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The current activities in Internet of Things (IoT) are focused on architectures & protocols for efficient interconnection of heterogeneous things, infrastructure deployment and creation of value-added services. On the other hand, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a novel paradigm that extends cloud computing and services to the edge of the network. Due to dense geographical distribution, proximity to end-users, support for high mobility and open platform, MEC can support applications and services with reduced latency and improved QoS. Thus MEC is becoming an important enabler of consumer centric IoT applications and services that demand real-time operations. Standard development organizations like ETSI have also recognized the benefits IoT & MEC can bring to the consumers. Potential applications for MEC enabled IoT include smart mobility, emergency response, smart cities and environmental monitoring. This international workshop solicits research and industry papers and provides an international forum for researchers, industrial experts and other stakeholders to address several challenges. This session is proposed and organized by IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committee on IoT.

Call for Papers:
  • IoT enabling technologies and protocols
  • IoT and MEC applications and services
  • Societal impacts of IoT
  • Test beds for IoT and MEC
  • Software architecture, programming model and service provisioning in IoT and MEC
  • Current and future trends in MEC and IoT
  • Resource allocation and management challenges in MEC and IoT
  • Security, privacy and trust in IoT and MEC
  • Deployment challenges in MEC and IoT
  • Distributed mobile applications utilizing MEC and IoT
  • Performance evaluation metrics IoT and MEC
  • Consumer centric IoT applications and services using MEC platforms
  • M2M data processing, management and storage at MEC platforms
  • Virtualization of MEC functionalities
  • Standardization efforts and initiatives for MEC and IoT
For paper submission, click here. The accepted papers of this special session will be invited to submit an extended version of their work in an MEC special issue of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine.

Important Dates:
Paper submission deadline:     23 November 2015
Acceptance Notification:         5 January 2016
Camera Ready:                        1 February 2016

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WCNC 2016 Doha Qatar

For any query related to the special session, please contact Soumya Kanti Datta at dattas@eurecom.fr