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Upgrade to Version 1.6

posted Dec 16, 2011, 8:26 AM by Michael Martindale

To upgrade, go to Help > Check for updates in the ActivInspire menu. The most current version of ActivInspire is 1.6.46087.


Automatic Software Upgrade Notification

The latest version of ActivInspire makes it easy to stay current, as there is now a setting that activates automatic notification of software upgrades upon startup (must have an active Internet connection). Once you upgrade to 1.6, this setting is automatically checked. This option is located in Settings (or Preferences) > Online Settings > Check for software update on startup.


Ability to Embed HTML Widgets/Code onto Flipchart Pages

ActivInspire now allows users to embed HTML code such as widgets and gadgets directly onto their flipchart pages. Why is this useful? In addition to having the content immediately accessible from the flipchart rather than having to launch a browser, by embedding code on the page the content is streamed live from the Web, so you are reducing copyright issues as you are no longer removing intellectual property from a site and storing it locally.


You can also include custom live feeds from Twitter, news feeds or others that will update immediately upon refreshing the embedded placeholder. Embed code by going to Insert > Link > Embedded HTML.


Be sure to check out this forum thread on Planet for further ideas on this important enhancement: Embedded HTML in 1.6.


Increased Ability to Share Content Created with Other IWB Software
Prior to the latest update, ActivInspire allowed users to import SMART Notebook and Gallery files. ActivInspire now supports import of files saved with a .iwb extension, a common file format for IWB software supported by BECTA, the former British Educational Communications and Technology Agency. [File > Import > Becta (.iwb)]. In addition, users can now export ActivInspire flipcharts to the .iwb format for sharing with others [File > Export > Becta (.iwb)].


This feature opens up additional possibilities for converting customers who may currently be using other IWB software, as they will now be able to reuse content teachers have already created. Note: Due to limitations and differences in software, there may be some degradation when sharing files in this format between various software packages.


Equation Editor

The Equation Editor allows users to create equations, add to flipchart page and further edit. To create an equation, go to Insert > Equation. The cursor then changes to a pi symbol. Click anywhere on the page to show the Equation Editor and add an equation to the page.

Equation Editor has also been integrated into Question Manager to allow users to add equations to questions and answers.


ActiView Integration

When an ActiView is connected, a floating Wonder Wheel provides users the options to capture images and video directly from ActiView and insert into a flipchart. ActiView may now be launched from the ActivInspire menu at Insert > Launch ActiView.


Page Extender

Users may quickly extend their flipchart page while working simply by clicking on the blue Page Extender icon at the bottom of the page. To view the icon, go to View > Page Extender.


Additional Enhancements

  • Right-clicking while using Pen Tool displays menu allowing users to toggle Select, Handwriting Recognition and Pen Tools
  • Pen Tool remembers last color and width used upon restart
  • Can import questions into Question Manager from Microsoft Excel (Windows only)
  • Can change Pen Tool cursor so that it is displayed above or below annotations, or turn off completely
  • Border color in Page Browser has changed to black so that it is easier to see which page has been selected

ActivInspire 1.6 Webex Updates/Further Information

On Thursday, December 8, and Friday, December 9, there will be one-hour Webex sessions to help familiarize you with the latest 1.6 enhancements. Visit the ActivInspire 1.6 Update Webex Sessions post on the Portal for further details.

For additional information about ActivInspire 1.6, visit the
ActivInspire 1.6 product page on the Portal. In addition, be sure to direct customers to Promethean Planet's ActivTips for some great how-to videos on the features available in ActivInspire 1.6.

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