Who doesn’t love babies? 

We marvel at their tiny fingers and toes. Their smiles brighten our day.  In their future are infinite possibilities.  ILoveBabies.org is here to celebrate the miraculous gift of babies.

It’s hard to believe that everyday in America 3,000 precious unborn babies die from abortion.  Virtually everyone agrees that abortion is always a tragedy.  With this in mind we should a
ll work to prevent it as we would with any tragedy.  ILoveBabies.org is here in a spirit of joy, love and compassion to empower you with vital facts that will help you make everyday decisions that support life. 
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We love babies.  Do we also love women? >>
What can I do to help women in need? >>
I am pregnant.  Where can I get help? >>
What are Safe Haven Laws?
What can I do to help spread the pro-life message? >>
How can I get an ILoveBabies.org Ribbon >>
Where can I learn more? >>

We love babies.  Do we also love women?

Some people claim that to be opposed to abortion means that you somehow are against women.  Why do we have to choose between mother and baby?  We must love both of them.  We must stand against abortion because it takes the life of a baby.  We must also stand with the mother and support her in her need.  Single moms are especially in need of support.

Women who have had an abortion also need our love and compassion.  So often women seek abortions because they feel they have no other choice.  Our love and support for these women may help them realize that there is a better choice than abortion.

What can I do to help women in need?

For women facing a crisis pregnancy...

Helping women in need is a vital part of efforts to support life.  For some ideas of how to help women facing a crisis pregnancy, check out our help page.

For women who have had an abortion...

Women who have already had an abortion also need love and support.  For some great advice be sure to check out these two sites: Do’s and Don’ts and How to Listen.  For information on Rachel's Vineyard, a ministry of healing for people hurt by abortion, please check out our help page.

For mothers who don't have the support they need...

Sometimes we are presented with opportunities to help mothers in need but don't know what to offer.  Here are some things that you can do:
  • Pray for her!
  • Bring her a meal
  • Buy her clothing items (for the children and perhaps just for her)
  • Offer to babysit
  • Give her your phone number for emergencies
  • Buy her a bag of diapers
  • Offer to teach her child care skills (if she needs this)
  • Call her and ask her how she is doing
  • Start a single moms support ministry in your church
  • Men could offer to spend time with the children to provide them with a positive male influence

I am pregnant.  Where can I get help?

No woman should ever feel alone when facing an unexpected pregnancy.  Compassionate and confidential help is available.  OptionLine is a national hotline available 24/7 for women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Trained consultants are ready to assist you at 1-800-395-HELP, or at answers@optionline.org.  They will help you locate help in your area.

A help center is available in our area:

Address:2104 Dudley Avenue, Parkersburg

Phone: 485-7113

Toll-Free: 800-595-7113

Web: YourPregnancyChoices.com

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What are Safe Haven Laws?

Many States have created Safe Haven Laws (or Baby Moses Laws) to provide a safety net for babies that are at risk of being killed or left for dead by desperate and scared parents. Although the details vary from State to State, they basically allow a baby to be left in a safe place without any legal action against the parents. Some may criticize these laws as fostering irresponsibility. But in these cases, the most important thing is that the baby's life is protected. Hopefully the mothers (and fathers) in these desperate situations will seek help for themselves as well through social service organizations or churches.

Click here to read about the laws in the State of Ohio.  Click here to read about other States.

What can I do to help spread the pro-life message?

There are so many ways to witness to the dignity of human life!  The most important thing is to follow these first two steps: First, pray about it!  All of our efforts to bring the culture of life must be guided and nourished by God's grace.  Second, start small, but just start!  So many people want to do things to help the pro-life cause, but they get caught up in grand ideas that never materialize.  It's important just to start witnessing in small ways.  You'll never know how much impact those little things truly have.

Once you've begun your pro-life witness, it is a good idea (a third step) to seek out like-minded people for support and encouragement.  Then perhaps (step four) your small circle could form a respect life committee at your church, or a local chapter of a pro-life organization and begin some activities in your community.

Below are just a few examples of what can be done to build the culture of life.  Remember, START SMALL!
  • Pray daily for an end to abortion and all the attacks on human dignity.
  • Love your children and teach them about the sanctity of all human life.
  • Assure your children that they should never be afraid to come to you with their concerns and worries.
  • Educate yourself!  (see Where can I learn more? below)
  • Display the ILoveBabies.org ribbon on your car.
  • Place a pro-life bumper sticker on your car.  (Check out Heritage House for a vast supply of pro-life products.)
  • Wear precious feet pins.
  • Carry emergency phone number cards with you at all times.  (You never know when you may encounter someone who needs that information.)
  • Take part in local pro-life events.  (Click here for activities in our area.)
  • Give time, money and/or items to crisis pregnancy centers (like our local Women’s Care Center).
  • Call and/or write letters to politicians urging them to introduce/support legislation that would restrict abortion and support abortion alternatives.  (For legislative alerts and contact info., check out National Right to Life's Legislative Action Center.)
  • Mentor a young person.
  • Start a respect life committee at your church or local chapter of a pro-life organization in your community.
For dozens of other ideas, visit this page.

Where can I learn more?

Read about abortion myths and facts from the Second Look Project.  To hear testimonies of women who regret their decision to choose abortion, check out the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Pregnant?  Need Help? 
You Have Options:

The Wonder of LIFE...

“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mot
her's womb.”

Psalm 139:13

At the moment of conception, the sperm of the father and the egg of the mother unite.  New life has begun.  A new human being has been created.

The baby, now a combination of many cells, nestles into his mother’s uterus.  Here he will remain to grow and develop until birth.

DAY 21
The baby’s heart begins to beat. 

Although still developing, his brain begins to function.

The baby begins to move on his own, although the mother cannot feel it yet.

All of the baby’s organs are now present.  The skeletal structure now begins to stiffen.


The baby is now able to smile.  Vocal chords and taste buds are forming.


The baby may be able to suck his thumb now. 

Complex systems begin to function, such as the baby’s urinary and circulatory systems.

The mother may be able to feel the baby kick.  The baby may now develop hiccups that the mother can feel also.  The youngest baby to survive was born during this month (at 22 weeks).

The baby is able to hear sounds.


The baby’s eyes respond to light.  His skin becomes pink and smooth.  The baby prepares for birth.

To see the complete index of fetal images, click here.  They are amazing pictures!

Check out JustTheFacts.org for more information about fetal development.

Interview with an
Unborn Child