The Wilson Center

Dedicated to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership Worldwide

The Wilson Center is dedicated to identifying, harvesting and cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial leadership world-wide through educational training aids, including books, seminars, webinars, and online interactive blogs, discussions, surveys and tutorials. The concept for the center was inspired by the world renowned contributions of Wilson Greatbatch as a leader, innovator and entrepreneur, whose inventions and research have been honored throughout the world. Wilson's most famous invention is the cardiac pacemaker, which maintains the rhythm of millions of heartbeats throughout the world.

Common Threads in Those Whose Paths Have Made It Possible To Accomplish the Extraordinary

Wilson Greatbatch describes himself as an ordinary man, whose decisions made it possible for him to accomplish extraordinary things that impact our world today. We recognize others who have accomplished similar feats --Louis Pasteur, Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Alva Fisher, Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Goddard, and George Washington Carver. What isn't always recognizable are the decisions that these individuals made, and the paths that they chose to follow in pursuing their vision and their goals. It is this recognition that forms the basis for the creation of The Wilson Greatbatch Educational Series as a guide to innovation and leadership.

The Wilson Greatbatch Educational Series for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership

The creation of the Wilson Center emerged from a series of conversations between Wilson Greatbatch and renowned author, researcher and educator, Emmett C. Murphy, regarding the need for development of innovation and entrepreneurial talent world-wide. Both recognized that the spirit and skills of the innovator entrepreneur are central to the development of vibrant, dynamic and healthy societies.

Discovering The Path to Leadership

The Wilson Greatbatch educational series is intended for business leaders, educators, students, political leaders, religious leaders, young, old, and all ordinary people throughout the world who want to understand how their choices can lead to extraordinary and innovative results through recognizing and cultivating:

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