
Berkeley @OccupyBerkeley facebook Occupy Berkeley http://occupyberkeley.org
email: info@occupyberkeley.org
POLICE ACTION 11/9 (UCAL) - video article
floating tents
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
at Bank of America. October 15. Bring Tent.
meetup page
  Beverly Hills @OccupyBevHills facebook Occupy BeverlyHills
(page not found 11/3)
  Burbank       meetup page
  Camarillo @OccupyCamarillo facebook Occupy Camarillo http://occupycamarillo.org/ October 24 via FB - GA Mon/Wed/Fri 4:30 Dizdar Park
meetup page
  Central Valley @OccupyCentralCA facebook Occupy-Central-Valley    
  Chico @OccupyChico facebook Occupy Chico http://occupychico.com/
livestream: http://www.livestream.com/occupychico
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
  Chino       meetup page
  Claremont @occupyclaremont facebook Occupy Claremont http://occupyclaremont.org/
vimeo: http://vimeo.com/occupyclaremont
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/occupyclaremont
meetup page
  Coachella Valley @OccupyCV fb Occupy CoachellaValley  http://occupycoachellavalley.org
stream: http://occupycoachellavalley.org/live-video
Contra Costa
inactive 10/14
meetup page
  Costa Mesa   facebook.Occupy-Costa-Mesa  email: OccupyCostaMesa@gmail.com  
  Crescent City       meetup page
  Culver City @OccupCulverCity  facebook Occupy Culver City    
  Davis @OccupyDavis facebook Occupy Davis
Occupy Davis will begin round-the-clock occupation of Central Park starting 10/15
meetup page
  Delano  facebook Occupy Delano  
  Desert Hot Springs       meetup page
  Elk Grove     facebook Occupy Elk Grove    
  Encino       meetup page
  Encinitas (North County)   facebook Occupy Encinitas/North County    meetup page
  Eureka   facebook Occupy-Eureka  ustream: http://ustream.tv/channel/occupy-eureka-ca Police Action November 7
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
  Fairfield       meetup page
  Fontana     facebook Occupy Fontana    
  Fresno @OccupyFresno facebook Occupy Fresno CA http://www.occupyfresnoca.com/
email: occupyfresnoca@gmail.com
Courthouse Park Oct. 9th 5pm map here
  Fremont  @OccupyFremont
  meetup page
  Fullerton  @OccupyFullerton  facebook Occupy Fullerton  email: OccupyFullerton@live.com meetup page
  Gilroy     facebook Occupy Gilroy  http://occupygilroy.wordpress.com/  
  Grass Valley       meetup page
  Half Moon Bay    facebook Occupy HMB  email: occupyhmb@yahoo.com meetup page
  Hayward       meetup page
(see Arcata)
 @OccupyHumboldt  (facebook Occupy Arcata) http://www.occupyhumboldt.org/
email: occupyhumboldt@gmail.com
Occupying at HSU (per OH)
  Huntington Beach       meetup page
  Imperial County  @OccupyImperial      

Indio       meetup page
  Irvine /
Orange County
 @OccupyOCIrvine facebook Occupy-Irvine
October 15 10am Irvine Civic Center 
  Joshua Tree  @OccupyJT      
  Kern County
@OccupyKern facebook OccupyKernCounty    
  Laguna Beach       meetup page
  Laguna Niguel   facebook Occupy Laguna Niguel   (working with @OccupyOC/facebook)
  Lake County   
 http://occupylakecounty.org/occupylakecounty.html meetup page 
  Lompoc @OccupyLompoc fb Occupy Lompoc Local Nexus email: occupylompoc@gmail.com

November 5 March
meetup page
  Long Beach @OccupyLongBeach
also: @OccupyLB
facebook Occupy-Long-Beach http://occupylongbeach.webs.com/
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupylbc
ustream: http://ustream.tv/user/OccupyLBC
email: occupylbmedia@gmail.com
email: occupylb@gmail.com
  Los Angeles

(OTH is here)

also: @OccupyLAUSD
(LA Unified School District)
facebook Occupy Los Angeles

also: facebook Occupy LA
tumblr: http://occupyla.tumblr.com

also: http://delicious.com/occupyLA
also LAUSD: http://www.occupylausd.org/

live stream: http://www.livestream.com/owslosangeles
email: OccupyLA@gmail.com
email: OccupyLAUSD@gmail.com
11/30 pics http://t.co/nsphxp8t http://t.co/rlvb9pRQ
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
North lawn of City Hall Mon Tues Wed Oct 3-5 and back on the South Lawn Thurs Oct 6 onward.
Also every Sunday - Occupy LA Bike Event 
Mailing Address -- The UPS Store, ATTN: OccupyLA, 645 W. 9th Street, Unit 110-253, Los Angeles, CA 90015.
  Los Osos @OccupyLO      
  Marin County @OccupyMarin facebook Occupy Marin http://www.occupymarin.org/
email: occupymarin@gmail.com
Every Day 4-6
  Marysville   facebook Occupy Yuba/Sutter/Maryville http://rebuildthedream.homestead.com/
meetup page
  Mendocino   facebook Occupy Mendocino   article
  Menlo Park  @OccupyMenloPark       
  Merced @OccupyMercedCA
facebook Occupy Merced, CA
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/occupymerced
email: occupymerced@yahoo.com / admin@occupymerced.org
meetup page
  Mira Mesa @Occupy_MiraMesa facebook Occupy MiraMesa   October 15 2pm Education Fair
  Mission Bay
@OcpyMissionBay facebook Occupy Mission Bay
  Modesto inactive 12/11 @OccupyModesto facebook Occupy-Modesto  email: occupymodesto@gmail.com meetup page
  Monterey / Salinas   fb Occupy Monterey/Salinas   November 5 event
meetup page
  Mount Shasta       meetup page
  Mountain View       meetup page
  Napa @OccupyNapa facebook OccupyNapa  mail: occupynapa@gmail.com meetup page
  Nevada County       meetup page
  Novato       meetup page
  Oakland @OccupyOakland facebook Occupy Oakland http://www.occupyoakland.org/ 
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupyoakland
Civil Complaint filed November 14
dismantled November 14
dismantled 10/25

October 22 11am Rally Noon March
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
  Ojai   facebook Occupy Ojai http://occupyojai.org/ meetup page
  Orange County @OccupyOC fb OccupyOrangeCountyCA
facebook Occupy Orange County
live stream: http://www.occupy-oc.org/livestream/
We will be occupying the Santa Ana Civic Center Saturday October 22nd
  Oxnard @OccupyOxnard   http://occupyoxnard.org/ meetup page
  Palm Desert       meetup page
  Palm Springs       meetup page
  Palo Alto    facebook Occupy Palo Alto   meetup page
  Paradise @ParadiseOccupy    http://www.occupyparadise.org/  meetup page
  Pasadena @PasadenaGA  facebook Occupy Pasadena GA  http://occupypasadena.org
email: pasadenaGA@gmail.com
October 23 General Assembly
(also Occupy the Rose Parade Jan 2 / website)
meetup page
  Pebble Beach @OccupyPebble facebook OccupyPebble   November 3 gates again
October 17 Access Gates at Pebble Beach 4-6pm
  Petaluma @OccupyPetaluma facebook Occupy Petaluma http://www.occupypetaluma.com/  meetup page
  Pico Rivera @OccupyPRivera   avatar
  Quincy       meetup page
  Rancho Mirage       meetup page
  Red Bluff    facebook Occupy Red Bluff   meetup page
  Redlands @OccupyRedlands  facebook Occupy Redlands  http://www.occupyredlands.org/  October 22 12pm March followed by 2nd GA
meetup page
  Redding @OccupyReddingCA facebook Occupy Redding  http://occupyredding.org/
mail: occupyredding@yahoo.com
meetup page
  Redwood City   facebook Occupy SanMateoCnty  http://occupyredwoodcity.org meetup page
  Richmond      http://sites.google.com/a/richmondspokes.org/about/occupy-richmond  
  Rialto @OccupyRialto facebook Occupy-Rialto  http://occupyrialto.org  
   Riverside  @OccupyRiverside  facebook Occupy-Riverside  http://occupyriverside.org
email: general@occupyriverside.org
Nov 30 Tent Clearing 
Police Action November 6
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupySacto   facebook Occupy Sacramento
 facebook Occupy-Sacramento
tumblr: http://occupysacramento.tumblr.com
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupysacto
 Occupying.  We are currently occupying Cesar Chavez Plaza at 910 I St
meetup page
   Salinas    facebook Occupy Salinas   meetup page
   San Bernadino       meetup page
   San Diego  @OccupySD  facebook Occupy-San-Diego  live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupysd?t=153099
dismantled 10/27 (?)
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Site Meeting every evening at 6 pm, East Harbor Drive and First Avenue
meetup page another
   San Diego - University City  @occupyUC      
   San Dimas       meetup page
   San Fernando Valley  @OccupySanFerVal
 facebook Occupy SanFerVal  http://occupysanfernandovalley.webs.com/
email: occupysanfernandovalley@hotmail.com
 facebook Occupy-San-Francisco http://occupysf.com/ 
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupyfdsf
ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/user/OccupySFMedia
Police Action 11/19
meetup page
march on Wednesday, October 5, beginning at 5PM. March from the Federal Reserve Bank. Join us!
Camp Location: San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank 101 Market St, 94105 - just outside of Embarcadero BART
   San Jacinto       meetup page
   San Jose  @OccupySanJose  facebook OccupySJ  http://www.occupysj.org/
email: occupysj@gmail.com
dismanted 10/20 per OT 
meetup page
   San Leandro       meetup page
   San Luis
 @OccupySLO  facebook Occupy-San-Luis-Obispo  http://occupyslo.org
email: info@occupyslo.org
   San Pedro  @OccupySanPedro      
   San Rafael       meetup page
 @OccupySB  facebook OccupySB  http://occupysb.org/  Occupying
meetup page
   Santa Clarita  @OccupySCV  facebook Occupy SantaClarita http://occupyscv.com
 email occupyscv@gmail.com
   Santa Cruz  @OccupySantaCruz  facebook OccupySantaCruz http://occupysantacruz.org 
email occupysantacruz@gmail.com
General Assembly 10/9
   Santa Maria  @OccupySM  facebook Occupy Santa Maria   meetup page
   Santa Rosa  @OccupySR
 facebook occupysr  http://www.occupysantarosa.org/
 45 tents strong as of 10/30 per feed
October 15: Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, CA @ 2pm on 10/15/11
event page: facebook event
meetup page
   Seaside       meetup page
   Sebastopol  @OccSebastopol      
   Silicon Valley  @OccupySV  facebook OccupySiliconValley  http://www.occupysv.org
email: occupysiliconvalley@riseup.net
   Sonora       meetup page
   South Lake Tahoe / Tahoe/ Lake Tahoe     facebook Occupy Tahoe   meetup page
photo album #n17
   Stockton    facebook Occupy-Stockton  http://occupystockton.org meetup page
   Temecula    facebook Occupy Temecula  http://www.occupytemecula.org/ meetup page
   Thousand Oaks       meetup page
   Ukiah  @OccupyUkiah  facebook Occupy-Ukiah-Calif  http://www.occupyukiah.org/
email occupy.together.ukiah@gmail.com
phone 707 293 5153 (Lasara Allen)
   Vacaville  @OccupyVacaville  facebook Occupy Vacaville    November 2 5:30 I-80 overpass
meetup page
   Vallejo       meetup page
   Van Nuys  @OccupyVanNuys     meetup page
   Venice  @OccupyVenice  facebook Occupy Venice  http://occupyvenice.org/
livestream: http://occupyvenice.org/livestream/
 (other http://www.wix.com/occupyvenice/ov)
   Ventura  @OccupyVentura
 facebook Occupy Ventura
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupyventura

