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Project Name     Funding period      Sponsors 
Influence Maximization in Location-based Social Networks      2015/08-2017/07 MOST 
Mining Trajectory Patterns from Social Media for Trip Planning  2013/08-2016/07 MOST
 Next-Generation Smartphone: Intelligent User Behavior Sensing, Mining, and Visualization 2013/01-2014/12hTC 
 Exploring Pattern-Aware Travel Routes and CyberGeo for Trip Recommendation 2012/1-2012/12 hTC
 Mining Application Usage Patterns on Smart Phones for Application Recommendation 2011/01-2011/12 hTC
 Mining User Latent Intention from Browsing Trajectories for Recommendation in Mobile EC App  2013/01-2013/12 Yahoo@Hong Kong
 Sensing, Mining, and Visualizing of  Dynamics of City  2013/01-2013/12     Microsoft Research Asia  
SeC: Sensor-Enabled Cloud Service Platform  2011/08-2014/07                                NSC

SeC-Plat: Efficient Query Processing and Dynamic Resource Management for Sensor enabled Cloud Computing Platform 

 2011/08 - 2014/07 NSC 
Mobile Apps Living Lab: Service Platfrom, Social Data Mining and Sensing Techniques   2013/01-2016/01                     Academic Sinica  
 Resource Management and Allocation for Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing Platform  2011/03-2012/03     Inventec
 Performance Comparison of Large-Scale Data Mining Platforms 2013/01-2013/12Delta
 Smart home data mining: Mining Single Device Usage Patterns in Smart Home 2010/01-2010/12 D-Link
 Exploring Usage Patterns for Energy Saving Schedules in Smart Homes 2011/01-2012/12 D-Link
 Mining Correlation Patterns among Multiple Appliances and Anomaly Detection in Smart Homes 2012/01-2012/12 D-Link
 Mining Trajectory and Activity Patterns for Location-based Services 2010/01-2010/12 ITRI
 Traffic Estimation and Mining User Behavior for Navigation System 2011/1-2011/12 ITRI
 Mining Social Community Structures in Mobile App 2012/01 -2012/12 ITRI