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 All Colleges
(Occupy Colleges)
 @OccupyColleges facebook OccupyColleges  
 Occupy High Schools @OccHighSchools facebook Occupy Your High School  
 Occupy Historically Black Colleges @OccupyHBCU   
 Austin Peay State University (Clarksville TN) @OccupyAPSU    
 Berkeley City College @OccupyBCC   
 Borough of Manhattan Community College
 @OccupyBMCC   GA 11/11 4pm
 Boston University
 @BUOccupyBostonfacebook BU Occupies 
 Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts) @CalOccupation 
 California State University
 Cal State Bakersfield @OccupyCSUBfacebook Occupy CSUB  
 Cal State Los Angeles @CSULAOccupier   
 Cal State Northridge @OccupyCSUNfacebook Occupy CSUN  
 Chico State @OcupyChicoState facebook Occupy Chico State  
 Clark University
Worcester, MA
 @OccupyClarkfacebook Occupy Clark 
 Clemson University  facebook Occupy Clemson  
 CU Boulder
(University of Colorado)
 @OccupyCUBoulderfacebook Occupy CUBoulder  
 Columbia College  facebook Occupy Columbia College  
 Cornell (Ithaca, NY) @OccupyCornellfacebook Occupy Cornell  
 CUNY Graduate Center @OccupycunyGC
 Dartmouth College (NH) @OccupyDartmouth   
 Duke University (NC)
  facebook Occupy Duke    
 East LA College (ELAC) @OccupyELACfacebook Occupy ELAC  
 Eastern Michigan University
 Edinboro University (PA) @OccupyEUP   October 27 Library 2nd Floor
 El Camino College (CA)  facebook Occupy El Camino College email: 
 Garfield High School - Seattle    High School Walk Out Nov 30
 George Mason University (VA) @OccupyGMUfacebook Occupy GMU  October 25 1st GA 1pm  North Plaza
 Grand Valley State Univ (MI) @OccupyGVSU   
 Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) @OccupyHampshirefacebook Occupy Hampshire College 
facebook event
 Harvard University (MA) @Occupy_Harvardfacebook Occupy Harvard
 Occupying from November 10 
 Howard University (DC) @OccupyHoward   
 Illinois State University (ISU) @Occupy_ISUfacebook Occupy ISU  
 Indiana University @OccupyIUfacebook Occupy-IU   Five arrested at JP Morgan event video article
 Iowa State University @OccupyISUfacebook ISU  October 13th Noon  Central Campus
 Indiana University Southeast
  facebook Occupy-Indiana-University-Southeast    
 Johns Hopkins (Baltimore MD) @OccupyHopkins 
 University of Kansas @OccupyKU   
 Keuka College (NY) @Occupy_Keuka   
 Mary Washington (VA) @OccupyMaryWash  
 Marymount Manhatten College @occupymarymount Focus on ADA compliance and funding issues
 McMaster (Hamilton ON) @OccupyMcMaster   Teach-In December 15
 Mesa College  facebook Occupy Mesa College  
 Miami University of Ohio Oxford, OH @OccupyMUOhio facebook Occupy MU Ohio  
 Michigan State University
 @OccupyMSU facebook Occupy MSU
 Mills College (CA) @OccupyMills   
 Mohawk College (Hamilton, ON) @OccupyMohawk   
 New York City University GA @NYCuniversityGA   
 New York Colleges  
 North Carolina State University (NCSU) @OccupyNCSUfacebook NorthCarolinaStateUniv.  
 Northeastern University (MA)  @OccupyBostonNU      Occupying from November 13 (per feed)
 Occupy the Hill
 @OccupyTheHillfacebook Occupy-College-Hill We are the College Hill (BrownU and RISD) contingency of Occupy Providence. General meetings at 12pm daily, as of now on Brown's main green. Follow @OccupyProv!
 Oakland University @OccupyOaklandUfacebook Occupy-Oakland-Univ  
 Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
facebook Occupy-Ohio-State 
 Ohio University
Athens, OH
 @occupyohioufacebook Occupy Ohio U
facebook event EMAIL US at --- we have digital copies of the flyer!
