“If you do survive you learn a lot of valuable answers. We need to make this as part of a diver training, part of our own diver habits and so on. Consequently we developed the foundation with the rules we all dive by today”. 
Tom Mount, Pioneer in Technical Diving.

“When I started underwater modeling, there was no one else to teach me, and I had to learn and work through all the techniques and maneuvers on my own. So I decided that I wanted to start teaching this to other people. One of the main things was that it was, so dive technique and buoyancy intensive, everything that I was doing, that I wanted to share it with other people, so I started working the courses and teaching all over the world.” 
Patti Schaeffer-Mount, 
Underwater Modeling Pioneer.

“A lot of technical divers, cave divers will do a thing called visualizing their dive. It is not really done with the open water community or even talked about much in the open water community. Not only this is done with technical diving, but I have watched rock climbers do it, I have watched kayakers sit there and stare at a set of rapids and plan their way through. Well they are visualizing their boat or kayak going through these waters. It is just like the climber visualizing himself or herself climbing up this wall. The diver should do the same thing.” John Orlowski, IANTD Cave Instructor Trainer, NACD Training Director

“I believe that preparation and planning for a dive, is easily 2/3 of the dive. If you can successfully walk yourself through a visualization of a dive from start to finish, that includes getting you out of the water safely and enjoying a relaxing beverage, that is what you need to get yourself through diving”.
Joseph Dituri, IANTD Training Director

 “The Essentials of diving are created using IANTD basics philosophy, including physical, mental, land drills, and in water skills preparation. This teaching program for all levels of diving, is designed to be used "when you pass the door”.
Georges Gawinowski
Author  of The Essentials.


Spirit of cave diving

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A testimony of John Orlowski

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