October 15: Mission Park 11am GA / event noon / march 1pm 

Gen Assembly mtg: Wed. Oct 12th, 5:30, @ 5740 Ralston St # 304, Ventura CA. #LDLaw office.
meetup page
   Victorville  @OccupyHiDesert  facebook Occupy Victorville    
   Visalia  @OccupyVisalia  facebook Occupy Visalia  http://OccupyVisalia.org
email: OccupyVisalia@gmail.com
meetup page
  Vista  facebook Occupy Vista
   Walnut Creek  inactive:
facebook Occupy-Walnut-Creek
 10/12 4pm Mt Diablo Blvd & Locust St
meetup page
   Watsonville       meetup page
   West Sacramento  @OccupyWestSac      
   Yreka       meetup page
   Yuba City    facebook Occupy Yuba/Sutter/Maryville  http://rebuildthedream.homestead.com/
meetup page
Colorado    facebook Occupy Colorado (does not appear to coordinate statewide efforts)  

 facebook Occupy-Aspen  http://occupyaspen.com article
meetup page
   Aurora       meetup page

 Boulder main: @Occupyb0ulder
also: @OccupyBoulderCO
main:facebook Occupy B0ulder
also: facebook Occupy Boulder
meetup page
   Canon City    facebook Occupy Canon City  http://occupycanoncity.wordpress.com/ meetup page
 @OccupyCoSprings  facebook Occupy-Colorado-Springs  http://occupycs.org
email: OccupyColoradoSprings@gmail.com
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Denver  @OccupyDenver  facebook Occupy Denver  http://occupydenver.org/
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupydenverlive
mail: general@occupydenver.org
November 12 Police Action
October 29 Police Action in response to tents
(unofficial stream became problem - AP or ?)
Occupying (since 9/25 per meetup page)
meetup page
   Durango    facebook Occupy Durango    
 Fort Collins
 facebook OccupyFortCollins  http://occupyfortcollins.org
email: occupyfoco@gmail.com
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Begins 10/10 @ Noon at College and Maple
meetup page
   Glenwood Springs       meetup page


 @OccupyGJ_Co  facebook Occupy Grand Junction.  http://OccupyGJ.com
email: OccupyGJ@gmail.com
meetup page
   Greeley  @OccupyGreeley  facebook Occupy-Greeley  http://www.occupygreeley.org/
email: Occupygreeley@gmail.com
 October 21 6pm Lincoln Park
meetup page
   Longmont       meetup page
   Loveland       meetup page
  Mancos    article

 Pueblo  @OccupyPueblo  facebook OccupyPueblo  http://www.occupypueblo.org/
email: occupypueblo@gmail.com
Events: 10/15, 10/19, 10/21 
It will be in front of the County Courthouse on 10th st Friday 10/7 @ 12:00pm front steps
meetup page
   Southwest Colorado    facebook Occupy SWColorado    
Connecticut  Statewide  @OccupyCT  facebook OccupyConnecticut  e-mail: occupyct@gmail.com  
   Branford       meetup page
   Danbury  @OccupyDanbury  facebook Occupy Danbury   image
meetup page
   Fairfield       meetup page

 Hartford  @OccupyHartford  facebook Occupy-Hartford-CT  http://occupyhartfordct.com/
email: occupy.hartford.ct@gmail.com
 First General Assembly, Wednesday, October 5 @ 8:30am, Bushnell Park (Asylum Ave. Benches)
meetup page
   Madison       meetup page
   Middletown       meetup page
   New Haven  @OccupyNewHaven  facebook Occupy-New-Haven  http://occupynewhaven.org
livestream: http://occupynewhaven.org/live-stream
email: newhavenpatriot@gmail.com
email: onh.general@gmail.com
event page: facebook event.
meetup page
   New London    fb OccupyTogether.NL.County   meetup page
   Stamford       meetup page
   Torrington  @OccuTorrington  facebook Occupy-Torrington
 email: occupytorrington at gmail dot com meetup page
   Waterbury  @OccupyWaterbury      
Delaware   Statewide  @OccupyDelaware  facebook Occupy Delaware  http://www.occupyde.org/  

   facebook Occupy-Delaware    October 15 1pm Bethany Beach


  meetup page
October 29 12-3 Occupy Your Capitol (Dover)
   Newark       meetup page
   Wilmington  @OccupyWilmingtn  facebook Occupy-Wilmington    October 15 Wilmington Rodney Square
meetup page
Florida  Statewide  @OccupyFlorida  facebook Occupy Florida  http://occupyflorida.org
email: occupyfloridanow@gmail.com

 @OccupyCentralFL    http://www.occupyorlando.org/  
   North Florida    facebook Occupy North Florida    
   South Florida    facebook Occupy South Florida    
   Boca Raton  @OccupyBocaRaton     meetup page
   Bonita Springs       meetup page
   Boynton Beach       meetup page
   Brandenton  @OccupyBradenton  facebook Occupy-Bradenton  http://occupybradenton.org
email: occupybradenton@gmail.com
November 12 9-12 Demonstration Day and General Assembly
meetup page
   Cocoa @SpaceCoastOWS  facebook Occupy-Space-Coast  http://occupyspacecoast.org
email: osc99percent@gmail.com
meetup page
   Dade City       meetup page

also: Occupy DB News Journal
 facebook Occupy-Daytona-Beach
also: FB Occupied Daytona News Journal
email: occupydaytonabeach@hotmail.com

meetup page
   Deland       meetup page
   Delray Beach       meetup page
   Destin       meetup page
   Dunedin       meetup page
   Flagler County   facebook Occupy Flagler    
   Fort Lauderdale  @OccupyFTL  fb Occupy FortLauderdale  http://occupyfortlauderdale.org/
ustream: http://ustream.tv/channel/occupyfortlauderdale
email: media@occupyfortlauderdale.org
meetup page
   Fort Myers
 @OccupyFortMyers  facebook Occupy Fort Myers  http://occupyfortmyers.org meetup page
   Fort Walton Beach       meetup page
   Gainesville  @OccupyGvilleFL  facebook Occupy Gainesville  http://occupygainesville.org
livestream: http://occupygainesville.org/livestream
email: occupygainesville@gmail.com
Occupying (per FB) Bo Didley Plaza Daily from 10-12-11
Planning meeting 10/05 5:30 pm Bo DIddley Plaza on Univ. Ave
meetup page
   Hallandale       meetup page
   Hobe Sound       meetup page
   Hollywood       meetup page
   Inverness  @OccupyInverness  facebook Occupy Inverness  email: occupycitrus@gmail.com  November 5 noon 1st GA
   Jacksonville  @OccupyJax  facebook Occupy Jax
facebook Occupy JaxFL
 http://occupy-jax.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Key West  @OccupyKeyWest
 facebook Occupy KeyWest   meetup page
   Labelle       meetup page
   Lake City       meetup page
   Lake Worth  @OccupyLakeWorth  facebook Occupy LakeWorth   meetup page
   Lakeland  @OccupyLakeland  facebook Occupy-Lakeland   meetup page
   Largo       meetup page
   Lehigh Acres
 @OccupyLehighAcr  facebook Occupy Lehigh Acres  http://sites.google.com/site/occupylehighacres
email: occupylehighacres@gmail.com
   Live Oak       meetup page
   Melbourne       meetup page
   Miami  @OccupyMIA
 facebook Occupy Miami
live stream: http://livestream.com/occupymia
ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupymiami
email occupymiaminow@gmail.com
meetup page
   Miami Beach       meetup page
   Naples    facebook Occupy-Naples   meetup page
   New Port Richey  @Occupy_NPR    http://www.occupynpr.org/ meetup page
   North Port
 @OccupyNorthPort  facebook Occupy Northport   meetup page
   Ocala  @OCCUPYOCALA  facebook Occupy-Ocala  http://www.occupyocala.com/
email: occupyocala@gmail.com
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupyOrlando (inactive)

 facebook Occupy OrlandoFL
live stream:

