Sevilla, España


    William Carey students are able study abroad in Seville, Spain, as part of an agreement with Texas Tech University. The Texas Tech Center in Seville is a consortium of schools eligible to send students and faculty to Spain in order to participate in the Texas Tech study abroad program, which includes sessions for Fall and Sring Semesters as well two shorter sessions during the summer. As students of a consortium member, Carey students have the full benefit of the program without having to transfer schools or credits.


Students attend Spanish and History classes at the center, while food and lodging is provided by a Spanish host family. This affords students an opportunity to see how Spaniards live, to practice the language, and to build relationships across cultural lines. Excursions are made by the center to different historical and cultural locations within Andulucia and the Iberian Peninsula including trips to Madrid, Lisbon, Córdoba, Granada, Lagos, Toledo, and Segovia.

    Course offerings include Introductory and Intermediate Spanish, Spanish Internship, Children´s Literature in Spanish, Intermediate Conversation, Advanced Conversation, Spanish Life and Culture, History of Spain, and History of the Southern Frontier. History classes are given in Englsh while Spanish classes are conducted in Spanish. In addition to academic classes, a Sevillanas dance class is also given at the center for students who wish to dance at the Feria, a world class event which takes place in Seville during the spring.

    Two students have already taken advantage of this study abroad program. Jerrel Miller, a recent Carey graduate from McComb, and Micah Burns, a senior social science major from Pace, Florida, attended classes in Seville in the spring of 2008. Both reported greatly improving their proficiency in Spanish as well as gaining knowledge through other aspects of the program. "Being in Spain was a fantastic opportunity to learn about history firsthand. Daily encounters with the challenge of communicating in Spanish gave me confidence in my ability to learn and function in another language," stated Miller. Burns noted the opportunities such as travel that he was able to take advantage of through the program, “The experience was very enriching for me. I was able to learn so much about Spain and the world, really. I was able to travel through Spain and Portugal with the faculty and students from Tech, and Jerrel and I also visited Morocco with one of our Tech friends.” He also had praise for the nature of his studies in Seville, "Certain aspects of this program set it apart from anything one could get in the States. The fact that you are actively living inside of what you are studying makes everything come alive - because it is. You live with people of the culture you are studying, you see the history of hundreds of years before your eyes, and you speak the language that you used to read out of a textbook. ”

    Cheryl Maqueda, Assistant Professor of Spanish at WCU, will be teaching first and second year Spanish to consortium students in Seville summer 2009.
    Dr. Douglas Inglis, a William Carey alumnus, is Director and Research Professor at the Texas Tech Center in Seville.


    For more information on the Texas Tech Center in Seville visit the Texas Tech Study in Seville webpage. For more info on opportunities for Carey students to participate in the program, please contact Cheryl Maqueda at 601-318-6440.
    To take a video tour of the center in Seville, click here.



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