Scholarship Awards

Over the past 43 years, 654 scholarships totaling $900,250 have been awarded. Listed below are the most recent recipients.  Congratulations to the Class of 2019 scholars.
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DeAnza High School Alishba Sardar 2019 
DeAnza High School Jacqueline Salguera 2019 
DeAnza High School Khiari Neal 2019 
DeAnza High School Manahil Asghar 2019 
El Cerrito High School Evan Garrison 2019 
El Cerrito High School Javaria Khan 2019 
El Cerrito High School Naomi Furuya 2019 
Middle College High School Evelyn Fong 2019 
Middle College High School Ishika Prashar 2019 
Middle College High School Joshua Baylasy 2019 
Middle College High School Mariana Rodriguez Villegas 2019 
Middle College High School Mary Julia Orozco 2019 
Middle College High School Mylani Sonico 2019 
Middle College High School Ryan Shim 2019 
Middle College High School Zalma Gallardo 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Ahmadi Yassna 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Alysia Thach 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Andrew Hua 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Anna Chang 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Annett Tamayo 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Pui Sze Chak 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Rose Figueroa 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Sebastian DeLeon 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Stephanie Jimenez Castillo 2019 
Pinole Valley High School Tendean Deavin 2019 
Richmond High School Ashley Villavicencio 2019 
Richmond High School Carina Cabriales 2019 
Richmond High School Christina Ounniyom 2019 
Richmond High School Diraj Thajali 2019 
Richmond High School Guadalupe Aceves Limon 2019 
Richmond High School Maira Garcia 2019 
Sylvester Greenwood Academy Adonajea Ford 2019 
Sylvester Greenwood Academy Jayshon Montgomery 2019 
Sylvester Greenwood Academy Victoria Saechao 2019 
DeAnza High School Jada Saechao-Lo 2018 
DeAnza High School Kimberly Fox 2018 
DeAnza High School Lynn Tu 2018 
DeAnza High School Nathan Gay 2018 
DeAnza High School Sabrina Germen 2018 
El Cerrito High School Alyssa Cho 2018 
El Cerrito High School Chandani A. Battle 2018 
El Cerrito High School Kaylyn Ta 2018 
Greenwood Academy Destiny Jefferson-McDonald 2018 
Hercules High School Brandon McDdonald 2018 
Hercules High School Christine Fung 2018 
Hercules High School Ernestina Hsieh 2018 
Hercules High School Sergio Aldana 2018 
Hercules High School Shavdeep Dosanjh 2018 
Kennedy High School Daijahnae Darden 2018 
Middle College High School Ashanea Green-Compton 2018 
Middle College High School Bemister Tessema 2018 
Middle College High School Chinasa Eze 2018 
Middle College High School Dylan Soungpanya 2018 
Middle College High School Esmeralda Topete 2018 
Middle College High School Fernanda Mayorga 2018 
Middle College High School Joanah Ajayi 2018 
Middle College High School Joceline Perez Hernandez 2018 
Middle College High School Katherine Young 2018 
Middle College High School Kyra Abrams 2018 
Middle College High School Lindsay Long 2018 
Middle College High School Lynda Solis Chavez 2018 
Middle College High School Samuel Solis 2018 
Pinole Valley High School Jennifer Chinwuba 2018 
Pinole Valley High School Juliana Williams 2018 
Pinole Valley High School Kimberly Arias 2018 
Pinole Valley High School Shuxin Zhou 2018 
Richmond High School Cristian Mejia 2018 
Richmond High School Jesse Hernandez, Jr. 2018 
Richmond High School Ruben Rodriguez Ramirez 2018 
DeAnza High School Cindy Reyes 2017 
DeAnza High School Hennah Vohra 2017 
DeAnza High School Mary Mijares 2017 
DeAnza High School Yan (Sophia) Zhuang 2017 
El Cerrito High School Andrew Yamashita 2017 
El Cerrito High School Cali Luke 2017 
El Cerrito High School Helena Gilbert-Snyder 2017 
El Cerrito High School Sammar Iqbal 2017 
El Cerrito High School Tamika Whitenack 2017 
Greenwood Academy Abigail Fonseca 2017 
Hercules High School Alison Ferrer 2017 
Hercules High School Komal Kumar 2017 
Hercules High School Maia Mallari 2017 
Kennedy High School Stefan Flores 2017 
Middle College High School Alexandro Ayala 2017 
Middle College High School Ivan Herrera Perez 2017 
Middle College High School Kachi Onyeador 2017 
Middle College High School Kate Campos 2017 
Middle College High School Lizet Gallardo 2017 
Middle College High School Marisol Contreras 2017 
Middle College High School Miguel Barba-Hernandez 2017 
Middle College High School Miguel Serrato-Ramirez 2017 
Middle College High School Nia Alexander 2017 
Middle College High School Stefhanie Munos Rivera 2017 
Middle College High School Tsion Tmariam 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Ayra Rahman 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Christine Chinwuba 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Christopher Tan 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Heriberto Gutierrez 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Salvador Rodriguez 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Song Nhi Tran 2017 
Pinole Valley High School Sumbal Ghafoor 2017 
Richmond High School Aimee Cortez 2017 
Richmond High School Dante Angel Miguel 2017 
Vista High School Andrea Vasquez 2017 
Adult Education Latonya Thomas 2016 
DeAnza High School Katherine Escobar 2016 
El Cerrito High School Alexis Miller 2016 
El Cerrito High School Allyson Ko 2016 
El Cerrito High School Gabrielle Meacham 2016 
El Cerrito High School Hummd Ali Kahn 2016 
El Cerrito High School Sarah Camacho 2016 
Greenwood Academy Sarai Juarez 2016 
Hercules High School Alexander Lin 2016 
Hercules High School Brittany Warr 2016 
Hercules High School Chiamaka Nwadike 2016 
Hercules High School Garvey Buchongo 2016 
Hercules High School Joyce Lin 2016 
Kennedy High School Adarius Cannon 2016 
Kennedy High School Izabel Rodriguez 2016 
Kennedy High School Kwanchai Douangswan 2016 
Kennedy High School Muang Chao 2016 
Kennedy High School Rudy Saurez 2016 
Kennedy High School Tsz Yan Ng 2016 
Middle College High School Alejandro Hernandez 2016 
Middle College High School Brien Luwalhati 2016 
Middle College High School Elijah Toumoua 2016 
Middle College High School Jasmeet Bhatia 2016 
Middle College High School Justeen Hipolito 2016 
Middle College High School Kaitlyn Jeffus 2016 
Middle College High School Leslie Castaneda 2016 
Middle College High School Qianjun Chen 2016 
Middle College High School Richa Dahal 2016 
Pinole Valley High School Grecia Ortiz Flores 2016 
Pinole Valley High School Julie Ho 2016 
Pinole Valley High School Martha Chavez 2016 
Pinole Valley High School Rafael Alarcon 2016 
Richmond High School Arnold Dimas 2016 
Richmond High School Luis Diaz Mendoza 2016 
Vista High School Romy Simpson 2016 
DeAnza High School Crystal Viramontes Tse 2015 
DeAnza High School Frederica Webster 2015 
DeAnza High School Tamajiea Videau 2015 
El Cerrito High School Charlotte Pine 2015 
El Cerrito High School Harbour Harrison 2015 
El Cerrito High School Juia Shebek 2015 
El Cerrito High School Kevin Mahoney 2015 
El Cerrito High School Maggie Li 2015 
El Cerrito High School Margaret Spencer 2015 
El Cerrito High School Melany Puente 2015 
Hercules High School Subhiksha Mani 2015 
Kennedy High School Joan Binalinbing 2015 
Kennedy High School Paola Gutierrez 2015 
Middle College Alondra Cabrera Ruiz 2015 
Middle College David Padilla 2015 
Middle College Ejhane' Lyons 2015 
Middle College Joseph Garbarini 2015 
Middle College Nancy Gutierrez 2015 
Middle College Sarah Cha 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Carl Castro 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Kevin Arias 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Luis Castro 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Michelle Phung 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Thomas Johnston 2015 
Pinole Valley High School Wendy Laurean 2015 
Richmond High School Alejandro Guerrero 2015 
Richmond High School Andrea Hernandez 2015 
Vista High School Rudy Moran 2015 
DeAnza High School Cali Nguyen 2014 
El Cerrito High School Hannah Phalen 2014 
El Cerrito High School Joshua Ko 2014 
El Cerrito High School Kazaria Phillips 2014 
El Cerrito High School Linda Yuann 2014 
El Cerrito High School Qingqing Zhang 2014 
El Cerrito High School Salvador Jauregui 2014 
El Cerrito High School Sweta Yonjan 2014 
El Cerrito High School Sydney Gallion 2014 
El Cerrito High School Ying-An Wang 2014 
Hercules High School Christian Abraham 2014 
Hercules High School Nia Ewing 2014 
Hercules High School Olivia Vernetti 2014 
Middle College Audrey Webb 2014 
Middle College Camila Quintana Del Carpio 2014 
Middle College Cynthia Ezeokoli 2014 
Middle College Ivette Alejandre 2014 
Middle College Jason Owusu 2014 
Middle College Kevin Hulen 2014 
Middle College Tommy Saephan 2014 
Pinole Valley High School Hannah Lee Pablo 2014 
Pinole Valley High School Kimberly deDios 2014 
