About us

WDT Dive considers Quality in training as a key role in the diver’s life. 

Personalized training: Why ?

“Your instructor takes time to take care of you, at your own pace, in small groups or with a Personalized Development Program (PDP) course, leading the student to the highest level of training. A newly certified diver, as well as an experienced diver, needs practice and repetition to become a safer and more confident diver. So, less practice should not be permitted.”

"You dive like you train"

Georges Gawinowski

Human qualities and respect of the individual

Our passion for scuba diving gives us the ability to take the time, and to help our divers to reach their "diver potentiel".

Each individual is different. WDT Dive directs the future diver, or already certified one, to the training agency corresponding best to the diver’s expectations and to the type of courses that fits best: we offer private or semi-private classes.

Teaching scuba tools used to reinforce the instructor’s pedagogy. The student is placed in a favorable learning environment, aware of the reality of constraints associated with scuba diving. Limited classes or small groups allow more efficient work. 

The instructor takes the time to take time with his students. Standards are followed and respected.

Diving Theory can become dull, however theory is mandatory and vital. The instructor gives the student a positive and favorable learning comfort in the classroom or at the student’s. The instructor becomes a helping tool during the preparation of the final test.

Over 80% of the « freshly » certified divers, stop training, and even diving, after being certified. In our point of view one of the major reasons comes from the fact that learning scuba in 3 days does not leave enough time to the future diver to develop self-sufficiency and confidence. The learning process develops with force of repetitive skills, and good scuba diving reflexes. 

The future candidate who is not ready to allow some free time to train is not aware of the risks and should orientate towards another sport.  

Our standard is to certify confident divers, aware of the risks, and self-sufficient our student becomes a good diver who takes pleasure in diving well.

Our students earn a diver certification, they come to receive good quality training in order to earn a diver certification. It is not like purchase their certification card.

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