Welcome to Silver Cloud Rattery!

Here at Silver Cloud Rattery we offer various types of pet rats, but no matter what the type they are all lovingly handled from days after they are born until the day they go to their new homes!  Some of our specialties include dwarf rats, dumbo ear rats, and rex fur rats; along with their standard counterparts, all in a variety of colors and markings!

We are always working to keep our website up to date.  Please check back for updates, or email westchesterrats@gmail.com for more information.

Silver Cloud Rattery temporarily closed - 8/7/13
We thank everyone for their patience in waiting for babies, and will be returning to breeding as soon as possible.  Our summer litters were small and most of the babies needed to be kept in order to continue maintaining our lines.  In addition we will be moving up to Putnam County, so will need time to settle in to the new place!  In the meantime, feel free to email with any questions.