You have an Activboard, so now what? Having an Activboard installed in your classroom can be the most exciting or terrifying change you have ever experienced. Regardless of how you feel, we are here with support and training as you to tap into the power of this instructional tool. There are a variety of training opportunities and approaches that will help quell nerves and familiarize you with the Activboard.

QuickStart Essentials 

This course is intended to help you through the initial set-up of your Activbaord, give you a couple of entry points to start using the technology and a few tips on making your board an interactive and engaging instructional tool from Day 1!

Core Essentials

This course instructs participants how to utilize the features of the Activboard (interactive whiteboard) and ActivInspire (software) to make classroom instruction more engaging and interactive.  Through a hands-on approach participants will be able to create flipcharts and use a variety of tools available to integrate technology in many curriculum areas.  Time will be provided to apply concepts taught and integrate flipcharts into their existing curriculum.

Intermediate Essentials

This course is designed to build upon the basic concepts taught in Activboard Core Essentials and demonstrate how to use the intermediate features of the software to create engaging and interactive lessons for the classroom. Through a hands-on approach participants learn how to create flipchart lessons and the technology tools available to integrate technology into many curriculum areas. Time will be provided to apply concepts taught and integrate flipcharts into their existing curriculum.

Advanced Essentials   

This face-to-face training is designed for those who have already taken Activboard Core Essentials and Activboard Intermediate Essentials and want to take their flipchart design to an advanced level of design. You will learn how teachers can put students at the center of the learning process by individualizing lessons, inspiring creativity, and promoting collaboration within the classroom. You will leave this high energy seminar with dozens of innovative ideas, outstanding resources, websites, management strategies, and exciting, practical ways to get the most out of your interactive whiteboard technology.


The Activboard Academy is intended to provide on-going opportunities for teachers and staff to develop their         Activboard knowledge, skills and pedagogy. The academy offers multiple course topics each month. Participants are able to attend all (or none) depending upon interest. 

Essentials Online

This course encompasses the Core and Intermediate content topics and folds them into an open, self-paced online course. Participants can take this course in lieu of or in addition to the face-to-face trainings. Online courses not your cup of tea? Take a face-to-face course and sign up for Activboard Essentials Online to review and solidify concepts. The best part is that you set your own pace . . .