 Occupation begins Oct 15 at the chamber of commerce downtown
also see event page: facebook event

meetup page
  Ormond Beach       meetup page
   Palm Bay       meetup page
   Palm Beach
 shares feed with
 facebook OccupyPalmBeach  http://occupypalmbeachcounty.org
email: occupypalmbeach@gmail.com
meetup page
   Palm Harbor       meetup page
   Panama City  @OccupyPC  fb Occupy-Panama-CityFl  http://occupypanamacity.wordpress.com/ October 15: event page
October 22: event page
meetup page
   Pensacola  @OccupyPcola facebook Occupy Pensacola
stream: http://occupypensacola.org/streaming-video
email: occupypensacola@live.com
meetup page
   Perry   facebook Occupy-Perry-Florida    
   Port Orange       meetup page
   Port St. Lucie
 @OccupyPSL  facebook Occupy-Port-St-Lucie  http://occupypsl.org  
   St. Augustine  @OccupyStAugust  facebook Occupy-St-Augustine  email: occupystaugustine@gmail.com meetup page
   St. Petersburg  @OccupyStPete
 facebook occupystpete
 http://occupystpete.org meetup page
   Sarasota  @OccupySarasota  facebook Occupy Sarasota  http://OccupySarasota.com
email: info@OccupySarasota.com
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Sebastian       meetup page
   Space Coast (Cocoa)  @SpaceCoastOWS    http://www.occupyspacecoast.org/  
   South Florida    facebook Occupy SouthFlorida    
   Spring Hill       meetup page
   Stuart / Martin County    facebook Occupy Stuart  http://occupymartincounty.tumblr.com
email: stuart99percent@gmail.com
meetup page
   Tallahassee  @OccupyTally  facebook Occupy Tally  http://www.occupytallahassee.com meetup page
   Tampa  @OccupyTampa    facebook OccupyTampa  http://www.occupytampa.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Oct 6 - Lykes Gaslight Park - 9am
meetup page
   Venice       meetup page
   West Florida    facebook OccupyWestFlorida    
   West Palm
 @OccupyWestPalmB  facebook Occupy WestPalm Beach   meetup page
   Williston       meetup page
   Winter Park       meetup page
   Zephyrhills  @OccupyZhills  facebook OccupyZephyrhills   meetup page
Georgia  Statewide  @OccupyGeorgia      
   Alpharetta       meetup page

 Athens    facebook Occupy-Athens  http://occupyathensga.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
(OTH is here)
 facebook OccupyAtlanta
 facebook OccupyAtl
 http://occupyatlanta.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Atlanta - West End  @OccupyWest_End facebook Occupy WestEnd    
   Augusta  @OWSAugustaGA  facebook Occupy-Augusta  http://occupyaugusta.org/occupy/ meetup page
   Canton       meetup page
   Columbus  @OccupyColumbus  facebook OccupyColumbusGA  http://occupycolumbusga.com meetup page
   Dalton       meetup page
   Eugene  @OccupyEugeneGA 
   Gwinnett  @OccupyGwinnett     meetup page
   Lilburn       meetup page
   Macon  @OccupyMacon  facebook Occupy-Macon  http://occupymacon.org  meetup page
   Newnan       meetup page
@Occupy_N_GA_now  facebook NorthGANow    
   Savannah  @OccupySavannah  facebook OccupySavannah  http://OccupySavannah.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Statesboro       meetup page
   Valdosta    facebook Occupy Valdosta   meetup page
   Woodstock       meetup page
Guam  Barrigada  @OccupyGuam     meetup page
Hawaii  Statewide  @OccupyHawaii
 facebook Occupy-Hawaii
protests start Nov. 1 - huge crowds expected Nov. 12-14 during APEC
   (for APEC)  @OccupyAPEC2011  facebook Occupy APEC  http://occupyapec.org/  
(Big Island)
 @OccupyBigIsland  facebook Occupy-Hilo   meetup page
   Honolulu  @OccupyHonolulu  facebook OccupyHonolulu    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Kamuela       meetup page
   Kapaa       meetup page
   Kauai  @OccupyKauai  facebook OccupyKauai   http://occupykauai.blogspot.com/  
(Big Island)
 @OccupyBigIsland  fb Occupy-Wall-Street-Kona   meetup page
   Maui  @OccupyMaui
 facebook OccupyMaui  http://occupymaui.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Oahu    facebook Occupy-Oahu    
   Paia       meetup page
   Waikiki  @OccupyWaikiki  facebook Occupy-Waikiki    
   Wailuku       meetup page
Idaho  Statewide  @OccupyID  facebook OccupyIdaho  http://occupyid.org/  
 Boise  @OccupyBOI  facebook OccupyBoise  http://occupyboise.org/  Occupying from Nov 5
meetup page
  Coeur d'Alene  (search #occupycda)  facebook occupycda  http://occupycda.tumblr.com/ meetup page
   Idaho Falls  @OccupyIF  facebook OccupyIF http://occupyif.org email: occupyidahofalls@gmail.com  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Ketchum    facebook Occupy-Ketchum-ID    Occupying per OT as 10/12
meetup page
   Lewistown       meetup page
   Moscow  @OccupyMoscowId  facebook occupymoscowid   meetup page
   Nampa       meetup page
   Pocatello  @OccupyPocatello  facebook occupypocatello   meetup page
   Salmon      http://t.org/Occupy/Salmon  
   Sandpoint    facebook Occupy-Sandpoint
meetup page
   Teton Valley  @OccupyTetonVall  facebook Occupy Teton Valley    
Illinois   Alton  @OccupyAlton  
 "Event Soon" - 11/10 Tweet
   Aurora  @OccupyAurora    http://occupyaurora.org/ meetup page

(Normal is also below)
 @OccupyBloNo  facebook OccupyBloNo  http://occupyblono.org meetup page
   Bolingbrook        meetup page

 Carbondale  @OccupyCdale  facebook Occupy-Carbondale  http://occupycarbondale.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
 @OccupyCU  facebook Champaign-Urbana
meetup page
meetup page

(OTH is here)
direct action: @OCDirectAction
 facebook Occupy Chicago  http://occupychi.org/
livestream: http://www.justin.tv/occupychicago
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
October 29 12-3 - Occupy Your Capital National Event
meetup page
   Elgin    facebook Occupy Elgin   meetup page
   Evanston      http://occupyevanston.com  
   Galesburg    facebook Occupy Galesburg  http://occupygalesburg.org meetup page
   Joliet    facebook Occupy Joliet  http://occupyjoliet.blogspot.com/ meetup page
   Kankakee    facebook OK3    
   Macomb  @OccupyMacombIL  facebook OoccupyMacombIL  http://occupymacombil.blogspot.com  November 5 March
   Naperville  @OccupyNprville  facebook Occupy Naperville
 http://occupynaperville.org meetup page
   Normal  @OccupyBloNo  facebook Occupy BloNo  http://occupyblono.org meetup page
   O'Fallon       meetup page
   Oak Park       meetup page
   Oglesby       meetup page
   Ottawa    facebook Occupy OttawaIL    
   Peoria  @OccupyPeoria  facebook Occupy Peoria  http://occupypeoria.org Occupying since 11/28
info: info@occupypeoria.org
meetup page
   Quad Cities
(Rock Island Moline & East Moline)
 @OccupyQCA    http://www.occupyquadcities.com/ Rock Island meetup page
   Rochelle  @OccupyRochelle      
   Rockford  @OccupyRockford  facebook Occupy-Rockford-IL http://occupyrockford.org
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Springfield  @OccupySPI  facebook Occupy-Springfield-IL  http://www.occupyspringfieldil.org/  
Indiana   Statewide  @HoosiersOccupy  facebook Hoosiers Occupy
facebook Occupy Indiana (all spam?)
   Occupy Northwest Indiana    facebook Occupy NW Indiana  http://occupynorthwestindiana.org/  

 Occupy Small Town Indiana  @OccupyIndiana  facebook Occupy-Smalltown-Indiana    
   Anderson    facebook Occupy-Anderson   meetup page
   Bloomington  @OccupyBtown  fb Occupy-Bloomington-IN  http://occupybloomington.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Columbus    fb Occupy-Columbus-Indiana    
   Elkhart  @OccupyElkhart  facebook Occupy Elkhart    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Evansville  @OccupyEville  facebook occupyevansville  http://occupyevansville.org/ November 13 early am Police Action
 We will come together as one on Saturday October 8th at 1PM on 1 Vectren Square, downtown Evansville for a General Assembly of the people of Indiana
   Fort Wayne  @OccupyFortWayne
 facebook Occupy-Fort-Wayne  http://occupyfortwayne.org/  Saturday October 8, 2011 12:00 PM - Monday October 31, 2011 1:00 PM 299 E. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN map: http://bit.ly/rv2wEU
   Gary    facebook Occupy Gary    
   Huntington  @OccupyIND  fb Occupy-Huntington-Indiana    
   Indianapolis  @IndyOWS
 facebook OccupyIND  http://occupyindy.blogspot.com/
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Oct 8, 12pm Veterans Mem
Links are for two different groups
meetup page
   Kendallville  @OccupyKville  facebook Occupy Kendallville    
   Kokomo  @OccupyKokomo  facebook OccupyKokomo    
   LaFayette    facebook Occupy-Lafayette    
   Marion    facebook Occupy-Marion-Indiana
   Muncie  @OccupyMuncie  facebook Occupy-Muncie  http://www.occupymuncie.org/wordpress/
 Occupying (since October 19 per OM)
meetup page
   Portage  @OccupyPortage  facebook Occupy Portage    
   South Bend
 @OccupySouthBend  facebook Occupy-South-Bend    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
  Terre Haute
 @OccupyTHaute  facebook Occupy Terre Haute
   Valparaiso    facebook Occupy-Valparaiso  http://occupyvalpo.blogspot.com  
 Iowa  Statewide  @OccupyIowa  facebook OccupyIOWA  http://occupyiowa.wordpress.com/
email: occupyiowa@gmail.com

 Ames    facebook Occupy-ISU   meetup page
   Cedar Rapids  @OccupyCR
 facebook Occupy-Cedar-Rapids  http://www.occupycedarrapids.org/  October 28 11:30 Coe College
meetup page
   Cedar Valley    facebook Occupy Cedar Valley
facebook Occupied Cedarvalley
  Decorah  facebook Occupy Decorah  

 Des Moines

 @OccupyDsM  facebook OccupyDSM  www.occupydsm.org  Occupying - Since Oct 9th 2011 currently at Stewart Square in Des Moines, IA
meetup page
   Dubuque    facebook Occupy-Dubuque-IOWA  http://occupydubuque.wordpress.com
email: occupydubuque@yahoo.com
meetup page
  Fairfield  facebook Occupy Fairfield  
   Grinnell    facebook Occupy Grinell    
   Iowa City
 @OccupyIowaCity  facebook Occupy IowaCity  http://occupyic.org
live stream:  http://www.ustream.tv/user/OccupyIowaCity
email: occupyiowacity@gmail.com
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Mason City
 facebook Occupy IOWA  http://occupymasoncity.com/cms/
email: general@occupymasoncity.com
Weekly Rally Saturdays at noon
November 5 noon Central Park
meetup page
   Quad Cities
(Davenport & Bettendorf) 
 @OccupyQCA  facebook Occupy Quad Cities
email: occupyqca@gmail.com
email: occupyqca@gmail.com
Davenport meetup page
   Sioux City    facebook Occupy Sioux City  http://occupysiouxcity.org
email: occupysiouxcity@gmail.com
meetup page
 Kansas  Statewide  @OccupyKS facebook Occupy Kansas 
facebook Occupy KS
   October 29 3pm Occupy Koch Industries
   Chapman   @OccupyChapman     http://occupychapman.wordpress.com/   more info: occupychampans@gmail.com
   El Dorado  @/OccupyEldo  facebook Occupy El Dorado    
   Fairfield       meetup page
   Gardner       meetup page

