at IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision 2015, Chile
The workshop will be organised at Grand Hyatt Rapel.

We are organising the Third Workshop on Computer Vision for Affective Computing @ ACCV 2016, Taiwan [LINK]

Latest Updates: 

[10th Dec 2015] ]Dr. Xiaohua Huang (University of Oulu) will chair the workshop. 
[21st Nov 2015] Workshop program updated
[15th November 2015]  Prof. Qiang Ji (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Prof. Shiguang Shan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) will give keynote talks!
[20th Sep 2015] Submission deadline extended to 25th Sep.
[16th July 2015]  HAPPEI database is available
[28th June 2015] Website up

Affective computing deals with analyzing the affect using different modalities. Computer vision undoubtedly is one of the primary modalities in affective computing. Given the recent advancement in computer vision areas such as face and facial parts detection, body parts detection and scene analysis, it has opened up avenues for analyzing the affective state of subjects and the affect conveyed by scenes. This workshop invites researchers to submit their original work proposing methods inferring affect using computer vision. 

Scope of the papers:
  • Image and Video based facial expression analysis
  • Emotion recognition in the wild
  • Pose estimation for affect analysis
  • Scene recognition for affect analysis
  • Gesture recognition for affect analysis
  • Gaze and attention for affect analysis
  • Saliency detection for affect analysis
  • Activity recognition for affect analysis
  • Fiducial points detection
  • Temporal models for face analysis
  • Spontaneous affect databases
  • Arts and media
  • Applications in entertainment, healthcare and games