Core Essentials

Course Description

This face-to-face training is designed for those new to ActivBoards. It is offered as a one-day training during the school year and summer for 1/2 credit.
Participants will practice using the basic features and tools of the software. The concepts taught will demonstrate how to utilize the ActivBoard (the interactive whiteboard) and ActivInspire (the software) as an interactive part of classroom instruction. This is a slow-paced, hands-on training to help teachers use their boards the very next day. The class starts from level 0 and proceeds from there. Through a hands-on approach, participants are able to create interactive, engaging flipcharts and use a variety of basic tools to integrate this technology across the curriculum

Topics covered as a part of this training include:
  • Technology vocabulary
  • Hands-on practice learning the software, ActivInspire
  • Connecting the computer to the board and basic troubleshooting
  • Board calibration and operation
  • Cleaning the board and projector
  • Annotations tools (pen & highlighter)
  • Basic content and object tools (shape & text).
  • Main toolbox (handwriting recognition, select, drag a copy, transparency)
  • Manipulating, changing, and grouping objects
  • Setting background images and color
  • Creating clipart
  • Hiding and deleting objects on the board
  • Introduction to the page notes and resource browsers
  • Where to find WCSD resources
  • Downloading & adapting Promethean Planet flipcharts and resource packs
  • Lesson activity examples using tools learned
  • Innovative, practical strategies for using the most effective and easily accessible interactive whiteboard tools and resources
  • Dozens of outstanding ideas for using interactive whiteboards to significantly enhance student learning
  • Powerful techniques to positively impact classroom management with your interactive whiteboard