IANTD Material

Since 1985 IAND/IANTD provides Manuals for students from Open Water diver to Trimix diver, Air, Nitrox, CCR and Decompression tables. WDT has selected for you some of the manuals, tables, DVD and stickers used by our students in class.

IANTD Overhead Cavern/Wreck manual $39.95

IANTD TeK Lite Manual for Advanced Nitrox  & Advanced Rec Trimix diver $39.95

IANTD Rescue Diver & Divemaster DVD $29.99

IANTD Tanks Labeling

IANTD Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia $109.95

IANTD Tek CCR Manual, CCR Tek,CCR Trimix Normoxic, CCR Cave, CCR Wreck $39.95

IANTD Nitrox Diver Manual $32.95

IANTD O/C Decompression Tables

IANTD CAVE DIVER Manual $34.95

IANTD OC/CCR Trimix Diver Manual $34.95