These are my personal web/bookmark pages.  I use the bookmarks to return to web pages which I have visited and found interesting or useful.  Feel free to use them but remember that their inclusion does not in any way constitute an endorsement on my part for their content or products for sale.
     All of my link pages are always under construction and subject to modification as my needs change.  If you want me to consider adding another site, please email me and I will check it out.
     I am a retired simulator applications analyst.  I had a very interesting career maintaining and developing simulation software for a nuclear power plant located in SE Alabama.  After retiring, I went the RV route for a few years and now I have located to a place at Lake Martin.  One nice thing about this is that like all onetime Auburn students, Auburn is my real home.  Now it is only thirty-five minutes away.
     The best way to contact me is via email.  I normally check my email first thing in the morning and just before bedtime with checks in between as my schedule allows.
     Like many retired people I am constantly looking for new sources of fellowship, entertainment, and education.  If you live within reasonable commuting distance of Auburn, AL I want to recommend OLLI@AU which provides all three with very reasonable membership fees.  If you like having your mind stimulated, I am looking forward to meeting you there.  If you do not live near Auburn look around, there are over one hundred OLLIs nationwide and many other non-OLLI life-long learners organizations can be found where there is not an OLLI.

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