Scuba Diving Training


     We teach Recreational diving,  Technical diving , Nitrox diving, Trimix , Rebreather, Cave, Wreck diving.
We represent the following associations: IANTD, NSS/CDS, PADI, CMAS.

IANTD : International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers
Created in 1985 by Mr. Dick Rutkowski (father of Nitrox and former NOAA), IANTD is the largest diving association specialized in technical and sport diving.
Tom Mount (father of Cave Diving) current IANTD Chairman, contributed to the success and growth of this agency with the help of the board and specialty divers such as Billy Deans (one of the founders of Technical and Trimix diving).

IANTD offers Technical diving with mixed gases, Nitrox and Trimix. This agency is renowned worldwide and recognized by CMAS.


IANTD declaration of objectives

    IANTD’s mission is to educate about the potential and limits of scubadiving with mixed gaz. IANTD to promote an opened mind, face up to responsibilities, and has worked out quality standards adapted to technical diving. In order to accomplish this mission, IANTD holds on to fondamental strong values of honesty and based as an example to all activities. IANTD believes in the Golden Rule and will be honest, ethical and fair in all our venues. We also believe that there are universal principles and natural laws that are more absolute and we try to live by them. IAND, Inc./IANTD believes it is better to be cautious and demanding in training than to have even one accident.

   IAND, Inc./IANTD is dedicated to producing knowledgeable and skillful divers. Both are key for developing competent, confident and relaxed divers, who can fully enjoy the exhilarating experiences of sport and technical diving.

   Today, IANTD instructors keep on improving techniques and technology by creating new standards and programs followed by the other agencies.


    The National Speleological Society (NSS) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the scientific study of caves and karst; protecting caves and their natural contents through conservation, ownership, stewardship, and public education; and promoting responsible cave exploration and fellowship among those interested in caves. NSS has a Cave Diving Section.

Is the largest recreational diving agency in the world. Very ludic with excellent teaching materials for either the student and the instructor.