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A few weeks ago (Nov. 2009) this page suddenly disappeared from Yahoo Local.
I have included an old copy of it here as the feedback I received was very positive.

The actual text is also included below for web searches.

Weybridge Computer Services
voice(01932) 846177   [Note my number is now 01784 434 458]

Yahoo! User Reviews


Computer Genius                   26 October 2008

By a Yahoo! user

Tony is the human equivalent of a help button. Whenever things go wrong I just ring him and he comes out and fixes the problem.

Visit Date: October 2008

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My PC "Guardian Angel"    27 November 2007

By a Yahoo! user

I would not hesitate to recommend Tony to anyone with computer problems or who wants to learn about using them. He has been working with PCs since the late 70s and was some sort of trouble shooter for IBM and the MOD.

I first called Tony about 3…
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Visit Date: November 2007

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He has moved                                          23 November 2007

By a Yahoo! user

Tony has now moved his phone is now:

07883 062 986 or 01784 434 458 Email:

Tony is very trustworthy and will never "rip you off", which is more than can be said for a lot of other PC repair guys.

If he…
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Visit Date: September 2007




  • 10 A real "GURU"

    Tony (01784 434 458) has fixed my PC several times, he is punctual, very knowledgeable and (don't tell him) - CHEAP! He has got rid of nasty viruses, recovered damaged disks and cured various hardware and software problems. He even helps me out via email ( for free. He's a really nice chap, who used to work in IBM for years. Now he has "semi" retired and just loves to help people out. Five minutes talking to him and I usually spend hours looking up and installing all the free sites and soft are that solve my problems. As I'v e said if you have a problem CALL HIM!

    G P.
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  • 10 RECOMMENDED - call him!

    Tony was amazing! My PC was running slower and slower and I was on the verge of buying anew one, when a friend told me about WCS. Tony gave me some advice on the phone, but it was a bit late by then, so he arrived the next day and started finding loads of viruses and pop ups on my PC. He advised me that the best thing was for him to take the PC away as there were so many problems end it would be cheaper if he took the PC away. He came back 2 days later with a huge list of viruses, spyware and unnecessary things running on my PC. All of which he had removed. Once connected to my Internet, the PC was faster than when it was new! Tony explained what he had done, gave me some tips on avoiding problems and installed several FREE pieces of software which have (so far) kept my PC clean and FAST! If you have any PC or Internet problems - CALL HIM.

    A.m. B.
    Review Date: 13/01/2008 Report review