 Lawrence  @OccupyLawrence  facebook Occupy-Lawrence  http://occupylawrence.org Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=168288216589414
meetup page
   Manhattan    facebook Occupy MHK   article 
meetup page
   Overland Park      @OccupyOP      
   Pittsburg       meetup page
   Salina       meetup page
   Topeka  @OccupyTopekaKS  facebook Occupy-Topeka
 http://occupytopekaks.org/ meetup page
   Wichita  @OccupyWichita  facebook Occupy Wichita  http://occupy-wichita.com  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
every day at Douglas and Broadway. GA daily about 4 / protest 24-7
meetup page other meetup page
Kentucky   Statewide    facebook Occupy Kentucky  http://occupykentucky.blogspot.com  
   Northern KY  @OccupyNKY      

 Ashland    facebook Occupy-Ashland-KY  http://occupyashland.com  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Berea    facebook OWS Berea    
   Bowling Green    facebook OWS-Bowling-GreenKY   meetup page 
   Frankfort       meetup page 
   Hopkinsville    facebook Occupy Hopkinsville    
   Lexington  @OccupyLexKy  facebook OccupyLexingtonKY
 http://www.occupylexky.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
201 East Main Street Lexington, KY 40507 (859) 231-2122
   Louisville  @OccupyLou  facebook OccupyLouisville  http://www.occupylouisville.org/
livestream: http://occupylouisville.org/livestream
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Ongoing at 4th and Jefferson St.
meetup page
   Madisonville  @Occupy42431  facebook Occupy-Madisonville    
   Owensboro    facebook Occupy-Owensboro    
Louisiana   Statewide    facebook Occupy Louisiana    

 Baton Rouge
 @Occupy_BR  facebook Occupy-Baton-Rouge  http://occupybr.com
livestream: http://occupybr.com/livestream
 Occupy Baton Rouge, October 22nd@State Capital Park, 12pm.
   Lafayette    facebook Occupy Lafayette    
   Lake Charles  @OccupyLC  facebook Occupylakecharles/  http://www.occupylakecharles.com/  
   New Orleans  @OccupyNOLA
also: @occupynola504
 facebook Occupy NOLA http://occupynola.net/ 
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupynola
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Shreveport  @OccupyShrvprt
 facebook Occupy-Shreveport   event info:  http://www.meetup.com/occupytogether/Shreveport-LA/
Maine  Statewide  @OccupyMaine  facebook Occupy Maine website:  http://occupymaine.com/
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupymaine

 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Augusta  @OccupyAugustaME  facebook OccupyAugust  http://occupyaugustame.org/ meetup page
   Bangor  @OccupyBangor  facebook occupybangor  http://occupybangor.org/  Meeting 10/17
meetup page
   Bar Harbor       meetup page
   Ellsworth    facebook Occupy Ellsworth   meetup page
   Portland       meetup page
   Rockland       meetup page
   South Portland    facebook Occupy South Portland    
Maryland   Annapolis  @OccupyAnnapolis  facebook Occupy Annapolis   meetup page
October 29 12-3 Occupy Your Capitol


(OTH is here)
 @OccupyBaltimore  facebook Occupy-Baltimore http://www.occupybmore.org/
Occupying since 10/4
meetup page
Saturday, October 8 @ TBA – Ongoing, McKeldin Fountain (near the Inner Harbor)
   Bel Air
   College Park
(see UMD)
      meetup page
   Frederick  @OccupyFrederick  facebook Occupy Frederick  http://occupyfrederick.wordpress.com/ poster
meetup page
   Gaithersburg       meetup page
   Hagerstown  @OccupyHagerstwn  facebook Occupy Hagerstown    
   Montgomery County (some listed cities are in MoCo)  @OccupyMoCo   http://occupymoco.tumblr.com/  
   Rockville       meetup page
   Silver Spring       meetup page
   Southern Maryland  @OccupySoMd      
Massachusetts  Statewide@Occupy_Liberty
(provides updates on events)
 facebook Occupy Massachusets  (see related site:
   Western Mass
   Allston  @OccupyAllston  facebook Occupy Allston    

 facebook Occupy Amherst http://occupyamherst.com/  meetup page

 Berkshire County  @OccupyBerks  facebook Occupy Berkshires   see Great Barrington below
November 6 Town Hall 1-3
Weekly GA Sundays 3:15 Friends Meetinghouse 
Kickoff rally for Occupy Berkshires is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1:00pm-3:00pm near Great Barrington Town Hall.

(OTH is here)


 facebook OccupyBoston live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupyboston

Occupy Boston FreeSchool University is the mechanism for workshops/teach-ins/etc. at Occupy Boston
Arresting the sink 12/1
Occupying Dewey Square Park (across from South Station and the Federal Reserve)
meetup page
October 29 12-3 Occupy Your Capitol
   The Burbs  @OccupyTheBurbs      
   Cambridge  @OccupyCambridge      
  Cape Cod  @OccupyCapeCod  facebook OccupyCapeCod  http://www.occupycapecod.com/  
   Eastham       meetup page
   Fall River  @OccupyFallRiver  facebook Occupy Fall River  http://www.occupyfallriver.org/ meetup page
   Falmouth    facebook Occupy Falmouth  http://www.occupyfalmouth.com/ meetup page
   Great Barrington  
 http://occupyberkshires.com/2011/11/18/join-us-satsun-at-the-occupy-berkshires-24-hour-encampment-in-great-barrington/ A 24-hour Occupation 11/19-11/20
 meetup page
   Greenfield       meetup page
   Harwich       meetup page
   Haverhill  @OccupyHaverhill     meetup page
   Holyoke  @OccupyHolyoke  facebook Occupy Holyoke    
   Lowell        facebook Occupy Lowell  http://occupylowell.org/  
   Mansfield       meetup page
   Natick    facebook Occupy NatickMA   article 
November 6 Organizing Event
   Northhampton    facebook Occupy Northhampton  http://occupynorthampton.com/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Plymouth    facebook Occupy Plymouth   meetup page
   Provincetown       meetup page
  Quincy @OccupyQuincy  http://occupyquincy.org 
   Salem  @OccupySalemMA  facebook Occupy-Salem-MA  http://occupysalemma.com/ meetup page
   Springfield    facebook Occupy SpringfieldMA   meetup page
   Weymouth    facebook Occupy Weymouth    
   Worcester  @OccupyWorcester  facebook Occupy Worcester  http://occupyworcester.com/ Police Action November 5
The general assembly will be Sunday, 10/9 at 1:30pm @ the Commons

meetup page
Michigan  Statewide
 @OccupyMichigan  facebook Occupy Michigan http://www.occupymi.org/  
   Alpena  @OccupyAlpena  facebook Occupy Alpena    
   Ann Arbor  @OccupyA2  facebook Occupy AnnArbor  http://occupya2.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Battle Creek    facebook Occupy Battle Creek    
   Bay City    facebook Occupy Bay City
area: facebook Occupy the Tri
  meetup page
   Brighton       meetup page
   Cadillac  @OccupyCadillac  facebook Occupy Cadillac    
   Canton       meetup page

(OTH is here)
 facebook Occupy Detroit   http://www.occupydetroit.us/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Flint  @OccupyFlint

 facebook Occupy Flint  http://www.occupyflint.org/

livestream: http://www.ustream.tv/user/FlintLive
Please join us on October 14th downtown in front of the Bank of America on the corner of Saginaw and First street. We will be collecting food for the homeless and protesting in support and solidarity with our brothers and sisters on Occupy Wall Street.
 facebook Occupy GrandRapids  http://occupygrandrapids.wikispaces.com  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Holland       meetup page
   Houghton Lake       meetup page
   Howell       meetup page
   Jackson       meetup page

(OTH is here)
   facebook Occupy-Kalamazoo   meetup page
   Lansing  @OccupyLansing
 facebook OccupyLansing  http://occupylansing.us/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
 Capital Steps, Time: Saturday, October 15 @ 10:00am
meetup page
   Livonia       meetup page
   Marquette       meetup page
   Midland    area: facebook Occupy the Tri   meetup page
   Mount Clemons       meetup page
   Mount Pleasant  @OccupyMtP  facebook Occupy Mount Pleasant   meetup page
   Muskegon  @OccupyMuskegon  facebook Occupy-Muskegon   meetup page
   Niles  @OccupyNiles  facebook Occupy-Niles-MI   October 29 4-6pm
October 12 6-8pm
   Royal Oak       meetup page
   Saginaw    facebook OccupySaginaw
area: facebook Occupy the Tri
   October 19 10-6 Bank of America
   St. Joseph    facebook Occupy-St-Joe-MI    October 20 6pm
meetup page
   Saline    facebook Occupy-Saline-Michigan    
   Southeast Michigan    fb Occupy-Southeast-Michigan    
   Traverse City    facebook Occupy TraverseCity  http://www.occupytraversecity.org meetup page
   University Center       meetup page
   The UP
 facebook Occupy-the-UP  http://occupytheup.org/
Minnesota  Statewide  @OccupyMN  facebook OccupyMN http://www.occupymn.org/
live stream:
Police Action November 20
   Alexandria    facebook Occupy Alexandria MN  http://occupyalexandriamn.com  
   Austin    facebook Occupy Spamtown  http://spamtown.occupymn.org meetup page
   Bemidji    facebook Occupy Bemidji
(1st City on the Mississippi)
  meetup page
   Duluth  @OccupyDuluth  facebook Occupy Duluth  http://occupyduluth.org meetup page
   Mankato  @OccupyMankato  facebook Occupy-Mankato    Saturday October 15 8am at Jackson Park, across from Post Office on 2nd Street
meetup page
   Marshall    facebook Occupy Marshall   meetup page
   Minneapolis  @OccupyMpls  facebook Occupy-Minneapolis  http://www.occupymn.org  Friday October 7th Occupation begins at The Govt Plaza in Downtown Minneapolis
meetup page
   Northfield    facebook Occupy Northfield  http://occupynorthfield.tk/
email: mailto:occupynorthfieldcalendar@gmail.com
   Rochester  @OccupyRochMN  facebook Occupy-Rochester-MN  http://occupyrochestermn.org meetup page
   "The Skyway" (Minneapolis/St.Paul)  @OccupyTheSkyway      
   St. Paul  @OccupySaintPaul  facebook Occupy St. Paul  http://www.occupysaintpaul.org/  meetup page
   Stillwater       meetup page
   Twin Ports
 @OccupyTwinPorts  facebook Occupy Twin Ports
also facebook Occupy Twin Ports Grp
Mississippi   Statewide  @OccupyMS  facebook OccupyMississippi  http://occupymississippi.wordpress.com  
   Biloxi  @OccupyBiloxi  faceboook Occupy Biloxi
  meetup page
   Hattiesburg    facebook Occupy Hattiesburg   meetup page

