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 Brainstorming Ideas:

Single Side:

The wheel attaches only at one side and then swings around the side to fold.

L-Shaped Bracket:

Design uses a modified X-brace that looks like two hockey sticks to keep the third wheel lower to the ground. 





Detachable Castor

Third castor wheel is detachable and allows the rods attaching the castor to swing back and fold in.


The Pancake was an idea designed by Abdullah from KCMC.  The front rod would use the same hinge as the current design to fold under the chair, and both the wheels would screw off.  The seat top would fold down and the wheels would attach to the top and bottom of the folded chair to avoid getting lost.

Truss and Pivot

The truss and pivot was an idea proposed by Abdullah from KCMC.  The back would detach and allow the seat to pivot and fold in on itself. 


The castor wheel is attached to the frame by two rods which fold together.  The two wheels can be attached by either a folding rod or a telescoping rod.

To evaluate each of the ideas, we identified 17 features of merit and arranged them in a Pugh chart.  We evaluated each design for each feature of merit against the current design between -2 and 2, negative numbers being worse than the current design and positive numbers better.  The five criteria deemed the most important (bolded below) were given a weight of two.


From the results of the Pugh Chart, we can see that the L-Shaped design scored the highest, followed by the pancake design. 


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