 Oklahoma City Community College  facebook Occupy O Triple C  
 Oklahoma State University (OSU) fb Occupy OSU-Stillwater (group)
facebook Occupy OSU
  meetup page
 Orr Academy High School @OccupyOrr 
 Polson High School (Montana)  facebook Occupy Polson
 Providence College (Rhode Island) @PCOccupy  facebook Occupy PC  
 Purdue University     @PurdueOccupy facebook Occupy Purdue  
 Rhode Island College (RIC) @OccupyRIC   
 Rutgers University
 @OccupyRutgersfacebook Rutgers  
 Sacramento State facebook Sacramento State  
 St. Mary's
Moraga, CA
 @OccupyStMarys   November 2 12:30 Teach-in
 San Francisco State University facebook SFSU cleared December 21
October 15
 Santa Monica College @OccupySMCfb Occupy-Santa-Monica-College  
 Sarah Lawrence @SarahLawrencOWS 
 Seattle University @OccupySU   
 Seton Hall (New Jersey) @OccupySetonHall   November 2 5:30 "Conversation" Jubilee Hall
 SOAS Occupation
 Sonoma State University
 Stanford University @OTFStanford 
 State College (PA) facebook Occupy-State-College  
 Stetson University (FL) @OccupyStetson   huffpost article
November 3 5-8 National Teach-in
 Stockton College @Occupy_Stocktonfacebook Occupy RSC 
 Susquehanna Univ @OccupySusqUfacebook Occupy Susquehanna U  
 Texas State University @OccupyTXState facebook Occupy Tx State 
 Truman State University
  fb Occupy-Truman-State-University    
 Tufts (MA)  @TuftsOccupiers facebook Tufts-Occupiers    
 University College of London @UCLOccupation 
 University College of London - Slade School of Fine Art
 @SladeOccupationfacebook Slade Occupation
you tube:
 University of British Columbia @OccupyUBC facebook Occupy UBC 
 UCLA @Occupy_UCLAfacebook Occupy UCLA  
 University of California - Berkeley @CalOccupation  Police Action November 10 (this is raw footage - graphic)
GA voted to Occupy from November 15 / night of the scheduled General Strike
 University of California - Davis @OccupyUCDavisfacebook Occupy UC-Davis http://occupyucdavis.orgPolice Action
 University of California - Merced @OccupyUCMercedfacebook Occupy UC- Merced  
 University of California - Riverside (UCR) @Occupy_UCR facebook occupyucr
 University of Central Florida facebook Occupy UCF  
 University of Connecticut @OccupyUConnfacebook Occupy-UConn  
 University of Illinios (UIUC) - Champaign  @OccupyUIUC      
 University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC) @OccupyUIC facebook Occupy UIC  
 University of Maine  facebook Occupy UOM (related: ) 
 University of Maryland  @OccupyUMD fb Occupy UMD (comm)
fb Occupy UMD (open)
 University of Massachusetts (UMass) @OccupyUMASS   
 University of Minnesota facebook Occupy UofM  
 University of Montana (Occupy the Oval) @OccupyMissoula1facebook Occupy Montana - the oval  November 5 noon first GA
 University of Missouri - Columbia @OccupyMizzoufacebook Occupy Mizzou  
 University of Missouri - Kansas City  @OccupyUMKC facebook Occupy UMKC comm
facebook Occupy UMKC 
 email: November 14 GA 3pm Student Union Stage
 University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  fb Occupy-University-of-Nebraska-Lincoln    
 University of New Hampshire
 @Occupy_UNH   October 25 5:30 T-Hall Lawn General Assembly (feed)
 University of New Mexico @OccupyUNM 
 University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC) @OccupyUNCC   
 University of Oklahoma-Norman facebook Occupy-OSU-Oklahoma-State-University  
 University of San Francisco @OccupyUSF 
 University of Southern Maine @Occupy_USM facebook Occupy USM  First Meeting - March 1st 2012 - Woodbury Campus Center fb event 
 University of Tennessee - Knoxville @OccupyUTfacebook Occupy UT  
 University of Texas - Austin @OccupyUTAustin facebook Occupy UT Austin  
 University of Toronto @OccupiedUofT facebook Occupy UofT email: 
 University of Warwick @Occupy_Warwick 
 Valencia College facebook Occupy Valencia College  
 Virginia Tech facebook OccupyVirginiaTech  
 Wake Forest @OccupyWFU   
 Wayne State University MI) @OccupyWSUfacebook OccupyWSU  
 Weber State University (Ogden, UT)
  facebook Occupy Weber State
 Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston)@OccupyBostonWIT   
 Western Kentucky University
  facebook Occupy WesternKentucky    
 Westfield State University @OccupyWestfieldfacebook Occupy Westfield  
 Wright State University
  facebook RaidersOccupy    
 non-Occupy College Groups    
 Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE) @GeorgiaStudents