5th Avenue Show Choir

We're fools whether we dance or not, so let's DANCE! ~ Japanese Proverb 

5th Avenue show choir is comprised of 36 singers and dancers, 10 band members, and 12 crew members.  They are the varsity show choir at the high school and compete at 5 competitions throughout the year.  The group also hosts their own competition, "the Main Event" in February as well as many home performances. 

2008 - 2009 Competition Show

Who Loves You Pretty Baby?

  Soloist: Brandon Hosch

Danny's Song

Louder than Words

Soloists: Adam Sullivan, Brian Thiesen, and Keely Knepper

How Could you Believe Me?/I'm a Believer

Soloists: Ryne Richman and Aaron Horsefield

Love Song

Soloist: Samantha Kramer

Love Medley

(Everlasting Love, Rollercoaster of Love, and Freeway of Love)

Soloist: Bobbi Jo Rieff

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