"Impression" Excerpts

"繁忙的台北街頭, 蜂擁車陣人潮, 不間斷的車聲人語。她,獨自佇立街頭。

再回到故鄉,已認不清身在何處。只想撥開層層吵雜的簾幕找塊安靜的地方落腳, 卻壓不住腦海中一幕幕過往神遊的畫面, 起身再度漫遊…"
“The crowds, noises, lights, the smog of Taipei! I am foraging my hometown for a quiet place to settle, but sequences from my past journeys keep coming back before my eyes… And then I find myself: once again I am walking toward the unknown...”

Having returned to Taiwan after 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Wan-Chao Dance is presenting a new work with traditional ethnic dance forms of Indonesia, China, the Balkans, and Western Asia, and blending in the contemporary dance elements she was exposed to during her stay in the U.S. This new piece describes the inner and outer journey one has to make when seeking one's cross-continental roots.

特邀德籍音樂家卡(Klaus Bru) 參與此新作創作演出。
With Special Guest (Composer/Musician): Klaus Bru

Sunday, Sep. 9, 2012
Saturday, Sep. 15, 2012

學校咖啡館 Ecole Cafe, 台北市青田街一巷6號 No. 6, Lane 1, Qingtian St., Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan
台北藝穗節 Taipei Fringe Festival http://www.taipeifringe.org
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