 Jackson  @OccupyJackson
 (organizer is   
also: @OccupyJacksonMS
facebook Occupy JacksonMS 
facebook OccupyMississippi
  meetup page
   Oxford  @Occupy_Oxford  facebook Occupy Oxford   meetup page
   Tupelo      http://occupytupelo.org meetup page
Missouri  Branson       meetup page

 Columbia  @OccupyCOMO  facebook OccupyCOMO  http://occupycomo.org  Beginning September 26, gather during the day or at dusk at City Hall, 701 East Broadway OccupyCOMO@hotmail.com
meetup page
   Jefferson City    facebook Occupy Jefferson City   meetup page
   Joplin  @OccupyJoplinMo  facebook OccupyJoMo  http://occupyjoplin.org/ meetup page
   Kansas City  @OccupyKC 
 facebook occupykc  live stream: http://www.justin.tv/occupykc
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Sunday, October 9 at 4 pm, Memorial Drive outside the Federal Reserve of Kansas City
meetup page
   Macon    facebook Occupy Macon MO    
   Rolla  @OccupyRolla  facebook Occupy Rolla    November 5 1pm Gathering Rolla Bandshell
meetup page
   Springfield  @OccupySpfdMO
 fb Occupy SpringfieldMO http://www.occupy417.com/
email: OccupySpringfieldMO@gmail.com
inactive blogspot: http://occupy-springfield.blogspot.com/
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page other meetup page
   St. Joseph
 @OccupyStJoseph  facebook Occupy St. Joseph
   St. Louis

(OTH is here)
 @STLOccupy  facebook OccupyStLouis http://www.occupystl.org/  Police Action - video
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   West Plains    facebook Occupy West Plains   meetup page
   Winston       meetup page
Montana   Statewide  @OccupyMontana  facebook Occupy-Montana   article

 Billings  @OccupyBillings  facebook OccupyBillings  http://occupybillingsmt.org meetup page

 Bozeman  @OccupyBozeman  facebook Occupy Bozeman
email: occupy-bozeman@googlegroups.com
meetup page
   Butte    facebook Occupy-Butte    

   Great Falls    facebook Occupy Great Falls   meetup page
   Helena  @OccupyHelena  facebook Occupy-Helena  http://occupyhelena.worldpress.com/  October 15
event page: facebook.link
meetup page
   Kalispell    facebook OccupytheFlathead   meetup page
meetup page ows
   Missoula  @OccupyMissoula  facebook Occupy-Missoula  
 GA 10/10 5:30
meetup page
Nebraska   Statewide    facebook Occupy-Nebraska    
   Kearney    facebook Occupy Kearney    

 Lincoln  @OccupyLincoln  facebook OccupyLincoln http://www.occupylincoln.net/ October 15 Noon Capital
   Norfolk  @OccupyNorfolkNe      
  North Platte @OccupyNPlatte facebook Occupy North Platte  avatar

 Omaha  @OccupyOmaha  facebook Occupy-Omaha http://occupyomaha.info/  
Nevada   Carson City  @OccupyCarsonCty  facebook Occupy-Carson-City  http://occupycarsoncity.org meetup page
   Fallon       meetup page
   Las Vegas  @OccupyLasVegas
 facebook Occupy Lasvegas
facebook Occupy Las Vegas Org
meetup page
meetup page
   Nevada County       meetup page
   Reno  @OccupyReno  facebook Occupy Reno http://occupyreno.wordpress.com/ meetup page
   Tahoe / Lake Tahoe    facebook Occupy-Tahoe    City is CA, but area is CA and NV... pics from CA #n17 are here
New Hampshire  Statewide  @OccupyNH  facebook Occupy-New-Hampshire    
   Center Barnstead       meetup page
   Concord  @Occupy_Concord  facebook Occupy.Concord  http://freeconcord.org meetup page
   Dover  @OccupyDoverNh     meetup page
   Hanover (Dartmouth/Colleges)       meetup page
   Keene  @OccupyKeene  facebook Occupy Keene
facebook Occupy Keene grp
  meetup page
   Littleton  @OccupyLittleton   E-Mail: Occupylittleton@gmail.com  meetup page
 facebook OccupyManchester   meetup page
   Nashua       meetup page
   Plymouth       meetup page
  Upper Valley
 @OccupyUV  http://occupyuppervalley.org/ 
New Jersey   Statewide
(OTH is here)

 facebook OccupyNewJersey    
   Asbury Park    facebook Occupy Asbury Park    

 Atlantic City  @OccupyAtlCity  facebook OccupyAtlanticCity    
   Bayonne  @OccupyBayonne  facebook Occupy Bayonne    
   Belvidere     facebook Occupy Belvidere
   Camden  @OccupyCamden  facebook OccupyNewJersey    
   Hackettstown  @HackettstownOWS    http://hackettstownlife.com/forum/339419 meetup page 
   Jersey City    facebook Occupy Journal Square   meetup page
   Kearney    facebook Occupy-Kearney    
   Manahawkin  @OccupyManahawkn  facebook Occupy Manahawkin     
   Montclair    facebook Occupy Montclair   meetup page
   Morristown       meetup page
   Newark  @OccupyNewark  facebook Occupy Newark
occupynewark - November_18th_Needs
meetup page
   Newton  @OccupyNewtonNJ  facebook OccupyNewtonNJ
 facebook speak out
 http://occupynewtonnj.tumblr.com meetup page
     http://www.occupyprinceton.net/ meetup page
   Red Bank
 @OccupyRedBankNJ  facebook Occupy Red Bank
 http://occupyredbank.wordpress.com meetup page
   Ridgewood       meetup page
   Rutherford       meetup page
   South Plainfield       meetup page
   Teaneck       meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupyNJ  facebook Occupy New Jersey  livestream: http://www.livestream.com/occupynj_statehouse?t=121756
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
October 6th. state house annex. 125 west state st. trenton nj.  ** also at the Goldman sachs building. 30 Hudson st jersey city. we will be occupying 2 locations**
meetup page
New Mexico   Statewide    facebook OccupyNewMexico   meetup page
   Alamogordo       meetup page

 Albuquerque  @OccupyBurque  fb Occupy-Albuquerque-Official-Burque
facebook Occupy Albuquerque
 http://occupyalbuquerque.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Artesia       meetup page
   Carlsbad    fb Occupy-Carlsbad-Official/   meetup page
   Espanola    facebook Occupy Espanola   meetup page
   Las Cruces    fb Occupy-Las-Cruces-Official   meetup page
   Los Alamos       meetup page
   Roswell    fb Occupy-Roswell-Official    
   Santa Fe  @OccupySantaFe  facebook OccupySantaFe
facebook Occupy Santa Fe Grp
 http://occupysantafenm.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
October 29 11-2 Solidarity w/ RobinHood
October 28 6pm Whole Foods GA
or now we will meet every saturday. this coming week 10-1 #BofA paseo de peralta and st francis
meetup page
   Taos  @OccupyTaos
 fb Occupy-Taos-Official   meetup page
New York   Statewide  @OccupyNYstate    http://occupynewyorkstate.org/  website live soon as of 10/28

 Albany  @OccupyAlbanyNY
 facebook Occupy-Albany-NY  occupyalbany.org meetup page
  Beacon       meetup page
  Binghamton @OccupyBGM facebook Occupy-Binghamton  http://occupybinghamton.wordpress.com/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
  Brentwood       meetup page
  The Bronx @OccupyTheBronx facebook OccupytheBronx    October 15 11-2 Fordham Plaza
event page: facebook event
meetup page
   http://www.occupybrooklyn.org/ meetup page
  Brooklyn - Bushwick
@OccupyBushwick     article
   Brooklyn - Park Slope
   Brooklyn - Sunset Park   @OccupySunsetPk  facebook Occupy Sunset Park    GAs Every Saturday 10am Trinity Lutheran
  Buffalo  @OccupyBuffalo  facebook OccupyBuffalo http://www.occupybuffalo.org/
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
 Occupation starting 10/15 at Niagara square
General Assembly 10/8 Niagara Square
meetup page
   Carmel       meetup page
   Cortland    facebook Occupy Cortland    
   Delhi       meetup page
   Fredonia  @OccupyFredonia  facebook Occupy Fredonia  http://occupyfredonia.org meetup page
   Geneseo  @OccupyGeneseo  facebook Occupy Geneseo  http://www.occupygeneseo.org/ meetup page
   Glens Falls  @OccupyGFalls  facebook Glens Falls   meetup page
   Gloversville  @/OccupyGville  facebook    meetup page
   Hamilton       meetup page
   The Hamptons  @OccupyHamptons  facebook Occupy The Hamptons  http://www.occupythehamptons.org/  
   Harlem  @OccupyHarlemNow      image
   Hauppauge       meetup page
   Hudson /
 Hudson Valley
   facebook Occupy Hudson 
 facebook Occupy Hudson Valley
   Huntington       meetup page
   Islip       meetup page
   Ithaca  @OccupyIthaca  facebook Occupy-Ithaca  http://www.occupyithaca.com  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Jamestown  @OccupyJamestown  facebook Occupy Jamestown    
   Kingston    facebook Occupy Kingston   meetup page
   Long Island   @Occupy_LI 
 @LIOccupy (inactive)
 facebook Long Island  http://www.occupylongisland.wordpress.com/
   Mastic Beach       meetup page
   New Paltz    facebook Occupy-Wall-Street-Hudson-Valley   meetup page
   New York

