Essentials Online

Course Description (in development)

This online training is designed for those new to Activboards or those in need of a bit of a refresher. It is offered as a self-paced training that covers all of the content in the Core Essentials and Intermediate Essentials courses.

The concepts taught online compliment traditional face-to-face training sessions.  This course can be an introduction to, a review of or taken in lieu of the Core Essentials and Intermediate Essentials courses. How you choose to use the information presented in this course is up to you!  The goal of this course is to introduce you to the basic and intermediate features of the interactive whiteboard system and provide opportunities for you to apply these concepts by creating dynamic, engaging and interactive lessons for your classroom.

Topics covered as a part of this training include:

  • Technology vocabulary
  • Connecting the computer to the board (and basic troubleshooting)
  • The pen and software introduction
  • Profiles and the main toolbox
  • Basic content tools + lesson activities
  • Introduction to the browsers
  • Digital resources: Resource browser + lesson activities
  • Capturing digital content (drag/drop/copy/paste) + lesson activities
  • Using digital content (camera tool to dissect resources/drag and drop to break up text) + lesson activities
  • Downloading & adapting Promethean Planet lessons and resource packs, too
  • Instructional Tools (Focus,Maths and More tools)
  • Adding files and folders to the resource browser
  • Creating a resource pack
  • Adding  tools to the main toolbox
  • Changing program settings
  • Adapting/adding profiles
  • Inserting media (animated gifs and scans)
  • Introducing action browser: Linking objects and action items
  • Introduction to properties browser
  • Using containers (anything and keyword)
  • Creating specific object containers
  • Using magic revealers
  • Introduction to the objects browser: Formatting magic eraser objects
  • Create an interactive lesson or unit for your classroom

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