Pixelated caroon skyline of Morris, MN. Has acronym WCCW across the bottom.
learn - work - teach

Welcome to the landing page for the West Central Community Workshop!

This website was created to help bring the WCCW to reality here in Morris, MN. Many people have said that this is a worthwhile idea, so hopefully you can be convinced as well.

Morris seems to be an ideal setting for a hackerspace. (makerspace, fab lab, open workshop, co-working space) The town needs a place for the hackers (not the bad kind), makers, and artists of Morris to engage and interact with the broader local community. This would become a source for great ideas to help the community grow, learn, innovate, and invest in our future. So many things are possible when you can get a diverse group of people together with the tools and the space to actually make things happen!

There are many sides to this idea, and in keeping with the desire to be as open as possible, what I am currently looking for is help working the ideas out and getting things moving. I'll tell you right now that I have a strong bias towards technology. What would be especially great are views from artists, mechanics and others who might like to have a place to work on their projects. Check out the website; especially the mission page, and the description of what a physical shop might include.

If you're interested in helping, or if you have any comments or questions, email me at alex.decker@gmail.com.

!! Help design a logo for the WCCW! All submissions will be posted here for comment. !!