(OTH is here)

November 15th started:
 facebook OccupyWallSt  http://www.occupywallstreet.org/
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution
tweet history: http://occupythetweets.wordpress.com/
Day of Action November 17
(video of projections) (YouTube collection)
Evicted November 15 article
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Wall Street, NYC
meetup page
   New York - Battery Park  @occupybattery    http://batterychange.org/  October 30
   New York - Central Park  @OccupydaPark    http://www.occupycentralpark.org/  November 11 (11.11.11)
   New York - Chelsea  @OWSchelseanyc      
   New York - Washington Heights  @OccupyWHeights      
   New York - Washington Square Park  @OccupyWSP      
   Oneonta    facebook Occupy Oneonta   meetup page
   Oswego  @occupyoswego  facebook Occupy Oswego  http://occupyoswego.wordpress.com/ meetup page
   Otsego    facebook Occupy Otsego  http://occupyotsego.org  
   Patchogue    facebook Occupy Patchogue   meetup page
   Plattsburgh  @OccupyPburghNY  facebook Occupy-Plattsburgh  http://plattsburghga.org  October 15 11-3 Trinity Park 
meetup page
   Port Jefferson        meetup page
  Poughkeepsie  @OccupyPK 
 facebook Occupy-Poughkeepsie
 facebook Poughkeepsieinvite
 http://occupypoughkeepsie.org  Occupying since October 15 per OP
meetup page
   Queens  @OccupyQueens   http://www.occupyqueens.net/   
   Rainbow Lake  @OccupyRL    http://occupyrainbowlake.weebly.com/ meetup page
   Riverhead       meetup page
   Rochester  @OccupyRochester  facebook Occupy Rochester  http://occupyrochester.squarespace.com 
 www.occupyrochester.org (old)
October 28 Police Action/eviction Ifirst day)
Occupying from October 27 per website
October 28 5pm Zombie Walk / then GA
meetup page
   Rockland County  @OccupyRockland  facebook Occupy Rockland    
   Sag Harbor       meetup page
   Saranac Lake    fb Occupy-Saranac-Lake-NY    
   Saratoga Springs    fb Occupy-Saratoga-Springs-NY   meetup page
   Schnenectady  @OccupySchen (locked)    http://groups.google.com/group/OccupySchenectady meetup page
   Staten Island  @OccupySI    http://occupystatenisland.googlegroups.com/  
   Stony Brook  @OccupySBU    http://occupystonybrook.org/ meetup page
   Syracuse  @Occupy_Syracuse  facebook Occupy Syracuse  http://occupysyracuse.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Oct. 2nd - Jan. 1st, Perseverance Park, On N. Salina, between E.Washington and Fayette), Syracuse, NY
meetup page
   Utica  @occupyUtica  facebook Occupy Utica  http://occupyutica.org/home.html  24 Hour Occupation, Thursday, October 13 @ 5:00pm, The Busy Corner Park (Lafaette St and Genessee St)  occupyutica@gmail.com
meetup page
   Watertown       meetup page
   Woodstock        meetup page
   Yonkers    facebook Occupy Yonkers    
North Carolina   Statewide    fb Occupy North Carolina  email: occupync@gmail.com  

 Asheville  @AshevilleOccupy
 facebook Occupy Asheville
event: facebook Asheville event
meetup page
   Boone  @OccupyBoone  facebook Occupy-Boone  http://occupyboone.wordpress.com meetup page
 @OccupyCHC  facebook Occupy-Chapel-Hill Carrboro  http://occupychapelhill.org meetup page

 Charlotte  @OccupyCLT  facebook OccupyCharlotteHQ
 facebook Occupy-Charlotte
 occupycharlotte.org Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Next meeting on 10/8/2011 at 3PM
meetup page
   Durham  @OccupyDurham  facebook Occupy Durham  http://www.occupydurham.org meetup page
   Fayetteville    facebook Occupy Fayetteville   meetup page
   Greensboro  @OccupyNCGBORO  facebook OccupyNCGBORO
facebook Occupy Greensboro GA
meetup page
   Greenville  @Occupy_GreenNC  facebook Occupy-Greenville-NC   image
meetup page
   Hendersonville  @OccupyHVL  facebook Occupy Hendersonville   http://www.occupyhendersonville.org/  
   Hillsborough       meetup page
   Mooresville    facebook Occupy Mooresville  email: occupymooresville@gmail.com meetup page
   Morganton       meetup page
   Outer Banks  @OccupyOBX      
   Pinehurst       meetup page
   Raleigh  @OccupyRaleigh
 facebook Occupy Raleigh  http://occupyraleigh.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
We will meet at 12 noon and 6:30 each day at Moore Square every day until Oct. 15th's occupation begins.
meetup page
   Wake Forest       meetup page
   Wilmington    facebook OccupyWilmingtonNC  http://occupywilmingtonnc.org  meetup page
 @OccupyWSNC  facebook OccupyWSNC  http://occupywinstonsalem.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
North Dakota  Statewide  @OccupyND  facebook Occupy-North-Dakota    
   Bismarck  @OccupyBisman  facebook Occupy Bismarck   meetup page
  Dickinson @OccupyDickinsonND http://occupydickinsonnd.yolasite.com/   
 @OccupyFM  facebook Occupy-Fargo-Moorhead  http://OccupyFM.org meetup page
   Grand Forks    facebook Grand Forks/E Grand Forks  http://occupygf.org meetup page
   Minot    facebook Occupy Minot   meetup page
 Ohio  Statewide  @OccupyOhio  facebook Occupy Ohio  http://occupyohio.org/  

 Akron  @OccupyAkron  facebook Occupy-Akron   meetup page
   Alliance       meetup page
   Ashtabula       meetup page
   Athens    facebook Occupy-Athens    
   Bowling Green  @OccupyBG  facebook Occupy Bowling Green    
   Canton  @OccupyCanton  facebook Occupy Canton  http://occupycanton.tumblr.com facebook event page

meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupyCleveland  facebook OccupyCleveland
 facebook Occupy-Cleveland
live stream: http://www.justin.tv/occupycleveland/b/296848303?
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Thursday, October 6 at noon, Willard Park
meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @occupyCincy  facebook Cincy event  http://occupycincy.org Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Saturday, October 8 @ 11:00am, Fountain Square
meetup page
   Columbus  @Occupy_Columbus  facebook Occupy-Columbus  http://www.occupycolumbus.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Dayton  @occupyDayton  facebook Occupy Dayton  http://occupydaytonoh.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Defiance    facebook Occupy Defiance   meetup page
   Eaton  @OccupyEaton  facebook Occupy EatonOhio  occupyeatonohio.webs.com meetup page
   Findlay    facebook Occupy Findlay    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Kent    facebook Occupy KentState  http://occupykent.com meetup page
   Knox County  @OccupyKnoxCoOh      
   Lima  @OccupyLimaOH      October 26 1pm General Assembly
meetup page
   Mansfield  @OccupiMansfield  facebook Occupy Mansfield   meetup page
   Medina    facebook Occupy Medina
email: occupmedina@gmail.com
   Portsmouth  @OccupyPortsOhio  facebook Occupy Portsmouth  www.tumblr.com/occupyportsmouthohio meetup page
   Tiffin  @OccupyTiffin  facebook Occupy Tiffin    
   Toledo  @OccupyToledo  facebook OccupyToledo  www.occupytoledo.org
meetup page
   Yellow Springs       meetup page
   Youngstown  @occupyYoungstow  facebook Occupy Youngstown  http://occupyytown.org meetup page
Oklahoma   Statewide  @Occupy_Oklahoma      
   Ada       meetup page

 Bartlesville    facebook Occupy Bartlesville   meetup page
  Choctaw @OccupyChoctaw   
   Lawton/Ft. Sill  @OccupyLawtonFts      
   Muskogee  @OccupyMuskogee      
   Norman  @OccupyNorman_OU  facebook Occupy Norman  email: occupynorman@yahoo.com
meetup page
 @OccupyNOK facebookOccupyNrthrnOklahoma    
 @occupyOKC  fb OccupyOKCOfficialPage    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Friday, October 7 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm, Will Roger's Park. Tennis Court entrance. Bottom of the hill.
meetup page
   Shawnee  @OccupyShawnee  facebook OKShawnee   meetup page
   Stillwater  @OccupyOsu  facebook Occupy OSU group 
 facebook Occupy-OSU
   meetup page
   Tahlequah    facebook Occupy-Tahlequah    
   Tulsa  @OccupyTulsa
 facebook Occupy-Tulsa
facebook Official Occupy Tulsa
ustream: http://ustream.tv/channel/occupytulsa21
(there's sniping here - so check all the contacts)
October 16 9-12 event page
 Meeting, Saturday, October 8 @ 10:00am–1:00pm, New Block Park.
meetup page
Oregon   Statewide  @OccupyOregonNet   http://occupyoregon.net/  
   Albany    facebook Occupy Albany    

 Ashland  @OccupyAshlandOR  facebook Occupy Ashland
 facebook OccupyAshlandEvent
 http://occupyashlandoregon.org/  October 17 noon-5 Chase Bank
meetup page

 Astoria  @OccupyAstoriaOR
 facebook Occupy Astoria  http://www.occupyastoriaoregon.org/ 1st Planning Meeting: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 5PM - 6:30PM ASTORIA LABOR HALL 926 DUANE STREET, 3RD FLOOR 
   Beaverton  @OccupyBeaverton  facebook Occupy Beaverton http://www.occupybeaverton.org/Occupy_Beaverton/
email: occupybeaverton@gmail.com
   Bend  @OccupyBendOR
 facebook Occupy Bend http://occupybend.org/  
   Brookings    facebook Occupy Brookings    
   Coos Bay    facebook Occupy Coos Bay   meetup page
   Corvallis  @OccupyCorvallis  facebook Occupy Corvallis  http://owscorvallis.org
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupycorvallis
meetup page
   Cottage Grove    facebook Occupy-Cottage-Grove   meetup page
   Eugene  @OccupyEugene  facebook Occupy Eugene http://www.occupyeugene.com/
livestream: http://occupyeugenemedia.org/livestream/
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page

