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575 units at Koksa

CODE: Arkitektur AS was announced as competition-winner at Koksa, Oslo for their 575 unit master plan scheme at Fornebu outside Oslo.

Runned by me as freelance projectleader, in collaboration with Mirza Mujezinovic (MALarchitecture) and Rannveig H. Berge  + Constantin Boincean on behalf of Code. The project represented a welcomed brake from teaching and PhD-studies, but retrospectively it somehow seems relevant as research.

The force of the project, and, I expect, the very reason it won, is its no-nonsense robust scheme introducing a clear hierarchy of spaces, flows and mass, creating a framework independent of a specific aesthetic or even typology of architecture. Thus, it can be read in a discourse of urban schemes and their representations: How to define potentials and speculate on architectural space while remaining conceptual on the level of typologies and communicating a clear line of thought that not only answers to quantitative demands and logistical needs, but remains partly autonomous as an “architectural” scheme of spatial potentials and ideas.

Responsible partner on the project was Bjarne Ringstad

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