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WDT Facility is located in the heart of "cave country" in North Florida. We have chosen this place to be closer to the caves, we are located 10 minutes away from Peacock Wes Skiles park, 15 minutes away from Cow, 20 minutes away from Royal,30 minutes away from little river, 45 minutes away from Madison, 60 minutes away from Ginnie Springs...

WDT facility is located at Dragonfly Ranch 5 minutes away from the beautiful Suwannee River this is a great place for jogging, bicycling or canoeing, our classroom is equipped with, TV, DVD, internet connection.
Students have access to NSS/CDS, IANTD diving literature to help them in their studies.

Worldwide Diving Travelers dba WDT

George Gawinowski

22586 132nd street Live Oak, FL 32060 

Tel: 954.292.2901

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22586 132nd St