Ferg's Notes - Gamestar

Gamestar Mechanic Term's of Service simplified
Posting Rules
  • No illegal, infringing or abusive content
  • No violation of other people's/corporation's Rights
  • No commercial use/making a profit
  • No viruses, corrupting files, interference or cheat software
  • No account sharing
  • You are responsible for everything you post
  • Content is not directly monitored, please report abuses directly
  • You do not own any of the content you create, and E-Line is not liable for any information removed from the site
  • E-Line may delete or block access to User Content without notice
  • All communications through GameStar are public, and may be used by E-Line
Ownership of content
  • All of the software and other intellectual property belongs to E-Line
  • All of the content you create belongs to you, but can be used by E-Line
Privacy Policy
  • E-Line does not request name, address, e-mail address nor phone number to create an account
  • E-line does request your birthdate, so as to determine age-appropriate features to be enabled
  • An e-mail address will be requested if a 'support' question is asked, but will not be stored once the issue has been resolved.
  • E-Line does have software automatically track basic usage statistics
  • E-Line does not keep any personal information
  • E-Line does use cookies to insure users can easily navigate the site
  • E-Line uses the information they collect to enable Gamestar features; respond to your requests and provide customer service; let you know about new features and other news from Gamestar; ask for your input and feedback on what we are doing; and provide personalized services and recommendations
  • E-Line will use your usage information to improve the site
  • E-Line does share information with companies working on their behalf to maintain Gamestar
  • E-line may share non-personally identifiable data with sponsors and/or researchers
  • Outside of these, User information is not shared for any reasons including marketing or commercial
Rules of Conduct
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Resposible
  • Never share any personally identifiable information
  • Never ask another user to share personally identifiable information
  • Never agree to contact another user, outside of Gamestar Mechanic
  • Gamestar may ask for your birthday and e-mail address when you register, and also ask for this information to confirm your identity when you request support.  But aside from these instances, Gamestar will never ask for any of your personal information.
  • Report any violations