Our Community Partners


Our community partners helped us design a product that would be suitable for their environment and would be accepted by the public. They also gave us insight on how our product would be produced so that we could better adapt our design for their workshops.

Our community partners were located in Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia as shown by the map above.


In Tanzania, Daniel Namkessa (left) from Mobility Care in Arusha and Abdullah Munish (right) from KCMC Wheelchair Workshop in Moshi helped us all semester when we emailed them questions.  When they visited us they helped us brainstorm ideas and pick a good final design.


Uganda and Zambia:

Outside of Tanzania, we also communicated with Turyamureeba Wenceslaus from Katalema Chesire Home in Kampala Uganda and Rasta Nazarite from Disacare in Lusaka, Zambia.


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