   Grants Pass    facebook Occupy Grants Pass
 facebook Occupy Grants Pass
 facebook Occupy Grants Pass
  meetup page
   Klamath Falls    facebook Occupy Klamath Falls    
   La Grande    facebook Occupy LaGrande   video  article
meetup page
   Manzanita    facebook Occupy Manzanita    
   McMinnville    facebook Occupy McMinnville   article
meetup page
   Medford  @OccupyMedford  facebook Occupy Medford http://occupymedfordoregon.org/
youtube: http://youtube.com/occupymedford
meetup page
"Occupy the Gorge"
 @OccupytheGorge  facebook Occupy Mosier / Occupy the Gorge
facebook event Occupy Mosier / Occupy the Gorge

email: occupythegorge@ymail.com
Visit their site to read about their strategy...
Occupying Mosier starting 11/4
 @OccupyNewportOR  facebook Occupy Newport-or   article
When: Starting 5:30 pm on Sunday October 9th 2011 Where: The corner of NW Olive St. and Hwy 101 Newport, Oregon (Sidewalks) Why: Enough Is Enough!
   Ontario    facebook Occupy Ontario    
  Oregon City@OccupyOregonCit facebook Occupy Oregon City http://www.occupyoregoncity.org/ 
   Pendleton    facebook Occupy Pendleton    
   Port Orford       meetup page
   Portland  @OccupyPortland 
media coalition:
 facebook Occupy Portland comm
 facebook Occupy Portland grp
facebook Occupy Portland Media Coalition
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/oppdx
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupyptown
November 13 Police Action horses
October 29 Police Action

Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Rogue Valley
 @OccupyRV    http://occupyroguevalley.posterous.com/  
   Roseburg    facebook Occupy-Roseburg  http://occupyroseburg.wikispaces.com/ meetup page
   Salem  @OccupySalem  facebook Occupy-Salem-Oregon  http://occupysalemoregon.com/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Seaside  @OccupySeaside  facebook Occupy Seaside   article 
Occupied 10/7 to 10/11 (?)
   Silverton  @OccupySilverton  facebook Occupy Silverton    November 5 - Rally at Noon
   Springfield    facebook Occupy Springfield    
   Winston    facebook Occupy Winston    
Pennsylvania   regional:
Lehigh Valley

 Allentown  @OccupyAllentown  facebook OccupyAllentownPA
 http://occupyallentownpa.org/  Occupying (since 10/3/11)
meetup page
   Altoona  @OccupyAltoona      
   Ambridge    facebook Occupy Ambridge    (not much activity but willing folks)
Lehigh Valley
 @OccupyBethlehem  facebook Occupy Bethlehem / Lehigh Valley  http://occupybethlehempa.org/ meetup page
  Bradford   email: occupybradpenn@gmail.com 
   Carlisle  @OccupyCarlisle  facebook Occupy Carlisle    
  Chambersburg       meetup page
October 23
   Doylestown       meetup page
   Easton  @OccupyEaston  facebook Occupy Easton  http://occupyeastonpa.org/ meetup page
   Erie  @OccupyErie  facebook Occupy Erie
   Gettysburg  @OccupyGburg  facebook Gettysburg GlobalChange    
   Harrisburg  @OccupyHBG

 facebook Occupy Harrisburg  http://occupyharrisburg.org/
ustream: http://ustream.tv/channel/occupyharrisburg
   Hershey  @OccupyHershey      
   Indiana County    facebook occupyiup    
   Kutztown  @OccupyKutztown
  Wednesday, October 12 · 11:00am - 7:00pm   http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=276049932415522
   Lancaster  @OccupyLancaster  facebook Occupy LancasterPA  http://occupylancaster.org  October 22 9-9 Community Day Arts Park
meetup page
  Lansdale   montgomerynews:  Occupy Landsdale
   Lycoming County  @OccupyLYCO  facebook Occupy Lycoming County    
   Norristown    facebook Occupy Norristown    

(OTH is here)

 facebook Occupy Philadelphia
 fb OccupyPhiladelphiaNOW
  11/30 eviction pics more (w/ads sorry) 
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Philadelphia - Historical Area  @Occupy1776  facebook Occupy 1776  livestream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupy1776  
   Philadelphia Suburbs  @OCCPhillyBurbs  facebook Occupy Philly Burbs    

(OTH is here)
 facebook OccupyPGH  http://occupypittsburgh.org/
 Saturday, October 15th (TBA)
   Reading  @OccupyReadingPa  facebook Occupy Reading Discussion
 facebook OccupyReadingPA
meetup page
   Scranton  @OccupyScranton  facebook Occupy Scranton
email: OccupyScrantonPA@gmail.com
   State College    facebook Occupy StateCollege   meetup page
   Stroudsburg    facebook Occupy Stroudsburg    October 26 7pm Roundtable Cheeky Monkey
   West Chester       meetup page
   Williamsport  @OccupyWMPT  facebook Occupy Williamsport    
   York  @OccupyYork  facebook Occupy YorkPennsyl
 facebook Occupy-York-PA
email: media@occupyyork.org
meetup page
Puerto Rico    @Occupy__PR  facebook Occupy PuertoRico    
Rhode Island  Providence  @OccupyProv
 facebook.Occupy Providence  http://www.occupyprovidence.com/ We are currently occupying Burnside Park at Kennedy Plaza.
South Carolina   Statewide  @OccupySCarolina  fb Occupy South Carolina    

 Aiken    facebook Occupy Aiken   meetup page
   Anderson    facebook Occupy Anderson   meetup page

 Charleston  @OccupyChucktown  facebook Occupy Charleston  http://occupycharleston.org/events/ meetup page
   Clemson       meetup page
   Columbia  @OccupyColumbia  facebook Occupy Columbia
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupycolumbiasc
meetup page
   Florence       meetup page
   Greenville  @OccupyGreenvill  facebook.Occupy-Greenville-SC  http://occupygreenville.org meetup page
   Greer       meetup page
   Myrtle Beach  @OccupyMBSC  facebook Occupy Myrtle Beach  http://occupymb.org/
meetup page
   Spartanburg    facebook Occupy Spartanburg  http://occupyspartanburg.wordpress.com meetup page
South Dakota  Statewide
 facebook Occupy SouthDakota  (last post 10/7 http://occupy605.com/)  
   Custer  @OccupyCusterSD      
   Pierre       meetup page

 Rapid City  @OccupyRapidCity  facebook Occupy RapidCity  http://occupyrapidcity.wordpress.com meetup page
   Sioux Falls  @OccupySiouxFall  facebook Occupy SiouxFalls  http://www.occupysufu.org/ meetup page
   Spearfish       meetup page
   Vermillion       meetup page
Tennessee   Statewide    facebook OccupyTennessee    
   Bristol  @OccupyBristol      

 Chattanooga  @OccupyCHA  facebook Occupy Chattanooga
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
October 29 1pm Rally Miller Park

 Clarksville  @OccupyClarksvil  facebook Occupy Clarksville  http://occupyclarksville.org  
   Cleveland  @OccupyCLVTN facebook Occupy Cleveland, TN
   Franklin &
 @OccupyFranklin    http://occupytricities.blogspot.com/  Meeting: 10/25 7pm
   Jackson  @occupyjacksontn facebook Occupy Jackson    October 29 830-1130 General Assembly 
West TN Farmers Market
   Johnson City
 @OccupyTNJC facebook Occupy-Johnson-CityTN  http://dng1.net/OJC.html  
   Kingsport  @OccupyKingsport      

 Knoxville  @OccupyKnoxville facebook Occupy Knoxville  http://occupyknoxville.info  Occupying per OT as 10/12
  Memphis  @OccupyMemphis facebook Occupy Memphis  http://occupymemphis.org
livestream: http://livestream.com/occupymemphis
 Occupying per OT as 10/12
  Murfreesboro  @OccupyMBoro facebook Occupy Murfreesboro  email: occ_mboro@yahoo.com
(not working as of 11/7/11)
  Nashville  @OccupyNashville facebook Occupy Nashville  http://occupynashville.org/
stream: http://occupynashville.org/streaming-video
dismantled 10/28 3am
(those arrested charged with "trespassing")
Occupying Legislative Plaza
meetup page
October 29 12-3 Occupy Your Capitol National Event
 Texas Statewide  facebook Occupy Texas Ops  
  North Texas @OccupyNorthTX facebook Occupy North Texas http://occupynorthtexas.org 

 Abilene   facebook Occupy Abilene    

 Addison  @OccupyAddison facebook Occupy Addison    
   Amarillo  @OccupyAmarillo
facebook Occupy Amarillo  http://occupyamarillo.org  


(OTH is here)
 @OccupyAustin facebook Occupy AustinTX  http://occupyaustin.org/
live stream: http://www.livestream.com/occupyaustin
http://www.occupyradioaustin.org/ (had twitter acct - unused since Nov 2011)
October 29 Police Action
Occupying (since October 6 per wiki)
EMAIL : info@OccupyAustin.org
  Beaumont  facebook Occupy Beaumont  (from state mtg list)
   Brownsville   facebook OccupyTx    
College Station
 @BCSOccupy (was up for a few minutes and then gone) facebook Nov3 event    November 3 4pm March Academic Plaza
   Corpus Christi  @OccupyCC facebook.OccupyCorpusChristi  http://occupycorpuschristi.org  

(OTH is here)

facebook OccupyDallas  http://occupydallas.org/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Dallas Fed  @OccupyDFW      
   Denton  @OccupyDentonTX facebook OccupyDenton  http://occupydenton.wordpress.com/  
   El Paso  @OccupyElPaso facebook OccupyElPaso  http://occupyelpaso.org  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Fort Worth
facebook Occupy-Fort-Worth

   Galveston  @OccupyGtown facebook Occupy-Galveston  http://occupygalveston.wordpress.com  
   Houston   @OccupyHouston facebook Occupy Houston  http://occupygalveston.wordpress.com
esp: http://OccupyHouston.org/es
livestrm: http://www.livestream.com/occupyhoustonanon
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Hutto  @OccupyHutto      
   Laredo  @LaredOCCUPY facebook Occupy Laredo
We will be occupying our local plaza this saturday and sunday, Jarvis Plaza.
   Lubbock  @OccupyLubbock facebook Occupy Lubbock  http://www.occupylubbock.org/  
   Lufkin  @OccupyLufkin facebook Occupy-Lufkin    
   Marfa   facebook Occupy Marfa    
   McAllen  @OccupyMcAllen  facebook Occupy McAllen
  Plano /
Collin County
 @OccupyPlano    http://occupycollincounty.com/
   San Antonio  @OccupySanAnton facebook Occupy SanAntonio  http://www.occupysatx.com/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
  San Marcos
facebook Occupy San Marcos
 http://OccupySanMarcos.org  October 24 6:30 The Square - meeting
   Texarkana  @OccupyTXK facebook Occupy-Texarkana    
   Tyler  @OccupyTylerTX  facebook Occupy Tyler    
   Uvalde County  @OccupyUvalde    http://www.uvalde.occupyvirtually.org/  November 3 6pm 1st GA Memorial Park
USVI     @OccupyUSVI       
Utah   Logan  @OccupyLogan facebook Occupy Logan
facebook Occupy Logan grp
  October 28 5pm Rally 
October 26 5pm Rally
   Moab    facebook Occupy Moab    
  Monument Valley   (listed at OT site) 
  Ogden  facebook Occupy Ogden http://occupyingogden.tk/ 

