We provide different types of accomodation:

             I/ Studio flats : STUDIOS OF THE CROUS
            413 avenue Bourgelat
            69280 Marcy l'Etoile
            (Nearby Vet school)

    If interested in renting an 18m² flat (including bathroom and kitchen): the flats are located in Marcy l'Etoile (13kms West of Lyon).  There will be carpools to take you to Lyon.

      1. Prices: Daily payment

From 13,50 €/night/student under 28 , up to 19,50 € depending in the room rented (normal/renovated)

      2. How to book a studio

Send an
email in English to the following address, explaining your situation:
You should receive a confirmation email CROUS.
The day of your arrival
: get to the reception desk of the residence.

 ! No need of student status proof for foreign students. !

                2 rue Marie Madeleine Fourcade
                69007 Lyon
                (nearby the ENS)

    Flats for 2 students. One individual bedroom with a king size bed and a living room with a sofa, TV and free wifi, kitchenette, bathroom and toilettes.

Rate : 64€/night/student for 7 or 8 nights.

Breakfeast : 4,5€.

              If you are interested, please send a mail to


                Studéa Jean Jaures 1, 208/210 avenue Jean Jaures, 69007 Lyon
                Studéa Jean Jaures 2, 28 rue des girondins, 69007 Lyon
                Studéa Jean Macé, 56 rue Victor Lagrange, 69007 Lyon
                (nearby the ENS)  

Flats for one student with kitchenette, bathroom and toilettes.
To have more informations on rates and availabilities, please contact Mr

To have more informations on rates and availabilities, please contact Mr Jonathan Bouget (+33 6 27 30 43 92).


                219 rue Marcel Mérieux
                69007 Lyon
                    (nearby the ENS)
                +33 810 100 07

            Fully equipped apartments (19m2).   Rate : 222,93€/student/week

30% of advance fee at the time of the reservation (50€ no repayable).

            In order to book, please contact Mrs Boch (+33 4 37 70 18 46).

II/ Stay as a guest: 

        -  Vet students will be delighted to host you, to share with you their culture and interests.

Please use the following link: only the student staff has access to the provided information! Please write your last and first name as well as email. We look forward to seeing you!!!!! Limited of slots are available. This will be on the First-come, first-served basis

        -  Couchsurfing is also an option. More information about coachsurfing here.
             III/ Youth hostel:
Several of them are located in the center of Lyon. More informations on youth hostels

             IV/ Share a room with another student:

The following hotels are these suggested for all the persons willing to attend the conference. Check out using this link

Any questions or concerns should be e-mailed to: