Looking to Volunteer?

The WCHS Golf Tournament is a school-wide initiative and all families are invited to help make the tournament a success. The Golf Tournament is part of Woodland’s Volunteer Program.  There are several ways you can help, and earn volunteer hours:

  1. Be part of the Golf Committee. The committee is responsible for overseeing and organizing the tournament. Six members are needed:

    1. Chairperson -- responsible for ensuring the work of the committee and overall success of the tournament. Calls meetings, liaisons with Advancement Office, golf course, printers and other suppliers as needed. Updates tournament website and manages budget

      • This position is currently vacant

    2. Golfer Registration Coordinator -- Oversees all the registration details for golfers and those who attend the dinner. Receives online and mailed registration forms and confirms payment

      • Paul & Christiana Endersby - pendersby@sympatico.ca

    3. Promotion Coordinator -- Directs all promotion and publicity efforts to the Woodland community, feeder schools and churches. Works with Advancement Office and Graphics Coordinator

    4. Graphics Coordinator -- Designs and (with Advancement Office) creates all print material and online visuals.

    5. Sponsorship and Prize Coordinators (2) -- Manages solicitation of sponsorships and prize donations. Together, they:

      • Create and manage the Master List of all potential sponsors and prize donors that are to be approached

      • Ensure that each organization on that list is approached, either by themselves  or by a Solicitor.

      • Manage Solicitors to ensure that there is no overlap of visits   

      • Ensures that all sponsorships and prizes are collected, recognized and properly recorded

      • Ensure volunteer hours of Solicitors are properly recorded with Advancement Office

      • Sponsorship Coordinator: Chris Hughes & Paul Smith chughes.b.ed@gmail.com paul@paul-a-smith.com

      • Donations Coordinator: Pamela O'Dell - pamela@odell.ca

  1. Tournament Day Volunteers are needed to help at the golf course on the day of the tournament. They help with welcoming, set-up, golfer registration, clean-up after the event and other things that come up. These positions have been filled

  2. Volunteer Solicitors work with the Sponsorship and Prize Coordinators to solicit donations, sponsorships and prizes. They are especially needed from communities outside Cambridge.

Collecting Volunteer Hours

Families are welcome to sign up for any of the positions. There are a limited number of openings for the Golf Committee positions and for the Tournament Day Volunteers. They will be assigned based on a “first-signed-up, first assigned” process, so you are encouraged to register early for a position.

The work for the Golf Committee is most intense from mid-March to the day of the tournament. There are 6 positions. Each member of the committee will earn 20 volunteer hours.

The Tournament Day Volunteers will be assigned tasks on the day. There are 5 open positions. You can expect to do a bit of everything that day, either before, during or after the tournament. Up to 5 hours will be awarded to each volunteer, based on work available.  

Volunteer Solicitors will be asked to do their work in April and May. There is no limit to the those who wish to be Volunteer Solicitors.  

- Those who solicit for sponsorships will receive hours based on the value of sponsorships they are able to secure new sponsors (not those who have contributed in recent years).
- Those who solicit for prizes
will receive hours based on the Fair Market Value of the prize they are able to secure.

In order to ensure an orderly approach to those who have been -- or plan to be -- generous in their support of Woodland, we need to carefully plan who solicits whom for what and when. If you have a suggestion for someone to approach, please contact the Sponsorship or Donation Coordinator first.

How to get Started

If you would like to help with the tournament,  or if you have any questions or suggestions about the tournament, please email Jennifer Zarnke (j.zarnke@woodland.on.ca). Questions about Woodland’s Volunteer Program in general should be sent to Paul Branan (advancement@woodland.on.ca).

Thanks for helping make this a great event!