Weird Detective Mystery Adventures

electronic abridged edition

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WEIRD DETECTIVE MYSTERY ADVENTURES is a role playing game based on comic books, horror NOVELS, supermarket tabloids, MOVIE SERIALS, 

 and PULP MAGAZINES. it  simulates that type of science fiction which uses the real world as its backdrop. The first edition of this game appeared in 1978 and has been updated intermittently ever since. this promotional website contains all essential portions of the game. 



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weird detective mystery adventures is a socially interactive role playing game. in this game one PERSON ACTs AS the JUDGE AND OTHER PEOPLE ACT AS PLAYERS. included on this website are all of the rules needed to run our game. 

in addition to access to this website (or copies of the game manuals), you will need something to write with and at least a pair of six sided dice.



Basics: rules for turning figments of your imagination into statistics. Start your characters here!


Abilities Arsenal: dozens of neat tricks for advanced adventurers!


Game Mechanics: the playing the part of playing the game explained.


campaign basics: making a fictional world and works come to life!


download center: get your free copy of our player’s manual and campaign setting here!


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Weird Detective Mystery Adventures has been out of print for more than a decade now, so I have absolutely nothing to sell you at this point. (The previous three editions did sell out, however. I did have galleys to go to print, which were lost in a flood. I think I will be a stoic here and leave it at that.) The game itself has been rewritten and all of the material in Union City is new. This is not an Open Source system. All copyrights are reserved. Speaking of which, this site and all files within are copyright 2007 by Mark Lax.

This site is intended for personal, non commercial use. It is our belief that the game is suitable for the general reading public and is not in violation of any known community standards.