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 April  23,  2015                                                                                    

21 Reasons EVERYONE Is Going to Sommerfest 21!

Musikgarten turns 21 this year and the FESTIVAL is planned! Are you in?


**Click here to find 21 great reasons to attend Sommerfest 21.**


Reason #11: You'll connect with other Musikgarten teachers who share your same challenges and joys. Merrill Marshall of Merrill's Musikgarten told us, "The best part is being with so many other kindred spirits, teachers who do exactly what you do, and to connect and learn from each other."


The quick details:

Kids Need To Let Loose to Learn!

Musikgarten teachers learned this at Festival 2010, but now new research conducted at the University of Central Florida says that if you want ADHD kids to learn, you have to let them squirm. The foot-tapping, leg-swinging and chair-scooting movements of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are actually vital to how they remember information and work out complex cognitive tasks. Learn more here

Grow Your Musikgarten - From Home!

Musikgarten Coaching Live! is an interactive online learning experience you join from the comfort of home. Space is limited and sessions fill up fast.


Easy registration:

The Real Reasons Kids Quit Music

About half of kids who pick up a musical instrument quit within a year or two. Why? The reasons may not be as obvious as you think. Learn more here in this article from the National Association for Music Education. (Reason #1? Parents need to find music just as important as other subjects. Here, here!)

Grow Your Teaching Skills

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Part 3: Circle of Inspiration - Interview with Lorna Heyge

Click here to learn all about the exciting growth of Musikgarten from the late 1980s to present day including the influence of Audrey Sillick, Lorna's fortuitous meeting with Dr. Dee Joy Coulter, and Lorna's inspiring message to educators in the 21st century. Please share this three-part series with your families. 

One HOT Summer Deal!  

The Summer Workshop schedule is here! Register by May 15 to receive a $25 voucher for materials. 

Grow Your Own Studio: Become a Musikgarten Teacher

Sign up for a FREE Meet Musikgarten session with Jill Hannagan, long-time Musikgarten teacher, trainer, and coauthor of the Music Makers: At the Keyboard Series.

You'll learn:

  • What it takes to make it as a Musikgarten teacher
  • The challenges and joys of owning your own Musikgarten studio
  • How Musikgarten supports teachers with ongoing training and marketing 

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