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started character hunting in 2009. My original goal was just to meet all the different characters at the 4 major theme parks, then I wanted to meet them at all of their locations. Disney keeps things fresh and moves around their characters, so trying to grab a photo of every character at every location can be quite a challenge! It also only counts if I am physically in the photo.

This website is focused on all of those different photos I have taken; if you're looking for specific greeting information, checklists, or other Guest photos, check out the links section.

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Hunting!!

Understanding Character Info:

Area or Special Event (Date picture was taken)

It can be assumed the Character still makes appearances at said location and is available to all Guests, unless one of the following phrases are indicated:
  • DINING: Reservation is recommended
  • RANDOM/RARE: Location is not regular for this character
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Character met at this location for a special event (some events require a separate admission ticket)
  • DISNEY VISA: Disney Visa card is required for experience
  • SEASONAL: Character/costume overlay appears for a specific season only
  • CAST EVENT: Character was available to Cast Members and sometimes their Guests
  • EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: This photo was prearranged, not available to public
  • DISCONTINUED COSTUME: Character still appears, but wears a different outfit
  • DISCONTINUED LOCATION: Location still has characters, but not this specific character
  • LOCATION RETIRED: No characters meet at this location
  • DINING - LOCATION RETIRED: Restaurant no longer offers characters
  • SPECIAL EVENT - DISCONTINUED CHARACTER: Special event still exists, but character no longer makes appearances
  • SEASONAL - RETIRED: Seasonal character/costume overlay no longer appears

MAY 24
Caribbean Resort: Beach Donald

MAY 22
Tomorrowland: Mr Incredible

MAY 20
Caribbean Resort: Beach Minnie

MAY 16
Contemporary Resort: Director Mickey

MAY 14
The Glade: Mary Poppins

MAY 12
Disney Quest: Pirate Donald

MAY 11
Hoedown Happening: Clarabelle Cow

MAY 10
Tomorrowland: Mrs. Incredible

May 9
Disney Quest: Morocco Mickey

May 8
Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage: Belle and Beast

May 7
Tomorrowland: Mr. Incredible

May 6
Disney Quest: Space Pluto

One Man's Dream: Guardians of the Galaxy

Tomorrowland: Frozone

Disney Quest: Morocco Minnie

Imagination VISA spot: Mickey & Goofy

RPW: Rafiki

APR 30
World Showcase: Eric & Ariel