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Ph.D supvised

  1. Chih-Yu Lin, Communication Protocols for Location Management in Object Tracking Sensor Networks, 2007 (Co-advised with Prof. Y.-C. Tseng) (Assistant research professor at NCTU) 
  2. Chih-Chieh Hung, A Study on Trajectory Pattern Mining and Applications, July 2011. ( Rakuten Inc., Japan)
  3. Po-Ruey Lei, A Study of Trajectory Pattern Mining for Moving Object Applications, May 2012. (Co-advised with Prof. I.-J. Su) (Assistant professor at National Defense University).
  4. Ling-Yin Wei, Trajectory Pattern Mining in Social Media, June 2012.  
  5. Yi-Cheng Chen, A Study on Time Interval-based Sequential Pattern Mining, June 2012. (Co-advised with Prof. S.-Y. Lee)(Assistant Professor at CSIE of TKU) 
  6. Meng-Fen Chiang, Graph-based Approaches for Social Media Mining, Dec. 2012 (Yahoo@Taiwan) 
  7. Zhung-Xun Liao, A Study on Mining Apps Usage Behavior in Smartphones, June 2013 (Yahoo@Taiwan)
  8. Wen-Yuan Zhu, Mining User Trajectory Patterns in Social Media, March 2016.