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Message from the President

Dear WCRC members,

It is with much excitement that I introduce myself to you as the president of the West Chester Running Club !  I follow in the footsteps of Pete Mathias who has been an inspiration to me and many in the Chester County area.  Thank you, Pete, for passing on the torch !!! The other members of the executive board are Ryan Phillips as Vice President, Dan Holland as Treasurer, Donna Healey as Secretary, and Jason Britton in charge of Membership ! What a great group of individuals!!

The WCRC was founded by a small group of motivated runners in 2000 who wanted to share their passion for running with others.  The club started it's journey with our first president, Bill Dawson. Bill has always been a dedicated and charismatic leader to this club and we all appreciate his continued leadership.  I am honored to follow in the success of Bill, Pete, and Jack. I should mention if you need a loud and powerful cheer while racing, Jack Young will motivate you to the finish.

My story is that I share the love of running like many of us! I began running at age 7 and competed in grade school, high school, and at a collegiate level. I take pride in helping others be their best as runners and as individuals with the goal of building confidence and overall continued self improvement. So, if you ever need any direction or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My nickname is The Chief !

Our executive team has been working hard to create some new and exciting events!   

Happy Running,

Dave Keefe
WCRC - President