Weird Detective Mystery Adventures

Abilities Arsenal

electronic abridged edition

A quick guide to your career as a freak!

This section denotes your character’s bag of tricks, his gimmicks, the results of his secret training or access knowledge not meant for hardware store shoppers. It’s what gives him his special edge. Sure, great BASESTATS are great, but there’s nothing like being able to turn yourself into a sixty foot wide flaming eyeball to really make the pikers stand up and take notice.


Once you are through buying your BASESTATS, it’s time to start thinking about your other abilities. Assuming you are using our Progressive Character Development system, you are going to have to balance the amount of points you spend on BASESTATS and the amount you spend on tricks. No starting character is going to be without flaws.  If your character survives, he should be able to move up the food chain from beating up the drug syndicate that controls the local ship docks to taking on giant lightening spitting demon spawn lizards bent on eating Duluth. Right now, however, he can fly and throw a car. Or he has a PHD in Kick Your Face and a really neat car. He’s pretty darn impressive as is, but he is just getting started. World wide acclaim takes time.

Just to keep yourself from doing more rework, pick your abilities before you factor your Derived BASESTATS. Abilities often modify these BASESTATS. If you want to throw unused points into more HTK, you can do it after you have calculated all of your other bonuses from powers.

Powers are purchased in much the same way Assigned BASESTATS are. They cost points to buy. In general, a power has a two part cost. The first part is dependant on the power’s scale, Very Minor, Minor, Standard, Major or Very Major. The second part of the price is dependant on the BASESTAT level the power is linked to, from Below Average to Omega. The power’s price can then be effected by how many bells and whistles you want to put on it--or by how basically defective you would like to make the ability.  


PRICING ABILITIES With great power comes great expense!

ABILITY MODIFICATIONS Dozens of ways to screw up a good idea!


Arsenal Abilities

The nitty gritty dirty low down skinny

Acrobatics:  Circus skills for the urban jungle!

Active DEFENSE: Cover yourself with flame, acid or electricity!

Adaptation: Become immune to abuse!

Armor: A can for your body or perhaps just a hard pelt.

Background: You know people and stuff! Get connected! One of two ways to use your Free Skill Points. How to get skills, a profession or maybe just a lousy job. Or you can just be rich! It’s a fantasy game!

Bag OF TRICKS: Magic Spells and Mean Tricks! This power is meant to simulate the spell casting ability that many fantasy game wizard characters have.

BATTLE REFLEXES: Instant Ace! Get Deadly Accurate!

Big ZAP: Destroy the neighborhood! Or just someone special!

 Black ARTS: Make a doll of someone and torture them! At best, an ability for the amoral.

Body CONTROL: Mind over body, baby!

Body MODIFICATION: Antlers, claws or fangs anyone?

Bomb: Doom by remote control!

Chemical BLAST: A better life through chemical splatters!

Cloak: They can’t see you. Get lost in plain sight!

Clone: Create living beings! And boss them around! Just like Mom!

Combat ability: Hands of Death! Master of You Fu!

Containment: Never eat or breathe again!

Controlled PUBLIC REACTION: Make the masses feel!

Creation: Produce things out of thin air!

Damage RESERVE: You’ll be right back—and mad as heck!

Directional FORCE: Throw things with your mind!

Duplication: Another one of you to love!

Elemental CONTROL: You are the wind, the fire—or their boss.

Elongation: Improve your love life!

Emotion CONTROL: Next best thing to Elongation!

Empath: Instant insufferable Shaman!

Endurance: Be heavy duty and solid state!

Equipment: A must read! Guns! Guns! Guns !Tanks!  Planes! Your Free Car! Free Guns! Another way you can use your  Free Skill Points. Utility Belts! Bases! Robots! 

Escape!  One chance to avoid doom!

ESP: Perplexing answers to simple questions!

Extranormal COMMUNICATION Call home toll free from anywhere!

Fear POWER: It is better to be feared than loved!

Flight: Save on car fare! Annoy air traffic control!

Fluid FORM: If you don’t like your shape, change it!

FTL TRAVEL: The stars are your neighborhood!

Healer: Makes ouchies go away fast!

Illusion: Put figments of your imagination to work!

Impart: Have your eyes everywhere!

Impersonation: Be someone else! Only their spouse will know!

Inflictor: Turns hard to hit people into carpet stains!

Information: The world is your encyclopedia!

Inhibitor: Drive them senseless, literally!

Invulnerability: That which does not kill you outright, ignore.

Leaping: How real men travel!

Leech: Steal powers! Absorb energy! Fun!

Lie DETECT: Yes, their lips are moving. Beyond that

Locator: Finds lost loves—or car keys!

Magic: Kiss the frog. And turn him back into a frog, A complete system unto itself. 

Master OF THE UNIVERSE: King of the Animal World!

Mind BLAST: It’s better to give than receive!

Mind CLOUD: Dazed men don’t lie!

Mind CONTROL: It’s more than just persuasive!

Molecular CONTROL: Ghost-like abilities obtained!

Motion CONTROL: Bring things to a halt—or speed them up!

NRG BLAST: Power at the tips of your hands!

NRG FORM: Be the light at light speed!

NRG TWIN: Your own personal ball of doom!

Object ANIMATION: Bring bad things to life!

Pass PRESENCE Truthfully an out of body experience!

Past VISION: You are there as the past comes alive!

Power PART Ominously glowing weapon with your name on it!

Reflection: Armor with a sinister return policy!

Remote PERCEPTION: Never pay admission again!

Separation: A way to leave yourself behind!

Shadow POWER: You are the darkness!

Shield: That which does not hit, does not hurt!

Shrinking: Put things in their right perspective!

Sidekick: No one is a hero to his butler.

6th SENSE: And they said you were just sensitive

Slimeskin: Squirting, snakey fun!

Special FX: Throw your voice! Drive from the back seat!

Spidercling: That explains the footprints on the ceiling.

Strobe: Baffle them with brilliance!

Super SENSES Annoy yourself with common stimuli!

Super SPEED That blur is you!

Telepathy/Mind READING: Because eavesdropping isn’t good enough!

Teleport: From here to there with no in between!

Thought JAR:  Interactive photocopy of another person’s mind!

Time WEB: A dimension of your very own!

Tool ARM: Be really good with your hands!

Total RECALL:  Many good reasons to hold a grudge

Toughness: And then you got back up. And smiled.

Unlimited LIFT: That which you can touch, you can throw!

Weapon RETURN: Never lose your shield again! Or your mittens!

Whammy: Veto reality!

X-Factor:  Party Tricks for Big Basestats!

Zeitgeist:  In case we forgot something…