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The Essentials of diving are created using IANTD basics philosophy, including physical, mental, land drills, and in-water skills preparation. This teaching program, for all levels of diving, is designed to be used when you "pass the door". I have been using these techniques since 1998. The original Essentials was written in French and introduced to IANTD in 2002. Once accepted, it became part of the IANTD training Standards in 2009, and translated in English. The Essentials manual comes accompanied with a DVD. The program was introduced at Dema show 2008 in Orlando and was launched at Dema show 2010 in Las-Vegas.

Georges Gawinowski, author of "The Essentials"

The Essentials course

This mid-level Specialty Continuing Education Diver Program is designed to enable the certified diver to extend proficiency in the water and to review and put in practice the Essentials learned in any IANTD diver classes.

These techniques and knowledge prepare a diver to more advanced recreational diving programs. 

The Essentials Diver course is recommended for all divers wishing to increase skill competency. This course does not give 

the diver 

a deep diving qualification.


1. Must be a qualified as an IANTD Open Water Diver or any Entry Level Diver equivalent, or qualified as a Recreational Rebreather Diver.

2. Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian authorization, or a minimum of 12 years of age for Junior Diver qualification, or a minimum of 18 years of age without guardian approval.

Included:2 lectures, 2 dives minimum 240 min BT, Land drills.

Not Included: gas, gear rental.

Who may teach this course? 

If you are certified Essentials Diver plus you are IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor or higher level of certification, you may teach this course.

In order to certify a student as Rebreather Essentials Diver, you must be qualified Rebreather Essentials Diver Instructor on the rebreather unit to be used in this specialty class, plus be certified as Rebreather Essentials Diver.

Teaching The essentials

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A new web site dedicated to students who have followed the essentials course.
You will find useful information about the course and also find an "essentials"instructor.

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