About Us


Masjid Al-Noor Islamic Community Center in Waterloo, Iowa has been offering services for our Muslim community and the community at large for over thirty years in the waterloo/Cedar Falls Metropolitan area. 

Highlights of Masjid Al-Noor's history

  1. The Islamic center of Waterloo/Cedar Falls was established in the early eighties as Masjid Al-Noor.  
  2. It  was located near UNI’s campus in a two room apartment on 20th Street in Cedar Falls, IA for the Friday Prayers and brief meetings.  
  3. Prior to establishing Masjid Al-Noor in Cedar falls, members of the Muslim community used to gather in local homes for Friday prayers.
  4. In 1984, the community acquired the current location of Masjid Al-Noor, Waterloo/Cedar Falls Islamic Community Center on W. 2nd Street in Waterloo, IA.
  5. The current site located at 728 W. 2nd street in Waterloo was acquired by funds completely raised from our Muslim community members.
  6. The building was built in 1927 and was primarily used by a church group.
Services and Activities

  1. Several activities and services are conducted for the Muslim community in our area, in the state and for the general community at large.
  2. Examples of activities undertaken by our community members: Friday congregational prayers, Sunday Islamic School, study circles for both women and men, seminars and public lectures for religion/social studies classes in high schools/universities and local churches, interfaith panel discussions, and social and sports activities.

  1. Daily Prayers.
  2. Friday Congregational Service.
  3. Islamic study circles for men and women.
  4. Taraweeh prayers (in Ramadan).
  5. Iktaf (occasionally).
Educational Services

Being in the vicinity of an educational institute, the mosque is closely associated with the UNI-Muslim Students Association (UNI-MSA) to raise awareness among  students about Islam and to serve new and existing Muslim Students on campus (residents and international) and facilitate their success in their studies in the US.

Islamic School Educational

The mosque and the center also operate the Weekend Islamic School. Students are of elementary school-age children to teenagers. Students are educated and nurtured according to the teachings of Islam to learn and practice:
  1. Arabic letters and reading. 
  2. Quranic studies.
  3. Quran proper recitation with meaning.
  4. Ablution and Prayers.
  5. Ibadat, and Islamic studies. 
  6. Sirah of “the prophet's (pbuh) life”, hadith, dua, and more.
The school also provides students with an atmosphere of pride and opportunities to be better citizens through the properly understanding and practicing their Islamic faith. Other ongoing and future activities are:
  1. Building an Islamic Library for the Sunday school kids.
  2. Quran recitation contest.
  3. Islamic History contests.
  4. Islamic Studies contests.
  5. Sports contests.
  6. Social gatherings for kids and their parents.
Interfaith Activities

The Islamic Center is actively involved in inter-faith and education programs to address, clarify and correct the misconceptions about Islam and to mitigate the misinformation floating around which resulted in a tarnished and incorrect image of the Islamic religion. The Masjid hosts tours and open workshops for those interested in learning about Islam. 

New Muslims Services

The Islamic center also serves the individuals in our community who recently embraced Islam and provides the help needed to walk them through the basics that a Muslim is ought to know.

Media Outreach

Services such as 
writing articles for local and state media, 
TV programs, and 
other related community activities have been provided as needed especially after 9/11 and the mass media attack on our beloved religion.

Funeral Services

For funeral arrangements, the Center is a founder and an active member of the Islamic Cemetery of Waterloo which  provides Ablution and proper Islamic burial to the Muslim deceased members of the community.

Other activities of the Islamic Community Center

  1. Eid celebrations.
  2. Dinners and potluck.
  3. Administration of Islamic marriage and divorce procedures.
  4. Financial help to the needy.
  5. And more.


In the past few years our Muslim population grew from few hundreds to over three thousand members due to the influx of our brothers and sisters from Bosnia and their relocation in waterloo. 
Hence the current building has become inadequate to maintain our services not only to our Muslim community, but to the community at large. 
The community realized the need to acquire a new site and build a new building to meet our community needs and services. 
By the grace of Allah a lot of 5.37 acres, in an excellent location in waterloo has been bought to build the new Islamic Center building.  The cost of the land is 
$ 235,000.00 which has been paid in full.