  Provo  @OccupyProvo
facebook Occupy Provo
facebook Occupy Provo grp

 Salt Lake City  @OccupySaltLake
facebook OccupySLC  http://www.occupyslc.com/  November 12 Police Action
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   St. George          @OccupyStGeorge      General Assembly Meeting 10/10 5pm
Vermont  Vermont  @OccupyVermont facebook Occupy Vermont  http://occupyvermont.wordpress.com/  
   Bennington   facebook Occupy Bennington    
   Brattleboro   facebook Occupy Brattleboro  email: occupybrattleboro@yahoo.com  
   Burlington   facebook Occupy-Vermont-Burlington   Incident / Police Occupying Site 11/10 
cbsnews article 
Occupying per OT as of 10/12
   Montpelier   facebook Occupy Montpelier
   Rutland    facebook Occup Rutland
  Upper Valley
 @OccupyUV  http://occupyuppervalley.org/ 
Virginia  Statewide  @OccupyVA
 facebook Occupy Virginia    
   Blacksburg   facebook Occupy Blacksburg

 Bristol       meetup page
 2-12 Charlottesville  @OccupyCville facebook Occupy Charlottesville
 http://occupycville.org/ meetup page
   Floyd       meetup page
 2-12    Franklin County  @OccupyFCVA  facebook Occupy Franklin County    
  Fredericksburg       meetup page
   Hampton       meetup page

Hampton Roads
(this is a region of VA)
  Harrisonburg  @OccupyHburg facebook Occupy-Harrisonburg  http://occupyhburg.wordpress.com/  First Assembly Meeting 10/17
   Lexington       meetup page
   Martinsville  @OccupyMartinsvi  facebook Occupy Martinsville   meetup page
   Norfolk  @OccupyNorfolk facebook Occupy Norfolk http://occupynorfolk.com/  Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Northern Virginia  @OccupyNorthrnVA
   Portsmouth  @OPORTSMOUTH facebook Occupy P-Town
   Reston  @OccupyRestonVA      meetup page
   Richmond  @OccupyRichmond facebook Occupy Richmond  http://www.occupyrichmondva.org/  Police Action 10/31 1am (bulldozer)/trespassing
meetup page
   Roanoke  @OccupyRoanoke facebook Occupy Roanoke
 http://occupyroanokeva.com/  Occupying Elmwood Park / Oct 15 - TBD
meetup page
   Vienna (may be NoVa ppl)      

meetup page
   Virginia Beach
 @OccupyVirginiaB facebook Occupy Virginia Beach
email: occupyvb@gmail.com
meetup page
   Williamsburg  @OccupyTheburg facebook Occupy Williamsburg
  Occupation: Oct. 22 Confusion Corner/Wren Courtyard
meetup page
   Winchester       meetup page
   Wise County  @WiseCoOccupy     meetup page
 Statewide  @OccupyWAstate      

 Anacortes       meetup page
   Bainbridge Island   facebook Occupy Bainbridge Island
  meetup page

 Bellingham  @OccupyBhamWa facebook Occupy Bellingham
  meetup page
   Bellevue       meetup page
   Bremerton   facebook Occupy Bremerton
  meetup page
   Central Washington  @OccupyCentralWA      
   Cheney       meetup page
   Colville   facebook Occupy Colville
   Coupeville       meetup page
   Cowlitz County (see Longview)

  facebook Occupy Cowlitz County   November 16 7pm Discussion Red Leaf
meetup page
(see Occupy Longview)
   Ellensburg   facebook Occupy Ellensburg
  meetup page
   Everett  @OccupyEverett  facebook Occupy Everett   meetup page
   Friday Harbor      http://occupyfridayharbor.com/ meetup page
   Gig Harbor       meetup page
(see Tri-Cities)
      meetup page
   Longview (see Cowlitz County)   facebook Occupy Longview
facebook solidarity with ILWU (the fight against union busting)
  November 16 7 pm Discussion Red Leaf
meetup page
(see Occupy Cowlitz County)
   Lynnwood       meetup page
   Marysville       meetup page
   Mount Vernon       meetup page

 Olympia  @occupyWA (inactive)
facebook Occupy Olympia  http://occupywa.tumblr.com/ 
(inactive - since 4/11)
 Occupying since 10/14 per feed 

October 29 RobinHood March
October 27 (ck) 11am Capital - Budget Announcement
October 15 Sylvester Prk
October 7th 3:00PM, Washington State Capitol.  AND  
(see Tri-Cities)
      meetup page
   Port Angeles   facebook Occupy Port Angelese
  meetup page
   Port Orchard       meetup page
   Port Townsend       meetup page
   Pullman / the
 @Occupy_Palouse facebook Occupy-the-Palouse   meetup page
   Puyallup  @OccupyPuyallup  facebook Occupy Puyallup    Occupying per OP from 3pm daily at library
(see Tri-Cities)
      meetup page
   Richmond        meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupySeattle facebook Occupy Seattle  http://www.occupyseattle.org/
livestream: http://livestream.com/owsoccupyseattle
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Spokane  @OccupySpokane  facebook Occupy Spokane    Occupying per OT as of 10/12
meetup page
   Stanwood       meetup page

(OTH is here)
 @OccupyTacoma facebook Occupy-Tacoma  http://OccupyTacoma.org meetup page
 @OccupyTriCities facebook Occupy Tri-Cities
 http://occupytricities.org Every day 5-dark
Saturdays 10-dark
John Dam Plaza - Richland
   Vancouver  @OccupyVanWA fb Occupy Vancouver Washington  http://www.occupyvancouverusa.org meetup page
   Walla Walla    facebook Occupy Walla Walla   meetup page
  Wallingford   blog.seattlepi.com: occupy-wallingford
   Wenatchee   facebook Occupy Wenatchee
  meetup page
   Whidbey Island  @OccupyWhidbey fb Occupy-Whidbey (org)
fb Occupy-Whidbey (comm)
email: occupywhidbey@gmail.com
 (see Coupeville?)
   Woodinville       meetup page
   Yakima  @OccupyYakima facebook Occupy-Yakima  http://occupyyakima.org/news.php  GA every Saturday 11:30 Millennium Arts Plaza
Washington D.C.  Occupy DC

(OTH is here)
facebook OccupyDC K St 
facebook Occupy-DC

Occupying per OT as of 10/12
Video - choke hold
November 6 Tent Court: 215
started Oct1st and is indefinitely located at McPherson Square (15th and K ST) 
event schedule: http://occupydc.org/schedule/
meetup page
West Virginia  Statewide  @OccupyWVa facebook Occupy-West-Virginia  http://occupywv.weebly.com/  
   Beckley       meetup page

 Charleston  @OccupyChasWV facebook OccupyCharlestonWV
   meetup page
   Elkins       meetup page
   Fairmont  @OccupyFairmont facebook OccupyFairmont    October 19 GA#2 5pm
meetup page

 Huntington  @occupyWV facebook OccupyHuntington    Occupation begins 4PM @ Chase Bank 5th Avenue in Huntington, WV this Friday
meetup page
   Martinsburg  @OccupyMartnsbrg facebook event   meetup page
Protest is at the Martinsburg Public Library. Corporate greed must be reigned in. Martinsburgoccupied@gmail.com
   Morgantown  @OccpyMorgantown facebook OccupyMorgantown   meetup page
   Parkersburg   facebook Occupy-Parkersburg   meetup page
   Wheeling  @OccupyWheeling     meetup page
Wisconsin      facebook Occupy Wisconsin  http://www.occupywi.org/
email: occupywisconsin@hotmail.com

 Appleton @OccupyAppleton
facebook Occupy-Appleton  http://www.occupyappleton.org/
meetup page
   Eau Claire   facebook Occupy Eau Claire  email: occupy.eauclaire.wi@gmail.com meetup page
  Fond du Lac @OccupyFondduLacfacebook Occupy Fond du Lac   
   Green Bay
 @occupyGreenBay facebook Occupy-Green-Bay    Would like to start it Friday afternoon Oct.14 or Saturday Oct 15. Place is TBD
meetup page
   La Crosse
 @OccupyLaCrosse facebook.Occupy-La-Crosse    

(also @OccupyMadison
@occupyMadisonRT )
facebook OccupyMadison http://occupy-madison.org

(prior group? http://takethesquareWI.org )
 Occupying per OT as of 10/12
October 9 March to the Capitol
meetup page
   Manitowac       meetup page

(Occupy The Hood and Decolonize the Hood are here)
 @OccupyMilwaukee facebook Occupy Milwaukee
  meetup page
(Bay View)
  facebook Occupy Bay View  
   Milwaukee (Riverwest)  @occupyRiverwest  facebook Occupy Riverwest  http://occupyriverwest.com/  
  facebook Occupy Oshkosh
email: pmf7281983@live.com   
  Portage  facebook Occupy Portage  
   Racine  @OccupyRacine 
inact: @OccupyRacineWI
facebook Occupy Racine 
facebook Occupy-Racine
   St. Croix Falls   facebook Occupy StCroixFalls    
  Sheboygan  facebook Occupy Sheboygan  
   Stevens Point  @Occupoint facebook Occupy Stevens Point    
  Viroqua  facebook Occupy Viroqua  photo
   Waukesha   facebook Occupy Waukesha    
   Wisconsin Rapids        
Wyoming  Statewide  @OccupyWyoming      October 15 - Many Cities
   Casper   facebook Occupy Casper     
   Cheyenne    facebook Occupy Cheyenne

 Jackson Hole    facebook Occupy Jackson Hole    
   Pinedale    facebook Occupy Pinedale    

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