Pinole Valley High School Syed Ali 2014 
Pinole Valley High School Yessenia Reyna 2014 
Richmond High School Alexandro Moya 2014 
Richmond High School Cynthia Sanchez 2014 
Richmond High School Henry Benitez 2014 
Richmond High School Ngan Dam 2014 
Richmond High School Toriana Blackwood 2014 
DeAnza High School Jin-Won Kim 2013 
El Cerrito High School Adrianne Ramsey 2013 
El Cerrito High School Clara Lengacher 2013 
El Cerrito High School Genevieve Simmons 2013 
El Cerrito High School Herbert Su 2013 
El Cerrito High School Lucas Lochner Bravo 2013 
El Cerrito High School Madelaine Pine 2013 
El Cerrito High School Madeleine Lipson 2013 
El Cerrito High School Nathaniel Miller 2013 
El Cerrito High School Raymond Chu 2013 
Hercules High School Ashley Castromero 2013 
Hercules High School Aurora Lee 2013 
Hercules High School Cherise Cenon 2013 
Hercules High School Gurinder Rai 2013 
Hercules High School Jobel Vecino 2013 
Hercules High School Micaela Stone 2013 
Hercules High School Rachael Redlo 2013 
Hercules High School Valeria Avila 2013 
Kennedy High School Sonia Perez 2013 
Kennedy High School Yaneiri Ochoa Hernandez 2013 
Middle College High School Asma Ayyad 2013 
Middle College High School Aurora Ford 2013 
Middle College High School Itzel Gomez 2013 
Middle College High School Puja Danal 2013 
Middle College High School Ricardo Inglesias III 2013 
Pinole Valley High School Amarachi Nnodim 2013 
Pinole Valley High School Jada Wyatt 2013 
Pinole Valley High School Julia Chang 2013 
Pinole Valley High School Morvarid Mehdizadeh 2013 
DeAnza High School Jin Seob Kim 2012 
DeAnza High School Saira Shakeel 2012 
El Cerrito High School Brian Seegers 2012 
El Cerrito High School Cindy Su 2012 
El Cerrito High School Imani Sanders 2012 
El Cerrito High School Jennifer Welden 2012 
El Cerrito High School Lydia Breksa 2012 
El Cerrito High School Nathaniel Segal 2012 
El Cerrito High School Sheila Bauzon 2012 
El Cerrito High School Taylor Doty 2012 
El Cerrito High School Thamar Collier 2012 
El Cerrito High School William Harrison 2012 
Hercules High School Lance Janssen Cadang 2012 
Hercules High School Terilyn Chen 2012 
Kennedy High School Claudia Campos 2012 
Kennedy High School Dilan Pedraza 2012 
Kennedy High School Marjala Mims 2012 
Middle College High School Rebekah Cha 2012 
Middle College High School Shawn Lee 2012 
Middle College High School Vanessa Diaz 2012 
Pinole Valley High School Aiyana Hedeen Garrett 2012 
Pinole Valley High School Henry Pablo III 2012 
Richmond High School Laura Hurtado 2012 
DeAnza High School Megan Robb 2011 
DeAnza High School Nina Wani 2011 
El Cerrito High School Fernando Monroy 2011 
El Cerrito High School Lisa Yip 2011 
El Cerrito High School Rebecca Phuong 2011 
El Cerrito High School Xue Xue He 2011 
Hercules High School Chloe Lew 2011 
Hercules High School Yueming Wang 2011 
Kennedy High School Andrea Bornn 2011 
Kennedy High School Fabiola Gutierrez 2011 
Kennedy High School Jessica Orozco 2011 
Kennedy High School William Haynes 2011 
Middle College High School Alger Garcia 2011 
Middle College High School Benjamin Ezeokoli 2011 
Middle College High School Beulah Agbabiaka 2011 
Middle College High School Jennifer Ezeokoli 2011 
Middle College High School Margarita Romo-Romo 2011 
Middle College High School Michelle Saechao 2011 
Middle College High School Nicole Walker 2011 
Middle College High School Robert Lozano 2011 
Pinole Valley High School Andrew Woo 2011 
Pinole Valley High School Frances Famorcan 2011 
Richmond High School Guadelupe Morales 2011 
Richmond High School Lizbeth Moreno 2011 
Vista High School Yareli Cruz 2011 
DeAnza High School Anthony Rascon 2010 
El Cerrito High School Ian Birnam 2010 
Hercules High School Carla Bernal 2010 
Hercules High School Justine Betschart 2010 
Hercules High School Kelsey Wong 2010 
Hercules High School Michael Choi 2010 
Hercules High School Tracy Chan 2010 
Middle College Estefania Hernandez 2010 
Middle College Jennifer Chong 2010 
Middle College Joaquin Navas 2010 
Pinole Valley High School Alexandra Wright 2010 
Pinole Valley High School Jeannie Wu 2010 
Pinole Valley High School Pratichhya Strestha 2010 
Richmond High School Abel Pineda 2010 
Richmond High School Eduardo Melendez 2010 
Richmond High School Jocelyn Barragan 2010 
Richmond High School Liliana Vargas 2010 
Richmond High School Norma Bautista 2010 
Richmond High School Viviana Alejandra 2010 
Pinole Valley High School Sebastian DeLeon  
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